Learming MMD 1

I will post the videos I make as I teach myself how to use MMD as I go along.

I had recently downloaded MMD before making this video. So my skill at MMD at this point was beginner level. I looked at several tutorials both on youtube and deviantArt. Several hours or so of research. and more hours picking a model to use consistently.

Not really much into Touhou but I used this Meiling model because it seemed very well made compared to others. And it also seems to have good breasts physics which was something I was going to dissect later on.

My goals for this were to get the model, song, camera and motion, loaded and produce a video.
Most of this is how it looks with no editing but I also wanted to try some basic custom editing for certain things.
I edited the swimsuit texture and put a example custom background in.

MMD info/credits:
MMD Model data “Hong Meiling Ver.1.21(Swimsuit)” – Vortex00 Edit
MikuMikuDance Model created by Arlvit.
Copyright ZUN. (Touhou Project)

Camera – (Vortex00 Edit)