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umichan sentoryu outline
November 30, 2017
6:35 pm
Level 10
Forum Posts: 223
Member Since:
November 19, 2013
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Nov 30th 2017 - initial draft
Dec 1 2017 - edits to main story
Dec 7 2017 - updated interview section, minor story corrections

(work in progress)

(time spending events)=some random event not directly related to the storyline itself.
washing dishes
peeping in shower
looking around jeni/holly/david room finding random stuff (might be useful or albert stuff also)
holly room - scissors (needed for cutting jeni underwear when she is sleep to access sex scene),used panties/bra (albert currency),
jeni room - make up(useless), phone (downloaded photos Kyle currency), used panties/bra (albert currency),
traveling to the mall and back
traveling to mall areas

taking a bra/panty without replacing it will trigger punch or discipline even before sleeping. Carl can have a chance to successfully blame david


securing the spot (Exec/investor group)
securing food / silverware (Alma?)
securing at least 4 workers (interviews)
decorations (Mira)
outfits (Mira)

Areas house

main living area
-Random dialogue scene appear here

carl room
-option to sleep

jeni room
-can talk to jeni if she is in here
-can search room if she is not here
-can sex jeni in her sleep if you have the scissors.

holly room
-can search room if she is not here


-can spy on Holly or Jeni, even David, can get photos if you have phone.

-can wash dishes
-can make coffee (carl needs to have a good coffee recipe for the cafe)

house front outside
-Can travel to the Mall or back inside the House

Mall areas
(can happen in any order at the Mall depending on what stores carl goes to)
Lingerie store -  Carl meet Mira at the mall like how she is always half dressed. talks about outfits and decorations, and costs
-Can buy panties for Jeni here.
-can buy random panties/bras here.
-any unlocked outfits are bought here.
-Sometimes Ace and Zytra are here with Zytra being topless.
-Random character are here such as Roise, Savori and even Jeni. Carl can make fun on Jeni for trying to make herself more feminine.
Any of them has a chance to be topless.
-Sometimes Kyle will appear to snap a photo and run out.
-Sometimes Alma is here taking to Mira about how the store is going.
-when available carl x mira scenes begins here. (Carl first needs a lot of money but wont need to spend it)
-carl can spy on girls trying on clothes. can get photos if you have phone.

Fitness area
- Carl meets Max and makes the connection this is who Holly is providing "personal training" for. Carl also meets Stacy here also but is seen as a random hot girl at the moment.
- at any point Carl can attempt to talk Max out of training with Holly.
- Certain times holly and max are not there and Carl can sneak on the personal training room and see the sex between Holly and Max.
- When Carl is aware he needs 4 girls he can begin the interview scene with Stacy here.
- After bully scene in the Mall area Kyle can be found here sucking up to Holly.
- Carl can work out to get in shape

Book Store - Carl meets Albert and Kyle doing a business deal. Carl can get in on it and make side money at any point turning in each of their forms of currency
-Carl can upgrade stats here with reading books. Some book he has to buy.
-Sneaking book (improves chances of not getting caught on sneak events. You need this to see some sex scenes)
-persuasion book (unlocks extra dialogues for interviews)
-business book (This plus a buy in unlocks option for Ace to invite him to gangbang)
-hacking book (access more photos on phones)

General Mall area 1

- David is seen bullying Kyle, maybe with Joiry.
- Jeni is seen hanging out with her girls
- Random school students. Roise, Zytra,

General Mall area 2
- Carl can see pattie for the first time here. conversation is brief.
- When Carl is aware he needs 4 girls he can begin the interview scene with pattie here.

Gaming area
- Carl and see Zytra and Leyah here. doesn't talk to them but he notices Zytra's big tits. Reminds him of Holly. reinforces his desire to get laid.
Ace shows up and Zytra and Leaves with Ace. Carl notices it looks like Ace has tons of money.
- Appears after first Zytra Leyah scene. Zyra assures Leyah she wont be with Ace much longer but they will need money. Zytra plan to do one big thing to make lots of money (the gang bang scene)
- When Carl is aware he needs 4 girls he can begin the interview scene with Leyah here as long as Zytra is not present.
- When Carl reads the business book he can have the option to talk to ace and get in on his gang bang.

