Site Updates, Project updates, VA rant, wip stuff, etc.

Time for another long ass text wall post!

Site Updates:
I haven’t yet linked it to the main navigation bar but if you are into Hentai Music Videos. there is a community of folks on /h/ that make stuff. If you are into it I kinda keep a list of folders here:

I still planned to update my patreon page, but I will wait until I have more UMCH stuff playable. I might take a page out of breeding season guys and make a different password for each update to unlock debug stuff and gain access to additional stuff easier than playing the game normally.

Project updates:
In case you don’t know, I finished the ARIA game I was working on. Can play it here:
I haven’t really posted it anywhere yet but I plan to later.

VA Rant + ideas:
I had to get rid of the VA recently, for business reasons and some personal reasons, so I guess don’t expect the rest of the game to be voiced. At least not anytime soon. As far as the business reason are concerned, It got to the point where she was apparently too busy to even bother to read a e-mail. And no one is realistically that busy. It is just a matter what you decide to do and not do. I know CEOs that respond to my e-mails within hours. I figured she can’t do lines if she can’t read a e-mail because that’s how I send them. SO that is over with and done. In general, I’m kind of getting tired of VAs. Maybe it is just the ones I am finding available, but the three(3) I have had had so far all have had messed up life and family problems, and are relatively in experienced in doing business (ex. have no set prices etc. you just have to guess at what to pay them), and are not very reliable/serious. What I mean by this last statement is basically if literally anything at all suddenly comes up they will put that as priority over doing the paid voice work lol. All of my VAs have had these traits and I’m just tired of it at this point. I don’t really have the patience for it. So if you know someone without those characteristics, I might be interested. Goes for both male and female VAs. They basically need to know what they will charge, be able to do multiple characters (at least two that are reasonable), and don’t have or haven’t had any significant life problems and have had a stable life for at least the past 3 years or so.

What I really need is a VA “manager” who I can just give all the lines to. Give them both the male and female lines for a game or animation that includes multiple characters, etc. And that one person is responsible for getting all the lines voices done for all of it. For example they will go out and look for both male and female VAs and the only person I deal with is the manager. Just one person. And just pay one person and he can pay the VAs w/e he agreed to with them after presenting the work. The money I pay the manage I feel would be worth it to not have to spend time looking for VAs and dealing with the uncertainly of manage multiple people while trying to get stuff done on a project in a timely order. If you know a person like this I’m sure they could run a whole business from doing it. Maybe I can set one up internally to the this site later if necessary.

wip stuff:
Since ARIA is completed as stated above, I have been working on the next umichan game. The story will follow umichan maiko classroom cheaters yet be before the story in ARIA. It’s current working title is Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc(UMCH). And it will stick because Maiko is no longer trying to do whatever she can to beat Luma in the new story.

Since Riley, Luma, Lynn and Jinru are part of ARIA. They will be a significant part of the UMCH story. And at some point will need to leave for the game to connect and make some sort of sense. That is if ARIA if actually after UMCH.

If is during UMCH then those characters can leave and return. So I assume people want to see those characters in animations so I will need to have them come back. UMCH is designed so it can support continuous and ongoing areas, minigames, and game mechanics.

I have started writing the script draft if any are curious can read it:

In the opening parts of the game Maiko finds herself having to find ways to enter a fighting tournament.

in that game will host among other things, the fighting mini game I was working a while back. which can be tested here:

I plan to replace those graphics with some mmd stuff to speed up the time required to do art so I can focus more time for coding and such. But If I can find a artist like I did with ARIA, to at least help draw or color or something. I could go back and replace the art with 2D stuff again and draw it to look more like the 3D versions of the characters.

so far I have finished the female medium bust model.


I need to make a large bust model and a guy model both normal size, fat, and muscular.