• Vary cool game. 3D battles and roam, and 2D dialog to sex scene. this is going to make this game special. awesome work.

  • The characters so for sound awesome, also Spiral I would like to know some lore on Natan, if you would be so kind.

    If I remember curretly, Natan is an exec, works at the school [Math teacher] and is trying to work on a cure for Khalei degeneration?

    Just wanted to know some lore and who Solar can interact with, if you don’t mind I’ll think o…[Read more]

  • Isaiah posted in the topic Character concepts in the forum Site related topics 1 year ago

    This is awesome that Wilsonthegreen made this forum, get to see a-lot of created characters that vortex[others?] can use.

    One reason I made a character was because Silver inspired Me, with the details he put on August, so thanks, wish I can hi-five all of youSmile [not in public though, because I’m shy]

    So I’ll show My ch…[Read more]

  • Isaiah posted in the topic After school thoughts in the forum Random topics 1 year ago

    Awesome, just wasn’t sure if the Khalei crystal was in a person but using a device makes a lot of sense.

    Natan making the device sounds better, just thought Solar can find different uses from sentinel bot/Khalei devices.

    Your right, there in no need for purple Khalei. Having yellow Khalei overloading can cause dizzy/fatigue on…[Read more]

  • Isaiah posted in the topic After school thoughts in the forum Random topics 1 year ago

    Cool and I can give more info later, now I know what to explain. Also he may be the only exec with that balding gay going after Jeo in space, since Natan is going to run, Ace is arrested and Albert had plans to stop funding GemCo, if I remembered that correctly.[also don’t know what a shota is?]


    slightly taller then Kyle and a…[Read more]

  • Isaiah commented on the post, Agent Missions 1 year ago

    Also wanted to ask if the character you use might find something [ clothes, photos, etc ], from other characters pranking, that can help find situation through-out the game.

  • Isaiah commented on the post, Agent Missions 1 year ago

    This sounds really cool, playing one of these awesome character [ custom, Yuki, or Maiko ].
    Will it be repeatable missions or will some be miss-able?
    And will there a time limit, or a main quest/side quest?
    And having various predefined scenarios sounds solid, but whatever happens it’s going to be awesome.
    p.s. Is the character “august”…[Read more]

  • Isaiah posted in the topic After school thoughts in the forum Random topics 1 year ago

    Out of the two of “not finding Jeo or not capturing his” not successful at capturing him sounds better, this can also explain how your characters travel from “planet to space”, and how big a city is on a planet.

    The only character with a demon crystal that I remember is Donavik [ I think so?] so the demon thing can be taken out, and the sca…[Read more]

  • Isaiah posted in the topic After school thoughts in the forum Random topics 1 year ago

    Good morning all, just busy trying to sign into school, and wanted to add/change a bit to this character.

    The investigator can be a adopted son of Natan [if it’s cool with Vortex00] and mostly out of the way studying about Khalei degeneration in a lab, but sent to help GemCo agents on finding Maiko and/or Jeo.

  • Isaiah posted in the topic The SVP Humor Thread in the forum Random topics 1 year ago

    ok, this is pretty cool, I’ll give it a try

    what has wheels and is green? grass, I was joking about the wheels.

  • I remember Donavik in the start UMCH but didn’t know of his lightning Khalei or the rebels. So I’ll change it a bit

    The investigator can be with the rebels and the small demon is still the same[as posted before].

    changing storm to vibes-meaning he can silence an area around him[decreasing sound to work in peace or taking out someone…[Read more]

  • That sounds awesome and I wonder how many characters you plan on using for this game?

  • I just read “JLCK timeline and outline” and it sounds awesome.

    The investigator can be in that TBA game you mention and it can be apart of your story/or a side storySmile, he has a storm elemental Khelei crystal enbedded in his chest allowing him to produce lethal amounts of electricity around him and thunderous force though his body, greatly…[Read more]

  • Vortex00 said
    Many thanks. The rookie is a completed game however I can perhaps add the idea in later games. There is a Yui game coming up that is somewhat of a parody of some of the the Rookie events.  

    Cool, glad to get a quick replie. Just too add more to the idea, the investigator is new to the region and though out the mission starts to dev…[Read more]

  • [-tasks
    the character are not on earth. there are no AM/PM time systems. so I use the tasks.] – Vortex00                                                           UMCC & UMCH Character are not From earth? That just blow my mindSurprised.

  • Nice, just fund this out and hello y’all hope you’re enjoying your day. I just wanted to toss up an idea that happens after day 3 on “The Rookie”  involving a investigator trying to find the “the Shark” or Buck in the Nanako region.

  • I hope the transfer goose smoothly for you and your team ( do you have a team you work with?), ether way great work on the game.

  • Wow that’s nice.

  • Dude that story sounds awesome, how the shop opens up, and the game play is going to be awesome. I’m glad you have a trend of making/finishing games.

  • Isaiah commented on the post, small updates 1 year, 6 months ago

    I had an older version and realized later, but version 22 it seems to be fixed, p.s do you look for spelling mistakes? or is that stuff for clean up when the game is done?

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