The Rookie 1.4

massive art update~

MMD: Likey

production: Vortex00 motion: 儀(サエ) facials: DOLLYMOLLY Official

MMD: Bad Boy

production: Vortex00 motion: muramasa4429

Umichan Splashing Surprise

It’s Nanako vs GemCo! who will win?

Umichan Futa Fantasy

Maiko spends time with Remi learning medical skills and performing sexy experiments.

Umichan Two Scoops

Maiko has trouble selling ice-cream on the beach~

ARIA Project bonus outfits

I wanted to have various bonus outfits made for the ARIA game I was working on. I am still in the middle…

animation backlog details

Been busy grind but wanted to post a small update since it’s been a while. this posts will adds details to the…

working through animation backlog

A while ago I made a post talking about flash being obsolete in 2020. flash is what I have used to make…

ARIA combat system remake in html5

I am continuing to make aria prototypes off and on to see what might work best for the art recently created. below…

All about Khalei

I wanted to finally make a post all about Khalei in the JLCK lore (Umichan/ARIA/Semitix/etc). I tried to describe things in order…

ARIA Project: Group

this is all the protagonist characters for the project mentioned in this previous post: New ARIA game project art by:

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