ARIA updates

today I bought some unity3d assets to serve as background for ARIA since trying to find for pay for 2D images is not producing good results. I basically walked around in the level in unity3d and took screenshots. similar to how I did with the current black and white backgrounds and a different interior area. However I wanted to get away from the dark grey scale backgrounds the game currently has, even with color the backgrounds background are muddy, nasty and dirty looking, with stains on the floor, etc. Not a great to be constantly having sex. These are more bright and can resemble a large ship’s interior.


Also eventually I wanted to have the options on the main single screen in different location of the ship as suggested.
Also as suggested to make sex with the girls a bit more earned. Well with certain ones at least I think. So maybe Jeo will loose a lot stats in a battle and slowly recover on his own each time he sleeps until cured. So I plan to have some interaction with the girls vandread/umichan style where you can to talk about different topics and the girl will say what she thinks about it. maybe you can also assign her orders there. in each area you wont have to spam space battles since there will be different stuff to do. feel free to post thoughts. all of this is just concepts for now.