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Site Updates

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Updates: January 11 2014

I forgot to so mess with the panties in the video, you will be able to do several things there also. I’ll…

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Updates: December 31 2013

I recorded all the video stuff of me talking about all kinds of stuff. I’ll be uploading it all on the first…

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Updates: December 20 2013

Well I think for the first time in a while the site is in a viewable working condition that is not too…

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Updates: December 18 2013

I’ll probably only be making one or two more major post until next year. One will be a review of everything I…

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Updates: December 01 2013

Going to scratch the newgrounds demo I had planned. also going to scratch any other demo I had planned to include feedback…

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Site News: November 28, 2013

Finally  a site update and not just re-posting stuff. Still in the process of getting thing showing up on here from the…

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