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ARIA agent gear finished

Please post thoughts

TandA: Cut vs Keep

You are developing a game! so why are you taking stuff out? If you follow game development for some amount of time,…

ARIA agent gear redesign?

was trying to redesign the ARIA space/combat gear. This one was for Arielle. the other will be the similar but with their…

Team Arielle

Team Arielle, originally assembled to go capture rogue Special Agent Jeo. Made all their outfits dark blue to be more in line…

Mira’s Bizarre Adventure

Join Mira on her quest to find sexy muses!

ARIA Art updates (Tiffany 2)

Glasses added! Please post your thoughts. Any constructive feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The Evolution of Umichan Maiko

Maiko is turning 10 years in 2017! And to celebrate this special occasion, SpiralVortexPlay prepared this timeline with a bit of her…

Smaller games and sound

Hey everybody, its jccq89! This post aims to answer two frequently asked questions, they are: 1 – Why there are no sound…

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