UMCC update list

this is my list of accumulated recommendations and below that is bug fixes.
feel free to post in the comments if something is missing.


have addressed at least partially for fixed

will not fix (the reason)

I looked at this issue but I’m not sure if I will fix it/add it or not.

known suggestions to modify or add (if you don’t see your thing on this list them remind me)
testing is confusing
sex scenes are disappointing
need sex with girls
need more sex activities to do with girls like the boys
need more sex activities to do with boys like the girls
needs a walkthrough
target shooter minigame is too hard (addressed in update 1)
the test takes too long to do
hentai is repetitive
add sex scenes with npc store owners
cum should appear on boobs also
friends get cumed also (addressed in update 2)
can rub cum on other people (lol?)
cum should get messier the more you do it
npc friends are not surprised to see maiko in cum after lvl 5 relation
after third pleasure book Maiko doesn’t care about being dirty from cum
unique dialogue should for sex shouldappear each time depending on who Maiko is with and based on the situation. (addressed in update 2)
More quests for other characters
A talk option that is not a talk wheel but instead is the character saying something detailed about themselves or the situation/location.
should be able to customize the character
it is not clear how to do handjobs (addressed in update 1, also please read the help section in the tablet)
more clear that a practice challenge must be completed before directly challenging Luma.
journal entires more clear. Especially the first and second questlines.
Make the Sentinal encounters at the city less frequent. (remove Maiko’s hairpin from the config screen to avoid them completely)
Make relationship levels either not go below 0 or have some sort of lower limit, or at least make it more clear  that some people are just not meant to be talked to at the beginning of the game. (relationships don’t go below 0 in update 1)
Roise sentinel is OP (lol?)
make some way to know the time of day without looking at tablet
yuri at night with girlfriend (not at night but yuri with girlfriends added in update 1)
Maiko sex 2 npc students
re-balance the money
give hints for finding hidden scenes
shower scenes change depending on relation lvl
make all talk topics on the screen at once
lower reaction time for boxing (Level up your Khalei to decrease the time further)
rewards for maxing out each stat
need more pervs in girls lockerroom
and girls perving on boys in boys lockerroom
more funny scenes
sex club is too bare
Anal in all sex parts, even with girls, pays more in cafe if player or friend does it. (anal is added in sex club parts for now)
Take more then one friend at a time.
Variety of didlos, with different uses, includind strap-on (dildo variety is added but different uses may be later) (addressed in update 2)
The ability to report that one guy who ‘rapes’ you if he beats you. (addressed in update 2)
The ability to have characters get pregnant and to be able to have sex with a pregnant character or the player.
Condoms to prevent pregnant
More options in solo masterbation, Like using fingers, other objects, putting things in her ass, etc.
be able to take girls to the places to have sex in and do it with them with anything, incressing relationships faster.
sentinels attack other characters
sentinels cheat on test by giving one or more of the answers off the bat, or even us them to fight that rogue one you see in city
make different outfits that also modify reward amounts for endgame.
Maiko orgasms
add footjobs (addressed in update 2)
ability to walk around topless and people react
ability to walk around naked and cumfaced and people react when both are true.
more varied dialogue options for guys
add text for your friend after they finish a prostitution act not just the male, also possible text during sex too like in the sex club, prostitution, or yuri

-Popularity decreases by 10 each day, for some reason ( overall popularity removed)
-# of customers go up for the lingerie shop even if one immediately exits
-Alma continues to request for, and will, accept a dildo even if one is given to her.
-Tom doesn’t take up an action slot, making it possible to be well in the hundreds on the second day. (Tom now makes it night in update 1)
-Scenes from “Pleasure” have broken graphics. (fixed in update 1)
-Repeating a practice action through “Keep Practicing” consumes an action slot instead of a coffee (fixed in update 1)
-Re-entering the conversation wheel resets conversation topics. (I am okay with this)
-Items can still be clicked despite being visually covered by the tablet/device.
-Khalei level increases when fighting Sentinal encouters at the city, regardless of the battle result. (WAD?) (yes working as intended)
-The borders in the Oppai Brick Break game are passable despite covering the screen, giving a false impression of the minigame’s true borders. (fixed in update 1)
-Test scores add up to 120 (although reverts to 100), and do not reset if they are skipped.
easy to gain relation exp from taking photos of people who like it
Some weird image just flashes when I’m trying to reach the city, it’s only for a milli second but can be annoying sometimes. (fixed in update 1)