Stuff for this week

got some svpg stuff coming later in the week.

I loaded up tyranobuilder, which is a VN maker, that I was making the ARIA VN with and noticed they made some stuff easier that I was making trouble with previously. SO I might give it another go and finish the ARIA VN, which is about Luma’s team. It also serves to explain Jeo’s condition for needing sex and will explain more of Goo.

still working on “ARIO” stuff. Some things to do here are finish the animations for each girl and finish dialogue for each of the girls for the scenes that get unlocked. Will do sound and stuff after that.

for ARIA might do something focused on Bri for the next animation.


Still working on animations. I think I have 9 more or so XD
also currently writing out the main story and the quests. For this game I wanted more branching paths. the game itself probably wont take as long to beat as UMCC. but when you do beat it, you will not have seen everything, as opposed to how it was in UMCC.

Might make a quick UMCH VN to about the swim team shenanigans. probably play a student who joined kyle’s club.

working on updating the models again for a few of the characters at least for now.
Might be just Maiko, zytra and Leyah for a while.