Vacant Lot 1
- Carl can meet holly and Alma here to discuss buying this place. it is usually nothing going on here otherwise.

electrics store (there was one in umcc/ch, can buy camera or learn stuff here)

Electronics store
- Carl can buy a phone to store photos.

main story segments (setting up the cafe, excluding optional sex scenes)
(like UMCH all sex scenes Carl can participate in are optional)

can be broken down into smaller segments.

carl moves in meets family and sees room
holly goes to work
intro investor call - jeni suspicious 

kids go to school

(time spending event)

david jeni come back first argue about david harassing girls + carl notices holly is not home

alma visit shortly after to talk about david.

when holly finally get home carls talks to holly about the visit

holly x david scene.
you realize you holly is ok with incest. and uses it to subdue david's urges.
she wont have sex with you though because you don't have any mental issue.
you have a objective to find a way to convince her. and jeni while you are at it.

characters sleep
carl can attempt to bang jeni at any point when she is sleep.

next day holly brings up cafe idea. Carl establishes the goals with holly
holly talked to Alma about it also and suggest where to start looking for the stuff at the Mall.
holly and carl meet alma at the mall.

investor call 1 carl needs to figure out Funding with investors

Carl decides he can find other way to make money if something fails. decides to go to Mall

mall area stuff (time spending events)

When carl gets back Kyle is there and holly is "nursing him back to heath". David is in his room punished.
At any point after this scene carl and persuade david to stop bullying Kyle.
Carl can also get a alternate source of sex for David with Jeni or Dizzy.

(time spending event)

characters sleep

Marketing investor phone call.

(etc etc)

at the some point the game will open up to totally free roam and resume the story after all main goals are complete.

After cafe is set up and Maiko joins. The game is free roam to find any missed or added sex scenes.

Investor calls

pitch the idea to GemCo execs (solves problem, gemco takes a cut at the end lowing total money you get)
hire a hacker to steal money (solves problem, need to pick upgrade security or hire security person to not lose all your money at the end)
earn money yourself as the player (solves problem if player get the money in time, if not the investment fails)

switch current ads to lie about how good the product is. (solves problem, but hurts sales later)
spend money on a better ad company (solves problem, but costs money lowering the amount you get at the end)
you will market yourself. (solves problem if player get the money in time, if not the investment fails)

Pay higher salary to get more staff (solves problem, but costs money lowering the amount you get at the end)
Steal people and force them work for low/no pay (solves problem, and gain money. if jeni finds out you are fucked)
find people on the street with no work experience (solves problem, and gain money but hurts sales due to low quality product)
(player can't handle this one themself)

make the product more expensive (solves problem, but costs money lowering the amount you get at the end)
make the product cheaper (solves problem, lowering the amount you get at the end because the product sells for less)
make the product better (solves problem, but costs money lowering the amount you get at the end)

no change (you can safely pick this if you didn't get the hacker)
upgrade security software and manage it with current staff (solves problem, but costs money lowering the amount you get at the end)
hire a IT person (solves problem, but costs money lowering the amount you get at the end)
I might think on a option for sales that doesn't lower the final amount.

4 girl interviews quizzes

Jeni - home or gym
Leyah - meet in game area in mall
Stacy - meet in gym
Pattie - meet in mall

8 generic statements that are the same for each girl. The player can make as many statements as they want.
need at least 3/8 of these to be positive answers. different girl can have different difficulty.
For example Leyah might have 5/8 positive answers, she is easier because at this point she is a little worried about needing money soon for when Zytra break off from Ace)

1 exclusive statement (reply is positive or negative based on reading persuasion book)
1 always positive statement that appears after reading persuasion book.

out of the 10 total possible statements you need to be at a net positive of 3 to succeed.

