mo ARIA updates tho

been stamping out bugs and tweaking character settings in the game. still haven’t tried a complete playthrough. mostly because I have been running into bugs and various other issues. some of which include me being teleported to random frames or getting stuck and having to start over

There is issue with Phia I just noticed today that still deals with laser and attack ship issues.
Basically I need to make them delete themselves if they are not moving. I also need to update the save game variables.

I was also trying to barrel my way through the game without doing raids. It isn’t happening.
The only person that can even kind of barrel through entire GemCo fleets is Luma.

some notes for myself and things I still need to do:
(some are optional or can be added later but I’d rather add them now)

add consumable item that shields a targeted node for a large amount.
add a consumable items that prevents all enemy nodes from going over 500 for a limited time. (expensive)
some research to get resources each day based on mercenary count. bonus when in a area with a planet.
possible to rebuild/buy exploration pod or build extra.
a screen that warn players if they have no bombs before going on a raid
generic upgrade for special agents that unlocks various stuff and status (Luma, Remi, Jeo, Amp, etc) (can give a few free bombs per day etc)
a screen that explains the that the exploration pod is broken.
finish ship raid upgrade for agents (done)
exploration pod upgrade to pick up resources in a large area around itself
make hard mode even harder
consumable research for Arielle to to blast away one ship from the map. (expensive)
add graphics for bri abilities
make sure shotgun lasers reduce shield amounts
make all enemy and ally ships dark and glowy
make a retreat button for space battles
add a upgrade so attack ship breaks or heavily damages shields on impact.
make a save game code similar to umcc
add a quick space battle mode available from the main screen.

after this added and tested I should be done with this version.
Jeo kind of becomes useless towards so idk what I’m going to do with him. if anything because it kind of reenforces that fact that he do everything alone. or maybe he can have a a few consumable items free. I don’t what those to be his other abilities thoguh. But sinec you have to fight the last battle with him idk. Maybe you will just need to clear all the support ships out first.

But in hard mode they come back anyways at the end lol. so yeah maybe you just need to stock up on items etc.

more screen shots also showing some other backgrounds: