• New character: Deliah’s twin sister


    Name: Undecided. Hikari or Yukari (i’m tending more towards Yukari, because Hikari is overused, i think)

    Appearance: Same height as Deliah with very slightly bigger boobs, both her eyes are visible, she wears slight makeup, has hair reaching her lower back that she takes great care of, and dresses…[Read more]

  • Amber: Damn, but she looks sexy with that top!!! I can totally see her try to go out wearing something like that… but the way i understand her, the second someone looks like they’re interested, she’d throw on something to raise that neckline a little, no? Still, me likey.

    Alma: Aside from the big hole at breast level, and the fact the cloth…[Read more]

  • That’s understandable. On your part i mean. I just don’t agree with THEM on that. It’s like saying an adult should be forbidden from doing certain things because she looks younger than she is. I have a couple friends who look like they’re still teenagers when they’re actual adults, and they have troubles because of that.

  • There’s a difference between young and small. She’s the same age, give or take a few months, as Maiko. She’s just incredibly short. I like the new look, though. If it could be combined with her former height it would be perfect.

    I’m really gonna have to play Sentoryu now, whenever i have the time.

  • Vld commented on the post, UMAA project updates 10 months ago

    Seems pretty good so far, can’t wait for the release. One question about one of the pictures, though… did Jeni forget she’s actually WEARING her panties?

  • Nice. And some Riley to boot.

  • Silver and i have been talking about a few conversations between August and Deliah, that could end up as a sort of quest/storyline should you appreciate it.


    Here’s the first one, and it implies that the two of them already have some fun together.


    Delilah: Cafe’s services?
    August: I tried it a few times but no, mostly not. I’m tryin…[Read more]

  • That one’s just a thought for the shooter, but i was thinking about characters being used as “support” for the agent.

    That “support” would be included as bonuses of sorts. Riley would be a bonus for Khalei, Jeni would be a bonus for offense, Pattie would be defense, Deliah would be “distraction” (something among the lines of the Agent having to…[Read more]

  • Vld commented on the post, MMD 3D hentai pics 12 months ago

    Pretty nice. I’d like to see some of Riley, and hopefully one day some Dizzy or Amber, maybe?

  • Vld commented on the post, Agent Missions 1 year ago

    You’re welcome. I just wish i could help more, but right now a few minutes a day is all i can gather.

  • Vld commented on the post, Agent Missions 1 year ago

    Then De sounds good.

    And the both of them see sex in almost the same way… ALMOST because Deliah won’t be fully “pleased” unless both her and her partners are getting the best of it. Even when she’s getting paid by the douchebags she wouldn’t do otherwise (sweet revenge… they know unlike everyone else they can only get that by opening their…[Read more]

  • Vld commented on the post, Agent Missions 1 year ago

    De? Try “Dee”, i think it would be closer, pronunciation-wise (mind you, given English is not my birth language, i tend to mix pronunciations so i may be wrong)

    Fuck-buddy for a start, most likely… friends… depends on his other interests. Deliah’s also a geek… make that otaku, and a battle junkie. Her main and first hobby remains sex, though.

  • Vld commented on the post, Agent Missions 1 year ago

    You could say Deliah has a huge … flaw… compared to the other workers. As you know she’s flat as a board, and most clients obviously likes girls with breasts. Not to mention how unfriendly she seems whenever sex is not concerned (when in fact she’s just bored…).

    That’s also why she complains about Maiko coming to the beach (for the…[Read more]

  • Vld commented on the post, Agent Missions 1 year ago

    Works well with Deliah. All he’d have to do is walk up to her and say “wanna fuck?” and she’d say yes… assuming she didn’t ask him first.
    She works at the café for the secret service, and comes back as a client for the girls she can’t have otherwise (namely Maiko), only wears underwear when she’s at that time of the month, would fail Tom’s…[Read more]

  • Vld commented on the post, Agent Missions 1 year ago

    Depends on who catches Carl. Deliah would probably ask for copies for her silence.

  • Vld commented on the post, Agent Missions 1 year ago

    You mean Deliah’s creator? That would be me. Well, that would depend on whether August’s a douchebag or not (haven’t read much of his descriptions to know that yet). Deliah will fuck anyone, any gender and any number for free so long as they’re NOT douchebags. That means David, Ace and Savori’s dad. The only way any of the douches will get to fuck…[Read more]

  • Vld commented on the post, Agent Missions 1 year ago

    Kinda like the Zytra/Leyah/Ace quest in UMCH, then? Apart from a couple choices and the battle, it was pretty automatic.

  • Vld commented on the post, Agent Missions 1 year ago

    For Vigilantism, i think the vigilant and the injured potential criminal should only be there together at the end of the mission. In the mean time, there could be a couple scenes with the Agent coming onto the ‘crime scene” (after the victim was hospitalised), and asking questions to the people around “potential witnesses”). You could even have…[Read more]

  • Vld commented on the post, Agent Missions 1 year ago

    How about adding “vigilantism” and “lost objects”, or something? (Though, “lost objects” may not be worthy of an Agent). By “vigilantism” i mean some crimes having been prevented by unofficials (i’m thinking Deliah or Jeni), and having possibly resulted with hospitalized bad guys.

    For “lost things”, i’m thinking Amber’s notes/harddrive/research…[Read more]

  • Vld commented on the post, Maiko, Custom or Yukino ? 1 year ago

    I must agree with Oecus and Jude. Maiko all the way, man. Though that may change once i know Yukino a bit more?

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