• This is my pure opinion.


    1. You forgot to provide example of the old art. And while I can see where you areare coming from, I think the eyes are different enough between the two to tell the difference and overall when you compare all girls you can see the difference.

    2. I don’t expect animations to be human I just expect them to look…[Read more]

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    Love it.

    Since this group seems to consist of big breasted women I feel like Stacy should join in on the fun since she has big breast and nipples. I mean they aren’t as big as these three but the nipples make up for the rest xD

    I feel like I’m forgetting another big breasted woman who goes to to school with them.

    But yeah a big breast idol group.

  • I attempted to fix what you told me and tried to implement the twist, but it ended up making his background longer, if that’s okay.


    Paul’s mother died giving birth to him, leaving his father to raise him. Due to depression, Paul’s father turned to gambling. His father had a knack for gambling and was able to make enough money to take c…[Read more]

  • Does this mean old locations will get new art background too?

  • I’m in favor of losing the click and drag if it means we get different interactions with the breast.

    Fair. Though I do want to point out that the water pistol felt the most balanced and things should be balanced around it.

    Playing on the phone I was okay with the size of it, so I assume given time I’ll be fine with it on the PC.

  • Okay just tried the mobile one.

    The boob jiggling fits it, but still don’t like it for the desktop version.

    The mini game controls were solid and for some reason didn’t feel claustrophobic like when playing on desktop. I guess it’s perception.

    The audio and scene lag badly on mobile.

  • It more common to have the whole eye covered than a little bit showing. Hell I had someone in my class who use to cover both eyes.

  • First thing I noticed is that I hate the camera pan. It just feels odd compared to the fluidity of UMCH.

    I hope the boob playing returns as it was kinda fun to do, and imo better than clicking for a jiggle. Maybe this time if Maiko is naked you can see her use her hands to play with her nipples or breast?

    Audio sounds fine on my end, but the…[Read more]

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    Wilsonthegreen said


    Took a look at the description. Looks good so far, only thing Id suggest editing is the part about Jeni incentivizing training with sex. That sounds a bit ooc since she doesn’t like perves that only do stuff for sex. Its Vortex’s call but I Think she’d be more interested in a guy that wouldnt need that kind of…

    [Read more]

  • So I tried not to overthink it and write this all in one go, so excuse any errors. I kept the core but rewrote most of the character. Also, to Silver sorry for not saying anything after you responded. I spoke to Vortex, Wilson, Jcc, and a few others on discord before writing it up, so I had a core ready just needed to shape it. Also you didn’t…[Read more]

  • I voted for Maiko and Yuki, but prefer Maiko.

    I personally don’t like the idea of using a custom girl. In games there are only two reasons I like custom characters: I can self insert or there is heavy visual customization which neither would be filled in this game if it was a custom female. In the case that niether are filled I prefer having a…[Read more]

  • Wilsonthegreen said
    Got a few questions for you. 


    1. Are his parents just in debt? Because it sounds like they’re in a worse position than a regular debt. 

    2. Names are pretty universal from what I can tell. As long as it sounds like it fits the character there aren’t many names that wouldn’t fit the setting. 

    3. There aren’t a lot…

    [Read more]

  • So attempting at making a character wasn’t sure how indepth I needed to be so here is the shell so far. Let me know what should be elaborated on or changed. I’m also fine if it’s needs to be scrapped all together. I wasn’t sure what name or hairstyle fits the world the best.

    Character Name: Jean (John), June, Paul

    Body Type:[Read more]

  • Is it possible for a cheat to still have sex with or see scenes in the gallery for people with the hate attribute? There are some characters I know I rather keep below normal, but don’t want to miss out on things.

  • Things I would like to see return.

    1. POV. I loved this game had a point of view system where you could see her breast and characters talk to you from your POV not like common VNs where its just characters side to side. Also found that one POV scene to be cool too. (UMCH)
    2. Game structure. I loved the structure of the game. How you could…[Read more]

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