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Thoughts and Analysis for the hentai developer

TandA: Cut vs Keep

You are developing a game! so why are you taking stuff out? If you follow game development for some amount of time,…

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TandA: Working on a team

  Here I talk about working on a team. Mostly for artists and developers or something working together, but it can apply…

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TandA: Sexualized Characters

In this I talk about having sexualized characters in something not designed to be sexual, or for a non sexual purpose.  …

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TandA: Kickstarter

I wanted to get back into some of my intellectual type stuff because I don’t always live and breathe to make just…

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TandA: Self Limitations

this a repost from 2013   1. Do not limit yourself based on something that you have seen in another game. Just…

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TandA: Original Characters

this a repost from 2013     I would encourage any artist to create their own original character(s) and develop them. It…

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TandA: Overcoming Pressure

1. Realize that when you use a popular or copyright character, you inherit the fan-base of that character. Some fans are bat-shit…

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TandA: Finishing Projects

1. Don’t be overly ambitions on your projects. Make a stopping point for yourself and try to avoid piling on new ideas….