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ARIA: The Rookie

this game has been updated

no image

small Rookie updates

Still trying to wrap up the Rookie. I ran into a bug where the text color turns from white to black after…

Maiko x Luma animation wip

This pairing was nominated and voted for on on my patroen.

Remi x Luma animation wip

This pairing was nominated and voted for on on my patroen.

The Rookie update status

Finally started back working finishing the Rookie. This was a VN game I started working on for fun while UMCH was in…

Arielle game video updates

a video update!

Academy Instructors

figured it might be cool to show the female instructors with some affiliation to GemCo together in a pic.

Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault (ARIA) v2.8

several ARIA bug fixes and some game improvements~

ARIA final update list (tentative)

UMCH updates are hopefully about done. And as mentioned earlier I want to make a pit stop and update ARIA a bit…

Arielle game update

working on space battles just a little more. picking from info here: Arielle game description space battle controls are now easier and…

ARIA Art updates (Remi comparison) Feedback requested

which Remi do you prefer? 1. original 2. shoulder area has reduced width 3. shoulder reduced width and hips thinner 4. still…

Arielle game description

pre-alpha playable concept demo: Press R to reload the gun!sV4nEQrK!jGxtKtMMxu7sqLHlorhTSlo7gzF4kYVnsEW12Dj3vXs Overview: I’m planning for this to be a major 3D hentai…

Arielle character model

I mentioned a while ago I was working on and off on a game in Unity3D I and I think for this…

MMD: Going Under (Arielle)

made a Arielle model for a upcoming game. This model leans more towards realism over the usual anime inspired mmd stuff. more…

Agent Trainer Ripped Clothes

picking up from this post: Agent Trainer Agents Art update these are images of the basic school uniform for some of the…

Agent Trainer Agents Art update

Art updates for Agent girls. I know a number of the them need some eyelash adjustments to more closely match their older…

Phia x Ace animation wip

made for the swimming game later.

3D ARIA game concept

When It comes to 3D I am usually talking about some online multiplayer game. However it is much easier to make something…

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