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Review of UMCC & UMCH: Part 2
February 13, 2018
10:17 pm
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July 25, 2017
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Review of UMCC & UMCH: Part 2


I am by no means a professional. I've played the SVP games time and time again, and I enjoy them.
What I'm trying to achieve with these reviews is give Vortex00 a critical and detailed examination of his games, specifically Classroom Cheaters and Classroom Havoc. By no chance am I trying to be harsh or mean. I'm critical of his games because I'm a fan of his work.


The Review for Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc (UMCH)


1) Game play

  • Status:

Cafe, Boxing, and Swim medals.

Earning medals for good performance is a great design choice for awarding the Player and Maiko. Having the level of award (bronze, silver, and gold) attribute to the stat associated with it  (melee, fitness, sex exp.) was another great design choice. I believe this good, but needs improvement.

I'll go over all three topics and their mini-games and stats in the following section.

  • The Cafe, Sex Exp and the hentai mini-games:

The Cafe mini-games gives little game play value, other than earning money and improving your sex exp. Although it is essential for progressing the story, it can be ignored for the rest of the game after it's initial use. Money can easily be earned elsewhere (Ice Cream, Photos, and the Misc-Character appearance). Sex experience can be earned by reading the 'Pleasure Tips Book'.

The Cafe is great in terms of story but for game play it is easily avoidable. The only returning value it gives is the sex scenes with the other female characters. I'd like to see this be improved, but given how easy it is to earn money and sex experience by other means, the Cafe needs something else
to give to the Player and Maiko.

The Sex Exp. score was fun to improve, but brought little game play value other than making the mini-games easier. It was also very easy to improve the score by using the 'Pleasure Tips Book' and 'Inspiration mechanic'. I was anticipating Maiko's sexual performance to be affected by her sex experience score, but unfortunately this wasn't the case. I initially thought other characters would react to Maiko's sexual performance depending on her sex exp. score and their satisfaction would depend on it. Other than the Cafe mini-game, the sex exp. score gives little value to the Player.

  • Improvement on the Cafe, Sex Exp. and Hentai Mini-Games:

The Cafe needs to attribute something else in terms of game play. Money, sex scenes and sex exp. can be acquired elsewhere.
I believe one way the Cafe could be improved is by having character interactions and sexual encounters affect some other mechanic besides money and sex exp. I'll have more on this in my Relationship section of this review.
As for the Sex Exp. score, it may be improved by having Maiko's sexual performance be affected by the score. Then other characters can comment on how Maiko's performance by saying she is good/poor at sex.

  • Boxing and Melee:

In terms of game play, the mini-game is good enough but easily exploitable and a hassle to improve on. I haven't talked about the Swimming mechanic and how it applies to the Boxing mini-game but having both stats (Melee & Fitness) attribute to Maiko's Boxing performance was a good idea.

I enjoyed beating up other characters as Maiko. I felt as if I was improving Maiko's confidence in herself and her ability to defend herself. Besides earning medals and improving the Melee stat, defending Maiko against David during the night attacks was the only thing of value I got from the Boxing mini-game. I admit it is fun, but other than that, there is nothing more I get from it.

During the mini-game, the Player can repeatedly stun their opponent by holding down the Melee Attack button.
This makes every mini-game a walk in the park, not intended if I'm correct. If it is, not recommended.
The Boxing mini-game becomes way too easy after you raise the Melee stat above 100. I recommend a cap on the stat.
and additional mechanics may be added to help with this.

  • Improvement on the Boxing game, Melee stat:

I'd like to see how other characters react to Maiko's physical improvements. How do other characters react to Maiko's new found confidence?
How does the boxing club change Maiko's personality?

For example, perhaps Maiko is not as easily pushed around and or persuaded/pressured for sex by anyone anymore. Maybe Maiko can confidently say "No" to others and not be afraid of consequences.

  • Swim and Fitness:

The mini-game is not the best and needs to be improved. It wasn't impossible but I did not enjoy it. I like how it ties in with the Boxing mini-game though by giving Maiko more health.

  • Improvement on the Swim mini-game and Fitness stat:

The Swim mini-game needs to be changed into something else. I also thought the Fitness stat would affect Maiko's sex experience score.
If Maiko's Fitness score was high, her endurance during the sex scenes would be improved. I also wish there was more to this stat in terms of Maiko's physical appearance.

