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Miku Miku Dance MMD

Sooo… $599 for the oculus rift?

who here is going to buy, knows someone that will buy the oculus rift and why? discuss. video mirror: I ask…

MMD: Santa Yuri

kind of a bigger video than usual so you might need to use the mirror. mirror:

MMD: Santa Baby 2015

already been a year since last Santa Baby. I’ll do a Luma and sisters version if people want. mirror:

MMD: Straight Up and Body Ache


MMD WIP stuff

Straight Up is a motion assembly from Girl Gone Wild and You Rock My World

Umichan Randomness 2

was going to have more but maybe next time. The important thing was that I got a lot of characters redone. Not…

MMD: Donut Hole

been thinking about making Zytra, Leyah, and Dizzy descendants of the mages from super early on in the story. But they don’t…

MMD: Fitness Room

Not perfect but it is what it is, I need to get back to doing other stuff and rendering takes forever. yes…

MMD: Shoujo Misui (Halloween)

Been pretty busy with various stuff but I decided to do a last minute Halloween video. To those who celebrate it~ Happy…

MMD break a sweat WIP

made a motion assembly and rendered the most recent tests. I’m not trying to make a masterpiece, just rendering tests. So yes…

MMD: Firework

Was messing with hgsao a type of shader effect in mmd. I’m not fond of how it adds those really dark shadows…

MMD Zytra stuff

was just trying out some new motions I got. decided to render it. back to work!

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