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Holly x David animation wip

This stuff is for a game focused around Jeni’s family where you play as her uncle.

MMD: Zytra H-animations

two different videos first is bj second is paizuri.

Ace x Mika animation wip

this animation is part of the swimn minigame.

UMCH updates

I think I’m done with the Journal stuff now and I can have it internally tested for bugs. The David quest was…

UMCH UI updates

working on tablet stuff and fixing bugs and other issues I am finding. I am implementing the Journal that tracks quest progress…

MMD: Get Lucky

I remade a video from over 3 years ago. MMD: Get Lucky

MMD: Firework

I made the Firework motion edit nearly two years ago! crazy! I wanted to touch up the motion but perhaps will do…

More UMCH updates

Finally finished adding bgm to all areas of the game except some of the sex scenes where I felt it was better…

UMCH updates

almost done with the sound effects an bgm stuff. I’ve been adding extra bgm and sound effects for things like boxing and…

More ARIA updates ?

For any wondering if I plan to updates ARIA they answer is yes. ARIA is more or less done but not polished…

Swimming game updates

There’s quite a bit of stuff I have planned to do after UMCH. One of which is a swimming game I am…

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