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MMD: Exercise of pigtails girl


Agent Trainer updates

updated agent trainer with some updates: stats for all agents are now saved to the server, so you can train multiple agents….

UM3DO ideas, warning UMCH spoilers!

so I’ve been thinking for while about how I want to make umichan 3D online stuff. There are a few concerns I…

MMD: Fine by me


MMD: Whatta man


Agent Trainer test is back up

agent trainer player vs player test is back up stats and items should be the same, money may or may not be…

small VN updates

in my previous updates post I mentioned small VN game remakes. Still need Tempo to make Daughter of Eve, I am close…

VN tyranobuilder combat system template

Managed to write a tyranoscript for a very basic turn based combat system that takes in variables to set up the battle….


just went this whole week without really posting any updates to the site. It’s not because there none thoguh lol. I have…

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creating accounts and password reset info

I’ve noticed a lot of pending users or people trying to reset passwords. Sometimes my plugin to fight off bots can block…

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Project Updates

It was brought to my attention that I have done on of these in a while so I figured I would do…

Savori quest test screens

still working on savor the moment quest stuff for UMCH. coped a few screens while testing. hopefully not too many spoilers. I’ll…

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