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UMCC custom shirts

when you buy a custom shirt in the offline version lingerie shop, you have more than just a colored shirt, you can…

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possible stuff for Umichan games

Again I will thank everyone for their donations. Some even donated to the bandcamp with “pay what you want” amount, so that…

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UMCC updates March 28, 2014

First I want to thank everyone who is getting the game from bandcamp or signing up to patreon to support this stuff…

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UMCC update list

this is my list of accumulated recommendations and below that is bug fixes. feel free to post in the comments if something…

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MMD: Savori WTM

  time for ratchet MMD twerking lol

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UMCC: check your Bandcamp Emailz

If you got UMCC with bandcamp please check your email you used to purchase the game with.

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ARIA gameplay footage 2

Not sure what is up with the audio in this video I don’t feel like re-rendering it (-_-); demo should be ready…

Try Stream (again)

Hoje vou tentar novamente fazer uma stream, dessa vez usando outro site/programa, quem estiver disponível para assistir, vou colocar o link aqui…

Night Time Maiko

  2.5 hours drawing of Maiko.

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Sexy Fuck

Umichan Maiko – Maiko the Delinquent aka Sexy Fuck

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Updates: March 25 2014

time for some TEXT WALL otherwise know as updates~ Site updates: I have opened the website to new registrations for a short…

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UMCC: How to get sweaty boob photo

  Quick video. How to get sweaty boob photo in UMCC. It is a bit of a bug but make sure the…

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