How do other character's react to Maiko's appearance after she has been working out?
Is Maiko more sexually appealing? Does Maiko's confidence improve with being in shape?

  • Stress:

My favorite stat and the most annoying one. I love the Stress stat, but it can be utilized better and improved on. To my experience, this is the first Visual Novel/Hentai game I've played with a female protagonist that includes a real life example of the human condition, specifically speaking about Stress. I've seen Maddess, Horror, and other emotional stats in many other different video games but I've never come across another Visual Novel/Hentai game that used Stress. I think it's a great idea but if I may say, it needs improvement.

  • Improvement to the Stress stat:

Stress. It's both a good thing and a bad thing in real life and just like real life it can be used to our advantage. For UMCH, or Maiko herself, she can be affected by Stress but NOT LIMITED by it. Let me first talk about the disadvantages of Stress.

Stress should affect Maiko's relationship with other characters, her school grades, her physical performance and sexual performance. It should give some sort of negative to these factors, not block them completely. Perhaps some sexual activities can lower Maiko's Stress stat. I'd say sexual activities where she has more of a passive role, other than taking charge or doing some work herself.
For example, if Maiko's Stress is high, she may not want to perform a blowjob but she may be willing to accept an invitation for her own pleasure.

Now, I will talk about the advantages of Stress.

Stress should also be used to Maiko's advantage. Boxing and Swimming could be affected with some sort of positive factor according to Maiko's Stress score. Some humans work out when they're stressed, and it helps us by improving our  physical state and our mental state as well. Give a positive trait to Maiko's Stress stat, that way Players won't always feel hampered by it.

  • Money:

Money here has little value with the game play. Perhaps next time, money can play a more important role. Rent, school books, food, water, transportation, dates, condoms etc. Their are many different uses for money. My gripe with the money is it's too easily earned and there isn't much to spend it on.

  • Improvement on Money:

This is a hentai series after all, and not a life simulator. Still, I'd like to see Money used for at least dates with other characters and other factors involving sex such as condoms.

For example, Maiko would like to go on a date with Greel but she has very little Money. Maybe the Player can decide to choose between a nice date at a restaurant or movie. Or go to the Park, it is free after all but not always the ideal dating scene.
Even then, if the Player chose a nice date location, will they have the money for, let say condoms? Does the Player risk getting Maiko pregnant, if they chose to end the date with sex?

  • Tasks:

I'd honestly say expand this to a full day using Hours, skip out on minutes.
Keep the current build though. One task spends one hour of Maiko's time.

Example, everyday the game takes place at 7:00 AM and ends at 12:00 AM (Midnight).

  • Sentinel Battles:

The mini game is amusing but it still dosen't bring any value to the game play of UMCH. I want to say keep it, but I find myself asking why though? I don't play the Sentinel Battle mini game, I've only played it for the single hentai scene you get for losing. I'm not sure how this could
be improved, but I don't want to be a stick in the mud about it. Perhaps instead of Maiko using her Melee stat to defend herself, maybe she can use a Sentinel to do so?

  • Photos:

The picture mini game, more like puzzle, is okay but gives the Player nothing in return besides Money and a sex scene with Kyle and Pattie cakes.

  • Improvement to Photos:

I like how other characters ask Maiko for photos, but there needs to be more to it. When asked for nudes and lewds of other girls and Maiko herself, perhaps this could affect Maiko's relationship with other characters.

For example, when Chester asks Maiko for a 'Wet Photo', perhaps Maiko can give him what he wants and in exchange this will improve her relationship with Chester and maybe even lead to sexual favors/encounters or just favors for other tasks in game, like school work.

Another example, if Kyle asks for photos of a certain female character and Maiko gives him what he wants, this will improve her relationship with Kyle and it will also affect her relationship negatively with whoever the character was.

  • Relationships (Not used in Classroom Havoc):

I miss the Relationship mechanic from Classroom Cheaters. I thought the mechanic was a good idea,but it just needed to be executed better. There is a lot I could say about having a Relationship stat, but I will try my best to keep it boiled down it's core game play value.

  • Improvement on the Relationship stat (if added to future games):

Maiko could have a Relationship stat for every character, but I'd say keep it to the students at her school.
Popularity and a student's social standing are factors in our schools that affect the lives and emotions of students.
For Maiko, her Relationship with the other school students should be affected by Stress, her sexual performance and her grades.
The Relationship stat needs to be more than just a number. I'd go so far to say it should have levels, but no too many.
To break this down, I'll give a quick example below.

