project updates

Site related:
This morning I finally got around to making all of the graphics for the browser based game with a ARIA theme to it. I will working on implementing that today. Most of the combat is fleshed out I just need to flesh out getting more resources because you need that to heal.

Umichan related:
ttrop is back working on Umichan images. At this point he is done coloring and recoloring most of the male students. Out of the original cast only, David and Tsugo are left.

I’ll just go with umichan wild peach for the umichan minigame. so I still need to add music for that. I haven’t even touched it in like a week which is bad. if that is not added by today I will post it on patreon anyway by tomorrow, and here on the site early to mid next week. then maybe around to a few other places.

I recently asked you all your thoughts on the game as it is and where it’s going. I a lot great ideas thanks.
as you know I updated the space backgrounds. but now I am in the progress of updating the backgrounds for use inside the ship. I also still need to write a out a few more lines for the VA. I don’t want to wait till I’m fully done with everything I have planned for the game to post it. I was hoping it would help boost my patreon a bit because it would be great to be like some of these guys and work on it fulltime. Some of these guys don’t have a job and work on it full time and don’t even bother to update their status regularly heh. But whatever I do post will be a complete game, I’m not too find of demos. and if people are interested in more, there will be more coming down the road. it would be like umcc online vs offline

Been producing a few mmd videos here and there as other things are happening. Starting to run out of time for thise month’s big video, but the theme I had was Umichan – The Musical, heh. I still also have a few motions and cameras I need to fix up and release.