MMD: Work That Monkey

This motion is a remake of a motion I saw on youtube. Joe suggested that a Leeina with ass jiggle physics would the best candidate as the model for this video. So here we are lol.

B_ brought up a while back about how I don’t have many characters of different skin colors in UMCC. I will try to adjust that in UMCCv2. I just normally use the stereotypical light anime skin color. I never really saw it as a issue, or even found it odd. I try to make sure my content isn’t compared too much to real life. However a few youtube videos I watched has made me realize it is important to have a bit more focus on my dark skin characters and darker skin characters. It is very true that you don’t see as much anime related stuff with them as a leading character. Well my DoE and Semitix stories are my answer to that. And that is hopefully just the beginning. I think I will elaborate on this in a future TandA.

Anyways, I can see Tasha and Leeina doing professional choreography and dancing to stay in shape. Leeina just likes learning as much as possible about everything. Even Tasha’s ratchet booty dances lol.