Carl can try to interview other girls he sees but they refuse for their own reasons. Such as Zytra, Savori, Roise, etc. Character that might frequent the mall.

sex scenes (so far)

carl x holly

carl x jeni sleeping

Zytra x gangbang

Carl x Mira
Carl x Stacy
holly x david
jeni x david
max x holly
Character activities

Jeni: cooks, showers often, text on her phone to her friends, looks at makeup tutorial videos, practices putting on makeup, sleeps, watches movies, getting ready to go out with friends, getting ready for school.

David: sleeps, pushups/exercise, shower, masturbate, sex with jeni or holly, watches movies, gets ready to go out with friends, getting ready for school.
for the camrea stuff. I like how your Joiry bizzare adventure game you have joiry and arguably david not really competent with a camrea. so maybe you can ask them but they will break the camrea or fuck it up if you try to get them to do anything with a camera.(edited)
not on purpose but something alwas happens (off screen while the are away) that cause the camera a to always be broken, missing, etc when they get back. always resulting in you not getting anything of it and losing the camera one way or another.

January 7, 2018
8:41 am
Level 10
Forum Posts: 223
Member Since:
November 19, 2013
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Mira lingerie shop:
intro dialogue meet Mira
Mira jokingly offers to have sex for tons of money
ask Mira if she can make outfits (option available after talking with Holly/Alma)
dialogue with Mira after getting money for outfits.
after a while Holly brings Jeni to try on outfits. (requires Jeni interview success)
Carl can buy panties for Jeni here.

intros and Interviews for other girls
Pattie who is helping kyle with photos in mall
Leyah is in game area waiting for Zytra to pick er up
Jeni from house
Meeting Ace:
starts with meeting zytra after interviewing Leyah
Ace invites carl to hotel later for a meeting with his investor buddies for sex scene with zytra. (need business book)
can get money for cafe lot

sex starving Holly:
Meeting Dizzy
Carl can tell david to go after dizzy instead of holly

Carl talks max out of sex with holly
can turn david/jeni/joiry (the more the better) on max
can pay off stacy or occupy max. pretend like he is first regular client.

rest of investor phone calls
after the little Luma,riely,lynn thing.

January 7, 2018
8:41 am
Level 10
Forum Posts: 223
Member Since:
November 19, 2013
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

Carl can ask Kyle how to get photos. Carl is too big to hide anywhere like kyle so he suggest hidden cams.
camera places will be in jeni room, Holly room, house shower, changing room lingerie store.

Carl can hire pattie to plant one in the changing room lingerie store
Pattie can also take photos in places he can't access at all.
school girls locker room

Carl/Mira - casuals?
Carl/Alma ending - business sharks.
Carl/Holly - sex starved
Carl/Stacy - Sugar daddy

Talk to Alma about securing food/silverware (effect romance)
trust the money to Mira
trust the money to Alma
trust the money to Holly

(effects romance)
secure decorations at Mira store alone
secure decorations at Mira store with Holly
secure decorations at Mira store with Alma


Carl scene with jeni sleeping.
Carl needs to cut jeni panties
find scissors in holly room.
dialogue carl cut jeni panties.
dialogue carl sex with sleeping jeni.

sex scenes
Carl and Leyah/Pattie
both need a fail option also

Carl Mira
Carl Holly
Carl Alma
Players can replay the carl stacy animations i guess at the gym

interview phone call results/ENDING

1.investor team held and is now very profitable.
they are able to wire over money as Carl needs.

2.investor team send s a medium chunk of money to carl and are barely afloat.

3.investor teams is bankrupt and disbanding. Carl gets no money and assess back home are lost.

in the ending summary stacy will eventually break up with Carl is #1 is not achieved.
they are still friends and she still works the cafe. Carl would have to pay like any other client.

Alma help Carl recover his assets if 2 or 3 is achieved. Alma win legal battle against Ace if you used ace and got #3 investor result
Only Carl is satisfied in bed. Alma will cheat (with tom) if carl had sex with other girls in the game.

Ace cucks Carl with Holly if you get #3, used Ace to pay for cafe, and holly romance

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