April 3, 2024

Ask a question page #2


with the previous ask page reaching nearly 500 comments I wanted to make a new page so people don’t have to load 500 comments to ask a new question.

ask off topic relevant questions here.
also off topic questions will be moved here.

if you are reading a question and know the answer feel free to answer.
do not post passwords, but you can post exactly where to find it.

please read through old questions first before asking a new one.

page 1 archive:

also check the FAQ:

81 thoughts on “Ask a question page #2

  1. I tried to become a patreon in fact i was one but couldnt get Access to the patreon content so it always said to become one but i already was one so i cancelled my membership i also have the Mails from it i Hope they dont take my Money for it because i havent got any content for it….,

  2. What program do you use to make your games? I searched for some answers in the previous questions page, but I could not find.

  3. Hello, Vortex. I have an issue

    I just purchased and downloaded Aria: The Rookie Deluxe for my PC, and have tried playing it. But I can’t. Clicking on the Rookie app opens up a NS.JW app or something of the sort, and I don’t know how to progress from there. How can I fix this and play The Rookie?


  4. Hello,

    I already pledged 5$ for this month and then cancelled it since i thought that i would still be able to access content for this month. I can see your posts on patreon for my tier just fine, but there is only a blan page when i want to access your games.

    1. you can’t cancel right away. It looks at your current status. anyways send me message on patreon or discord with a link to your patreon.

  5. hello i’m the user form South Korea and i became a 5$ patron.
    so i want to play the game but i can’t log in
    i actually try to fine my password but the reset password E-mail won’t arrive.

    1. I tried a few changes to my dns records to see if it helps. I assume you were using daum or naver? If so make sure they can accept emails sent via gmail. and or you might try white listing spiralvortexplay.com. if none of that works you can contact me on patreon and i can manually change the password.

  6. How can I get through Zytra’s screen while the enemy has a gun and I have nothing. I was stuck in this stage for a long time

  7. Hi, it’s about the bust size on the female character of the Umichan series. Can you give a rank llist of the girls bust size from smallest to biggest in these categories?

    1. High school students
    2. Gemco agents
    3. Adults and teachers

      1. Can you give a full list of each category some day? When you probably have time to compare the girls.

          1. Nothing really, just curious that’s all. Sorry it took long the answer had problems logging in.

  8. Hi, i like your game and i wanted to ask you something.

    You see i’m download VN like Daughter of Eve but i can’t play that game.

    It say ‘the version this file is not compatnible with the version of Window you’re running. check your computer’s system information to see whether you need a x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the sofwae publisher.’

    What should i do ?

    1. I don’t have current plans to for 2D futa at the moment. Though I might dabble in 3d futa next month.

  9. Hi i’m a fan of your work, was just wondering, what do you think about making areola, nipple and vagina pinker? Example:
    I think it will make characters more sexy and charming. Prob it won’t happen but it’s just my advice, I and many people find those details really attractive.
    Thanks for those amazing games and keep up the good work.

    1. Honestly, very likely not any time soon. Also please ask questions here, and not in unrelated posts. It takes a while to move it and thus takes a while to reply.

    1. I didn’t change the engine, but Tyranobuilder moved to having 64-bit only exports. I think Construct 2 has 32 bit export options.

  10. Excuse me. Um ever thought of converting your game files to html5? Adobe Flash will be disabled permanently on all browsers at December 31st 2020.

    1. Yes I am aware. The flash games are made in actionscript 2 which can’t be converted to html5. they would need to be completely rewritten in actionscript 3 first. on top of finding some way to combine them since both UMCH and ARIA are compromised of multiple swf files. And the reason why they are separate files is because they are too big to compile as a single file.

  11. Hey i’ve been following your work for some time now, I guess i’m a fan, anyway I was looking at the patreon memberships and got a bit confused. So to get all the MMD stuff and from the Enthusiast! I need to pledge for the 20$ (horny) one right? Sry for the dumb question, just wanna make sure.

    1. Thanks, you can swap back and fourth from Enthusiast and MMD without extra charge also. I just added MMD content to the Horny tier also because it was requested.

  12. Where can I see the images in the background (the sides) of this website without the website itself blocking it?

    1. You should be able to right click off to the side and view the background. I have the original image on the patreon for now iirc.

  13. How Spiral, are we allowed to commission hentai of characters from the Umichan Maiko series from specific artists or no?

    1. Whatever I say will most certainly be wrong, but I have a few more dialogue scenes to add and get the game bug and grammar tested.

  14. Hi there – if we are interested in some of your newer mmd dance motion downloads, is there a way to get access to those? Is there a specific patreon tier that would give access?

  15. Not sure where to ask this so ill ask here. If i become a 5$ paatreon now would i be able to play the latest version of the new game with any deluxe edition additions now, or would i be better off just waiting for the game to be out and finished and buy it on gumroad

    1. sorry for the super late reply.
      $5 on patreon gets you deluxe everything retroactively, currently.

    1. I can never correctly predict exactly when i will post a game in the future, so it’s impossible for me to answer. Right now i am in a engine transition phase and want to update to 3D backgrounds.

  16. Hi there, got a bit of a problem, I became a 5$ patreon and then cancelled it as I could only do so for one month, but now it wont let me get to the downloads page. i would have left it to the end of the month to cancel if i had known this would happen, but when i clicked cancel it said i would only lose access on august 1st. could you somehow send me the downloads or give me acces or something please

    1. I will be making (and possibly remaking) 2D games in construct moving forward so it will have a 32 bit build option also for everything but mac.

  17. Just want to report that some of your pages are broken with Gateway Timeout error.
    ARIA: Agent Trainer
    ARIA Maze
    Umichan Ice Cream Super Lines
    Umichan Maiko Classroom Shenanigans

  18. Hey vortex just joined the other day keep up the amazing work, just wondering is there any chance of a luma focused game flash or otherwise.

  19. Have you abandoned your projects ?
    As I’m writing this, it’s June 2022 and your latest updates date back to 2020.
    Or do you have another “platform” or socials where you share your work ?

  20. Hi! i’ve downloaded classrom cheaters, but i can’t play it because it’s a swf. file, any idea on how to open a swf file without flash?

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