January 1, 2024

MMD Downloads and Tutorials

page for MMD stuff I have available for download and link to other useful stuff. mostly advanced level.

definitely a wip page.

Motion Downloads:
Gentleman edit + chair (no music included)
Hentai (motion assembly)
Hentai 2015
It should be easy
Can’t Feel My Face
Body to body
Do It Again
Break a sweat
Lean on (Twerkout)

Stage Downloads:
Fitness Room

model base edit downloads:

MMD intermediate level tutorials:
UV Map editing
High Poly tutorial
MMD water and sweat effects tutorial

MMD advanced level tutorials:
How to make a game with Unity3D and mmd
How to add leg physics to your model
A study on boob physics

Looking for MMD effects ?

Looking for sex motions?

33 thoughts on “MMD Downloads and Tutorials

  1. First of all, very nice site and good infomaterial too!
    And sorry, I hope this is allowed to asked in this section (seemed appropriate for me >.< )

    Do you happen to have a tutorial (or to know) on how to make "movable clothes"?
    I am somehow struggeling getting the effect working. Say, you have models for bras and underwear; static stuff. Adding some bones, assign to vertices and let them become moveable. The result either looks horrible, falls immediately off when the model is loaded (that's pretty funny, panties drop on load) although no physics in added, mmd crashes on load.. etc. Just don't know what I'm doing wrong; it seemed so simple.


    (and don't hit me too hard for that question)

      1. Cool! Thanks for the kind answer!

        I want to achieve something like both.
        Basically, if I have a sweater and pull the collar, so that the collar is moved (and stays).. Or I pull a cup from a bra (maybe to put it below the breast it holds). Or dragging a panty so that if “flats” when removed (looks more authentic). Things like that. I figured it’s possible, but it doesn’t resolve to me how.

        I usually do these in separate elements and import them into character models in order to have it reusable.

        Anyhow, I put an archive together with some sample elements (I am trying to modify) and an image with a short explanation. I thought it’s the least I could provide.

        Thanks 🙂

        1. If I understand correctly it seems like you need to use facials for some of this stuff.

          aside from that, your panties are falling because there is physics attached to them and no static parent or even joints. you can delete all physics in that file to fix it from falling. typically you won’t need physics for panties.

          you can stop the bottom part of sweater from falling by making the top row of physics static (green).

          I’ll have to look at the bra again later..

  2. Oh wow! I knew I did something terribly wrong. It’d have never occurred to me to use a morph for that. I was so focused on bones…I’m an idiot… Your tip was gold!
    The sweater now works too. Guess something in the model, which I extracted it from, had this green modifier settings.
    The bra was left untouched since I couldn’t figure out the other problems.
    Thank you very much for that.

    Another quick question: if I morph a piece of cloth over a body part, as I see it now working, it doesn’t care for eventual “bumps” of the underlying structure (like moving a cup of the bra below the breast); it’ll just go through. Can this be (somehow) “recognized” (semi-)automatically or do I have to take care of these “bumps” myself (by moving the according axis of the vertices in the morph)?

    1. it’s not something I do without doing a significant amount edits/alterations to the motion. I’m sure someone else will be able to help. I’ve seen others re-upload motions before.

  3. Thanks for responding, i found the motion shortly afterwards on VKontakte.

    One other question, you once said in one of your videos comments that you would likely release your base model (minus the head), as a download in the future, and the “model base edit downloads” suggests that it may happen.

    I was wondering if that was still gonna be a thing or if it’ll be like a patreon reward or something?

    1. Glad you found it. At some point I had planned to yes.
      most likely not on patreon but we’ll see.

  4. is there a possibility of the cum model having a download? or maybe im just stupid enough to miss it in plain sight!

  5. Can you PLEASE upload the cum model? Why would you show it to us and not let us download it? Please please please please!

  6. I’m pretty new to mmd, and I’m trying to find an editor that works on my CPU. It’s not a bad computer, but for some reason I can’t get any of the editors to work, or even open. I can run mmd just fine, so I’m pretty sure my computer is up for the task. Any leads that may not include deviantart would be greatly appreciated. I want to create my own models so I don’t have to use premade ones. It just feels like cheating. Thanks in advance!

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