Umichan updates

not sure how much I’m going to get done today for projects. might be a slow day for me today.

today I’m doing some internal testing on umichan deluxe game mechanics. I think the basics of the game works the rest is just adding different challenges and unlockables and adding in the rest of the art and some silly story for context. will be working on that today. so far 3 challenges are in the game. I think I might put 8 to 10 total. UMCH will probably have even more.

yesterday ttrop asked if it was okay to switch his coloring style from #2 to #1. I said it was fine because they both look pretty good. But just to see, I wanted to see coloring style do you all like better. You can ignore the variation in skin color. I will adjust them all (or not) after they are all done.

which coloring style do you like better, #1 or #2 ?