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New Character Casual Clothing!

Vortex00 and ttrop have been working the past days on designing the casual clothes for some characters! Here are some previews~ So,…

Stacy x Carl animation wip

  had a bit of trouble with this one

Gym Characters

these are characters in the Jeni game that are members of the gym Holly works at. I need to find a nice…

Pattie animation video

pattie cake there’s still a few errors I need to fix with the pattie riding animation

Leyah animation video

Leyah riding pose for UMCH. the voice volume is low but I explained what I was I was shooting for in the…

no image

Maiko Umiya drawn by KenOhSama

I won the KenOS monthly patreon raffle where you can have you character draw in any position you want. So naturally I…

no image

Maiko Hentai Images

Some images of Maiko I drew a while back but I don’t think I posted.

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