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Important announcement

After lots of feedback and huge demand SVPlay is happy to announce that from april and on all games will have their…

Jeni’s Uncle Name Voting Post Thanks for all the suggestions. vote at the link above. you can vote on more than one name if more than…

Umichan Art updates (David pt.3)

please post thoughts

Remi POV futa fast animation wip

animated the fast variation of the animation.

Umichan pattern match minigame remake(ish) test

back in this post… I took a polling to see what people liked the most as a guide for what to…

Jeni upcoming game art collage

No new character art this week but lot more of Jeni

Name suggestions (Uncle)

Taking name suggestion for this guy. If anyone has any ideas. Holly’s brother. Jeni and David’s uncle. basically “Uncle ________ ”

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