UMCH updates and wips


been working on connecting the current areas and minigames I have made for UMCH. I was going to work on dialogue but I decided to make another hentai minigame first. That will being me to 3 non-hentai minigames and 2 hentai minigames. I was using stuff in my “parts” folder to make a wip because I didn’t feel like drawing from scratch.



a lot of this will need to be redrawn. and the penis will go into the vag but it is good enough to work on the details. Also the boobs pop up when you look more down like in the game. Not sure that type if minigame I want to implement for this. and at what points in the game this can be used. It can be casual sex, punishment or rape, community service, etc. maybe all of those things and/or some of them. also the game part of this can be perhaps a follow the rhythm minigame. where the bar goes up and down and you have to click when the bar goes over in the the correct the target zone.

my tablet was acting crazy so a drew a example with the mouse, i haven’t drawn with a mouse in years lol.


the other hentai minigame doesn’t require you to have continuous interaction throughout the entire game and I would like to have something that here also where you can stop playing at any moment without losing. the only mini game so far in this that have continuous interaction is the swimming minigame and the boxing minigame.

either way in this I would imagine the guy is doing all the work here, so Maiko would either have to give commands or something.
So far for the minigames i have the matching game, in the cafe, and the number guessing one in the pleasure service, so I would need something different here. I’m not sure how pattern matching would work but I want to avoid any type for Ai for this. any thoughts for uses for this ? pleasure that add bonuses or rape/punishment type stuff? or both? also if you have idea for a mini game it would appreciated if you would mention it. I’ll be thinking about it myself. Also I’m not concerned about the relatable issues with the David scene from umcc.