Relationship Levels 1-5 (I'd stick with low numbers here)

Student1, Relationship Level 1 (or you use words like Disliked or Rival)

Level one is a poor social standing with that student.
No sexual encounters or favors.
Depending on the student, let's say David, he only views/wants/would use Maiko for sexual favors.
If Maiko improves her Relationship level with David, then maybe David will change his attitude towards her.
Perhaps this could be how David teaches Maiko how to hit like a damn truck.
If it gets even higher, let's say to Level 4 or 5, then maybe David (or whoever) will be willing to date Maiko.

Student2, Relationship Level 2 (or you can use words like Accepted or Classmate)

Student3, Relationship Level 3 (Favored Company or Friend)

Student4, Relationship Level 4 (Companion or Boyfriend)

Student5, Relationship Level 5 (Respected or Loved)

You get the idea.


2) User Interface

  • The Tablet:

Greatly improved in UMCH, and the buttons are much more attractive than before.

  • The Areas (School, Park, Mall etc):

Not as much clicking around as UMCC, but still a bit of a hassle. I'd prefer if the buttons were lined up or there was some sort of menu we could use instead. Maybe even use our arrow keys to more around. The Areas are alright, but getting to them and clicking all the time is a hassle. I wish there was an easier way.

  • The Money Bar:

Since the Tablet keeps track of Money in the Status menu, why are we seeing it on the HUD? I don't think it's needed.

  • Maiko's boobies and hairline:

I don't mind the boobs and hairline, but I don't feel as if they should have interaction. There are options for an Auto-Fix for Maiko's hair so why bother with the added work of clicking on it? Not needed, but it looks great thou. I'd say keep the hairline in view, but remove the interaction. Same opinion with her boobs. The bouncing is nice, but the interaction is not needed. Have them bounce when the Player moves location.

  • The Dialogue Box:

I liked the design from UMCC, the ripped piece of paper and pencil writing used for the font. This one in UMCH is nice, but I felt as if some immersion was lost with it's new design direction.

  • The Mouse/Camera Movement inside Sex Scenes and Mini-Games:

I am not a fan of this feature. I'm trying to give a fair opinion of it here, but I dislike the mouse moving the 'camera' during the mini-games and sex scenes. That is really all I have to say about it.


3) Graphics/Artwork:

The artwork was improved from UMCC. I like the artwork in UMCH. I think it's great for the effort put into this game. Although I have my opinions on the new art direction, speaking specifically about UMCH, it's good. The characters need some improvement on their facial appearance, as well as body language.

The sex scenes are nice, but the animations feel limited. What I mean is in UMCC, there were hand jobs, blowjobs, and vaginal sex available with almost every character (specifically male). That's what I liked about UMCC, the Player was given the choice to sleep/date every character. In UMCH, there isn't much available, especially since the sex animations are limited to certain characters (I'm talking about the ones involving Maiko and another character).

I'll go more into detail in the following sections about the sex scenes involving characters and Maiko.


4) Follower/Boyfriend (Not used in UMCH)

In Classroom Cheaters, I absolutely love the freedom to sleep/date all of the characters. Unfortunately in UMCH, that freedom wasn't included.

In UMCC, Maiko had the choice to chose who she had as a 'Follower/Boyfriend'. It felt as if Maiko and the Player were making a decision of not only who she is dating, but who she is being seen with. In UMCC, when the Player is walking around with David and they enter the Sex Club, Jeni gets upset seeing David walk around with Maiko. It is a pleasant surprise and it makes for great character development and interaction when they comment on who Maiko is with. This ramps up the immersion of the game and story.

  • Improvement on the Follower/Boyfriend (if it's used once again):

Have other character's comment on who Maiko is dating/hanging out with.

For example, if Maiko is dating Chester, or some other character, this could affect her Relationships with other characters. Perhaps depending on who Maiko is dating, there could be some sort of bonus to her stats or different tasks, such as school work or her Boxing performance.


