UMCH dialogue examples and updates

Today I was working on the graphics for some of the UMCH dialogue written so far.
Basically I came up with a plan/goal to try to use no more than 5 images to flesh out each conversation.

each image pic need to be accompanied by three other similar images to gain the effect of the characters blinking and to have different jiggles when the boobs are clicked.

Since I plan to have Pattie and Kyle being able to travel places with Maiko throughout the game similar to UMCC. They will be mostly to the side of Maiko during dialogue scenes. The only time you will see them in front of Maiko during a dialog scene is during some special event where it is necessary like when you first meet Pattie and Kyle.

below are examples.


Kyle and Pattie are both with Maiko. they are overlayed onto the dialogue image.

some times it may be just Kyle or Pattie with Maiko individually.


When Kyle or Pattie says stuff to Maiko they will look back at her.


When Kyle or Pattie says something to the characters in the conversation they will slide out a bit.


depending on the situation they might be more close to Maiko.


If you are thinking Maiko has a posse you are correct. Since Riley and Luma are mostly gone with GemCo agent training and of doing space stuff as seen in ARIA, Maiko is left doing a lot of the student council work.

Mainly finding way to repair things that recently got damaged and investigating other issues. In the game also Maiko now competes with Luma’s little sister Stacey in various activities.

Kyle kind of acts as the journalist and takes photos for Maiko. Pattie ask a personal assistant. They all work together do work and report back to Alma as Riley would do in UMCC. Not every thing Maiko needs to do will be able to be done by her.

some things you can do in UMCC can still be done here it will just be done a bit differently. For example, getting girl locker room pics with be done by Kyle instead of Maiko. Then Maiko can sell them or whatever. I might make it where it is possible for him to get caught. and he will be unusable for a day or two.


Also Pinoytoons finished the wave animations needed for the Amp game.

He was also looking for script writers for his space scrolling shooter flash game called Rogue Courier.It would be just for fun, you’d probably get credits in the game but no payment. So if you like writing scrips this could be something fun for you.