current progress on stuff

don’t have many fancy pics to show but I have information I can share about where I am at on various projects.

Umichan stuff:
I paused my progress on UMCH stuff to finalize up ARIA since it is all but complete.
But things for UMCH are still being done by Drealth, who has been helping me making character art for umch. so far so good. Will make a separate post on that when some of the pics are more finalized. ie. me coloring them.

anther artist by the name of ttrop is helping working on redoing the art for Umichan Deluxe. I want to update the art on that game also and change a few other things.

working on two enemy abilities that players will encounter.
One is done already. And it is a direct shot that reduces the units in the main ship node by the specified number. it happens 5 seconds after lock on. so during the time. ideally you need to build up units in you main node to survive the blast. TT’s shield reduces the damage by half.

The other will be a enemy shield similar to TT’s shields. Arielle’s mega cannon thing will be able to wipe those out quickly.

Also for ARIA I am in the process of getting the lines re-voice acted for the intro scene. That is halfway done so far. And sounds very goo so far.


There are a few issues with Luma’s hair in the back that I need to fix then she should be ready to go for videos including the luma santa baby motion I mentioned earlier.