some updates

for the past two weeks I’ve been super busy at work, but things have calmed down now for a while. I usually make a update post from my laptop but I didn’t get a moment to make proper post. I think I’ve only been at my desk for 30 minutes the past 10 days lol. And I am behind of replying to basically everything.

I’ve been working on the new pattie 3D hair I was working on in 3DsMax I want to finish that today or at least get it into mmd.

Today and yesterday I have taken a pause to the umichan 3D to make a valentines’ish mmd video. A while back I mentioned I would make smaller videos and such but I haven’t had a desire to do it. Everything I’ve wanted to make so far requires a bit of effort such as the Resonate one. This one will have Maiko and Zytra in it. I am also making a custom motion for it instead of only using stuff I find.
And hopefully I can get zytras hair remodeled in 3ds max to look more like the hair from umichan.

I will update make time to update the umichan demo either today or tomorrow with Riley.

I was thinking about how possible it would be to take the dialogue written for umch and put it into umichan 3D. But I don’t think the overall concept will work. I’m mostly taking about the minigames. I don’t see how I would do them and make going back and forth between areas. If I make a game, it would have to be linear like umichan 3d currently is.

so overall here is a rundown of what I’m currently doing in no particular order:
new February mmd video, custom motion, and model outfits for it.
custom pattie and zytra hair in mmd
updating zytra mmd model
working on umichan 3D quests, fixes, and npc stuff. I will see where I’m at with it after I make quest 3 completable.
need to finish art for umch2 and finish character movieclips in flash for first major dialogue sequence.

to get a idea of the character movieclip down the character mc wip here:

Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc