Swimming minigame test – Feedback Requested

test the game here:

this test is alpha and possibly really buggy. you might need to click the mouse in the game window after clicking a course to actually move.

testing a swimming minigame concept. this would be part of a larger game focused around swimming. You can see some of the art for that in the site background wallpaper.

use arrow keys to move.
will likely have wasd later.
I doubt I will have mouse movement tbh.

I am aware the speed you ended a previous course with carries over into a new course.

please post thoughts.

  • also I would like to know if you are able to play with water on high or at least med. even on my pc it lags my game quite heavily but looks pretty cool. I might try it with a different compiler to see if it improves the lag. I am aware water slows down swim speeds.
  • also would like to know what people’s fastest time is on course 1. can do the boost thing if you want.