Stream!!! ~~~~/o/

Yeah yeah. Continuando o ultimo trabalho. Neste link: Chat está nesse outro link aqui:

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Updates April 11, 2014

more TEXT WALL otherwise know as updates Site updates: Still trying to get open registration back going. If you need account here…

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UMCC: Custom Characters

I will go ahead and post this now. I will probably edit this post later. I had been mentioning BG characters but…

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There is a Help section on the tablet you might consider reading also when looking for help. The game won’t play!…

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UMCC Walkthrough

Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters created by: Vortex00 walkthrough created by : Jccq89 edited by: Vortex00 Contents: Phase 1: Storyline of the game…

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MMD: Elect

  Evo Riley.   The story is Maiko could not fit into her blouse for this outfit so she had to take…

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MMD: Bubble Pop

  Maiko-nyan with her Magical Kitty headband. aaaand I just remembered I took magical kitty out of UMCC. So barely anyone will…


Hoje tem stream!  YEAHHH! E ela começa agora =D, após um pequeno atraso. Assistam por esse link: O que eu pretendo fazer…

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MMD: Maiko Evolution

  Updated the Maiko model again. I also learned how to make sliders to move the clothes. and I was trying out…

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MMD: WTH (Maiko)

  made a updated Maiko model. some changes are obvious while others are not. The hair looks a bit odd a first…

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MMD: ZL Hybrid

  Hybrid remake! Because making awesome stuff even more awesome is awesome. it is pretty intense!! @_@;

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MMD: Masked Bitch (Bri)

  Bri from ARIA I don’t even think you can really understand how awesome this is until you play the ARIA demo.

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