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Gemco Luma Team

Trainer: Yui – Yellow Captain: Luma – Blue Riley – Red Lynn – Green Rookie – Yellow A team of special agents…

MMD: Luma model test

For those that like MMD I have finally updated the Luma model. As I mentioned in an earlier post, now I just…

Maiko x Luma animation wip

This pairing was nominated and voted for on on my patroen.

Remi x Luma animation wip

This pairing was nominated and voted for on on my patroen.

Umichan Art updates (Luma)

please post thoughts

Luma animation wip

about halfway though I forgot to switch back to fullscreen ><

MMD: Panoramic (Luma)

not into 3dpd I got that 3dcg. Was in a rush so not the best render in the world. also the camera…

more Luma progress mmd

Almost done with Luma. Going to probably work on some game stuff for now. I’m getting behind where I want to be…

no image

Luma progress mmd

Wanted to update Luma to the version of the model with dem nips. boobs won’t be a big as it was but…

no image

Maiko and Luma comparison 2

need the fix the lower part of Luma’s legs, but other then that, it should be good to go for later stuff….

no image

Maiko and Luma 3D boob comparison

hangs a little lower but not quite Luma size heh.  

no image

MMD: Bikini Dance (Maiko and Luma)

    Finally did a lot of editing and made a decent Luma MMD model. You can check out the differences between…

no image

MMD: Luma Dance Practice

    A long time coming. Evo Luma The previous MMD version of Luma I didn’t feel was up to par mainly…

no image

MMD: Luma What the hell

Pause! Look who it is! The hair is pretty janky and needs lots of work. Was going to put in a bedroom…

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