mousepad lulz, the search continues

well the mousepads came in today. and I can’t say I’m really impressed.
To my surprise they are not even gel filled. I actually didn’t even realize this was even possible to have a non-gel filled pad lol.

the entire pad is made out of this material:

NeopreneI took the fabric off one of the pads. This is definitely not what I expected when ordering. I don’t even feel comfortable sending out any of these to anyone. lol.


I checked my e-mail and I said to make the pad with EVA which is this material below.


And also, I thought just the bottom part was going to me made from that material. Not literally the whole pad. anyways I’m going to try these guys next:

they have a 100 minimum and you can go even less. I might get 50… lol. Though 100 is not too bad all things considered.

All of these problems I had could have been avoided if I had the knowledge I have now.

oh well, you live and you learn.