Thoughts on ARIA

as you may or may not know, I don’t spend too much time playing other hentai games or seeing what else is going on around the net or what other people are working on. All of my time reserved for hentai related stuff goes into my own projects. so I’m trying to see what you all think about ARIA and the direction it is going compared to other games. before i go posting it around..

you can compare it whatever other hentai game you want. maybe a game that you like, or a game that you think is similar, it is up to you as long as it is compared to another hentai game. or you don’t have to compare it to anything just give your thoughts on what it is in itself.

can give simple answers or complex ones

what are your thoughts on…

amount of hentai in aria compared to other stuff?

game mechanics, is it fun ? what would make it better?

game length? re-playability ?

originality in comparison ?

is the story interesting? are the main characters interesting ?

if you read about my future plans for ARIA game play and hentai content, are they headed in right direction? looking forward to them? what else would would you like to see?

it game ready for prime time in its current state(posted here a while ago)? it future state? the next version? how does it overall stack up to “good” games? good of course is subjective.