5) Hentai Scenes

Now there is some variety to the sex scenes in UMCH, but we lost some of the variety of characters Maiko sleeps with. The sex scenes are a great improvement from UMCC. It's unfortunate that we lost the hand jobs and anal (I know Jeni has an anal scene, but I'm referring to Maiko) along with the choice of who (the school students) to view the sex scenes with. Pretty much all the new animations are great, but why are we limited with so few characters to view them? I miss having the freedom to pick and choose Maiko's boyfriend.

Also, I liked how some scenes are available after certain story or game play elements. I personally feel that limiting access to some animations is a great way to set the pace for the course of the game. If the animations were all available at the start or easily accessible, then it is almost like there is no point of playing the game in the first place. I feel that the better design choice would be for the Players to earn their just desserts (sex scenes).
Having to actually work for the sex scenes is better in my honest opinion, but it shouldn't be too difficult.

For example, the Relationship and Sex Exp. could work together to attribute to what scene we have available to view.

Kyle, Relationship Level 2. Perhaps Maiko is only willing to perform hand jobs or blowjobs for Kyle.
If their Relationship Level was raise to 3, then maybe this will unlock more sex scenes, such as booby jobs and vaginal sex.

Access to the sex scene should be treated like a date night. There should be a little work to achieve what we want and some tease.
Then when the goal is achieved, our hard work is rewarded.


6) Characters

Along with a return of the Relationship feature, the characters can be given more value in game play elements beyond simple dialogue and sex scene interactions. I'd like to see how Maiko views each of her classmates. She could have some sort of journal, not a quest tracker, but an actual journal where she writes down how she feels about certain characters. The Relationship feat. could change the tone of text inside her journal. Perhaps Maiko might feel different about a classmate depending on the Relationship score. After certain story scenes or choices, her opinion on others changes as well. The characters are good, they just need something more other than story spinets to flesh them out. I can get a feel of how others view Maiko, but I don't think, at least I don't remember if we get the chance to understand/know how Maiko feels about them.


7) Replay Value and Final Thoughts

I believe Classroom Havoc is Vortex00's best work.
I usually return to the game, if not for the sex scenes, for a quick play through again.
Although some elements were lost from UMCC, I still enjoy playing UMCH.

I've tried my best in the time I've written these review to try and keep with game play elements and talk about the story as little as possible.
The story review is best left to some other time.


Saved Edited Changes:

(2/15/18) Fixed typos and errors. Cleaned up some sections and tried to better word my thoughts and ideas.

February 15, 2018
9:27 pm
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December 28, 2015
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Not to be rude or anything but wouldn't it be more convenient to just label the threads as "UMCC review" and "UMCH review" instead of making different parts? It'd make it a lot easier for vortex to read it and for other people to add their own opinions in the correct locations. 

The following users say thank you to Wilsonthegreen for this useful post:

February 16, 2018
12:41 am
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July 25, 2017
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

Wilsonthegreen said
Not to be rude or anything but wouldn't it be more convenient to just label the threads as "UMCC review" and "UMCH review" instead of making different parts? It'd make it a lot easier for vortex to read it and for other people to add their own opinions in the correct locations.   

Yeah I'll get to it eventually. I made a template for each document, and I took an hour or two to write them both.

Mostly copy and paste from the documents to here, and by then I was tired. I'll get around to fixing and editing stuff when I make the time for it. It just saved time for me to get it finished and submitted this way. It does say near the top which game I'm reviewing though, but I do view any comment about the format as a reference for improvement.

March 6, 2018
1:05 am
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November 19, 2013
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

Thanks I finally got around to reading all of this. I will have a response to select stuff soon.

March 12, 2018
8:13 am
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November 19, 2013
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

Again thanks for the review
Nothing should be considered rebuttal but instead the rationale as to why I chose to do something a certain way.

-for the topic of earning money in the cafe being easily avoidable:
in short, that is intended.
I don't want to force players to have to use the cafe or the hentai minigames to earn money.
the uniqueness of each place comes from the dialogue scenes and random girl sex scenes you can find in each area.

I do plan to get rid of stacking up tons of money all at once though.
You will not be able to got to a place gets tons of money and be set for the rest of the game.
so you will need to go back and get more money and/or learn how to manage it.

on the topic of the hentai minigame.
Making the mini-game easier is directly tied to Maiko’s sexual performance increasing.
however in future titles I can make some level of sex exp come into play in other H parts of the game.
Not every person wants to grind out stats so inspiration and books are included.


