Site Updates April 2015

Not really into april fools, yet it is time for a site update. Everything mentioned below is not a joke.

SVP related:
Things are finally starting to get into gear with game development and I am hoping for some success with ARIA. I will be making changes to my patreon tier thing very shortly. overall the beta/early access will be at $5. Which i think is very reasonable as the art from pinoytoons is definitely not free lol. It is definitely patreon supported.
also things like separated animation loops and stuff will be at the next tier.
a example separated animation loops is umcc update 4 aka the hentai extract or the gallery in aria.

I want to thank everyone who has financially supported my efforts thus far. currently I am hovering around 1.5k or so however I only get about 2/3 of that so about 1k. Various reasons for this include some peoples credit cards decline or they they are still trying to use paypal etc. or perhaps some are trying to cheat. For the most part all the patreon stuff will come in via inbox after I have reviewed all of the contributions for the month so if you are trying to cheat I will be able to tell.

this month alone I have spent about $950 in commissioned work including art and voice acting for ARIA and Umichan stuff.
so if you can even 1 helps out. I think it will be better once I release a few more games though, and old ones with updated art.

For Umichan I have the assistance of ttrop and Drealth in the art department. Drealth helped do some of the older DoE art and will be doing some concept sketches for umcc/ch stuff.
ttrop will be doing most of the heavy work in the character art department, check out his pages if you want to get a idea about how this stuff might look.
I am currently working on umichan deluxe stuff and ARIA while this art gets done.
UMCH will use the hentai scene from deluxe, plus the 2 hentai scenes that are already made for it with art redrawn. Keep in mind it is not indented to be as long as UMCC, but rather a expansion to umcc. And I will be making other stuff also.
I also plan to use the same art to update umcc. UMCC is also scheduled to be retrofitted in a similar format as UMCH. then UMCH will blend in better. I’m thinking sometime in late May or June UMCH will be in full development and umcc art will start getting replaced and the entire game retro fitted. For now I am just waiting for art to be finished.

I do plan to add to ARIA everything I originally intended for it. All of these additions will make it larger then it’s predecessor Vandread Love Quest. These additions include, more enemy ship abilities, side-scrolling parts exploring planets and space stations, planet exploration and investigation, gun shootouts, top down scrolling shooting, hentai animations for when you lose (currently nothing happens when you lose), and various other tactical minigames.

Planned videos for April include Luma Dance Routine 2, Zytra Dance Routine, Maiko Streetz 2, various hentai animations etc. or if new motions come out I might make a video about it.
I think my next Unity3D game will probably have Kyle as a playable character this time around and you will need to run away from the likes of Luma and Savori etc.