-on the topic of boxing
you mention david is the only use for it. however you need it at the end of the game and for one of the quests where you help Zytra rescue Leyah.

you also suggest that things like boxing can change the way Maiko interacts with other characters. However you might note that having Maiko's entire personality change based on any variable is a non-trivial amount of coding and dialogue to include.

I think at best I could have unlocked options or dialogue for select characters you can talk to repeatedly.
But it would not change her overall personality when it comes to main story stuff.

You mention you'd like to see other characters react to Maiko's strength. however there is a dialogue scene with Jeni once you beat her in boxing where she acknowledges Maiko strength. There is even art displayed there made specifically for that scene.

the boxing minigame trick to hold down the button is not intended, however I purposely didn't fix it.
many people struggled with the boxing minigame and since that was a way to clear it more easily I left it in.

I know you are reviewing from your own perspective. However consider that I have to consider the gaming skills of everyone.
aside from the trick, you seem to like the boxing game, however some people don't like it at all and found it difficult to play.

having said that I plan to have various stats that can customize the fights. this is seen in UMCS.

Unlike UMCC, in UMCH not every character is waiting to react to Maiko when she enters the room. At many times they are already midway in conversation about something else.
imo it makes the other characters more believable because they have their own conversations and may not even notice Maiko.

Also unlike in UMCC in UMCH Maiko is relatively in shape athletically. she just is unskilled at things like boxing, swimming, etc.

as far as getting reactions from characters. I want to have unlockable scenes/actions happen based on Maiko's recent actions.

iirc Maiko can still do things if she is stressed just not too much stressed.
some people's stress tolerance is pretty high but Maiko's is low.

for the sex stuff she will accept from pattie no matter the stress level, but not from random men at the cafe. Imo it seems more or less believable enoght while still letting players have a way to get rid of it all quickly.

I plan to make money cap at 8. I am already using he system in umichan sentoryu. and things cost some value between 1 and 8.
also different date locations is nice idea.

the character are not on earth. there are no AM/PM time systems. so I use the tasks.

photos will probably be in every umichan one way or another.
students asking for certain photos was added later kind of as bonus which is why it is not totally fleshed out here.

this will most likely be closest to how it works currently in UMCS.
I will expand on it a bit but the idea is to keep it simple.

-The Areas
yeah I think at the school i will just have a picture of the exterior building and you click where you want to go from there.
same for mall but maybe show the inside.

-Maiko’s boobs
while I agree the interaction is not needed, many find it amusing and it is also a mechanic to remove low levels of stress in UMCH.
I may or may not have interaction the next version. maybe just clicking on them but not a drag.

i have no preference for the text window, so if the old on is liked more i can bring it back. I'll perhaps have a vote on it later.

-Hentai Scenes
UMCH is designed to be canon. not a sandbox like UMCC is. so in UMCH i wanted to go for more story driven hentai scenes as the majority of what the game consists of.
However in certain places like the cafe you can initiate hentai scenes as often as you like.

March 12, 2018
12:36 pm
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November 23, 2016
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the character are not on earth. there are no AM/PM time systems. so I use the tasks.] - Vortex00                                                           UMCC & UMCH Character are not From earth? That just blow my mindSurprised.

March 12, 2018
8:31 pm
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July 25, 2017
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

Thank you for replying Vortex00.

Before I can give a proper response, I'm going to go through my review again and correct some sections and improve my thoughts.

After that, I'll give a response in accordance to your feedback. I'll only go over the things you mentioned above. I look forward to your next games as they are release. Good luck with your development Vortex00.

March 13, 2018
9:57 pm
Level 10
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November 19, 2013
sp_UserOfflineSmall Offline

Isaiah said
the character are not on earth. there are no AM/PM time systems. so I use the tasks.] - Vortex00                                                           UMCC & UMCH Character are not From earth? That just blow my mindSurprised.  

they are on a fictional planet call Ralamar. You can actually see from ARIA  and ARIO they are not on earth based on the surrounding planets they travel to and from.

James said
Thank you for replying Vortex00.

Before I can give a proper response, I'm going to go through my review again and correct some sections and improve my thoughts.

After that, I'll give a response in accordance to your feedback. I'll only go over the things you mentioned above. I look forward to your next games as they are release. Good luck with your development Vortex00.  

thanks, hopefully some nice ideas can be discovered. also keep in mind if it is really long it may take me a while to get to it. ideally it won't, but more likely it will than not.

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