January 2, 2024

Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc (UMCH)


Download current public build:
beta v3 (possibly final)https://mega.nz/#!xdRQRCCR!cTaLN-4QaIzQtIHHa-RNP30HnHA_xFZHV1TissqOzFI

save codes at various game states can be found in the readme.

https://patreon.com/vortex00 – unlock all scenes on the tablet.
bae – get 200% guitar score when in music areas
punch – gain 50k melee to 1hit KO all opponents.

please consider supporting my creation of H games on patreon!

Additional passwords are in the patreon version, such as only viewing the sex dialogue scenes, mood reset, and more.


you can play swf files with a Flash Player projector for your OS:


986 thoughts on “Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc (UMCH)

    1. Clothing Option: When Pattie suggests that Maiko should leave her panties at home to get more tips, let her try it.

      1. Thanks for the feedback, Maiko is assumed to may or may not have panties on randomly and unnoticed to the player. For example, Alma lectures Maiko on not having panties on in one of the classroom scenes when entering.

        1. Oh yeah that’s right she does! I thought she was just talking about her and that one boy having sex in the classroom after the first test, but thn realized I hadn’t done t yet haha! Maybe as she has more sex different clothing could be unlocked, some that leaves her more exposed and more capable of having special sex scenes with some of the other students. it could also have a bad effect, as it’s possible for a teacher (Alma mainly) to catch her wearing it and, as a result, get kicked out of school for the day. Other teachers could use this to see her afterclass, which ends with sex or getting kicked out. I had more to add, but it seems I lost my train of thought while writing haha.

        2. When I try downloading, I go to the file that opens the game in browser, but it does not work. Can you fix it?

          1. the red one the with rings? it is not a warble outfit in the game. I will keep that in mind though. might be able to have it in there some kind of way if it works somewhere.

          1. Hello, there seems to be a bug at the swimming area. Because i can’t to get the gold medal for female rivalries(not even bronze medal). I tried using potions and and use every boost possible. I completed everything except the swimming part. So,can you tell is this a bug or is it my game only?

          2. Matthew, the swimming stuff has been tested many times and is working correctly. You need to press Z at the correct time on each lap to get the needed speed increase.

            The bonus from the Nurse only applies additional fitness after you complete the swimming.

          3. OK apparently i was slow at swimming and i finally got the gold medal, but now i’m stuck at the hex agent at the end game area. I defeated the first barely and there is more and every time i lost i have to start over again. Is there a way to increase melee strength because my punches are doing minimal damage and i have to rely on sheer timing and precision and their punches and shooting are painful. My melee strength is 102.

          4. The more melee and fitness you have the easier it will be.

            you can use the inspiration (lightbulb) you get from the gym mouse avoided minigame to get more melee and fitness for each swimming and boxing minigames. you can also buy a booster from the nurse office.

          5. I heed your advice and defeated the agents. However, i did not expect to end at a cliffhanger. Considering this game was released two years ago, i expect it to be finished but i guess it is still in progress. So keep up the good work and i will be rooting for you.

          6. The the ending connects to other games I plan to make the future. Not everything in the story happens in this game. Outside of a few typos and very minor bugs, it is complete.

            Also please be aware that this game was started about two years ago, not released two years ago.

        3. maybe you could do a game that we can help all the character dress up and sex with them after they dress ( just an idea) ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. The zip didn’t work for me now. It used to work on my browser but not any more. It can’t be played for me now. I don’t see the chrome symbol I used on the file to play on my browser anymore and I don’t know the official site so I could get a proper and safer download to do for the alternate player

  1. Will there be any dialogue evolvement based on the amount of the sexual/normal encounters the player has with the NPCs?

    1. it probably won’t have that. But I think you thinking too much like UMCC. most of UMCH sex outside the Cafe is story driven scenes. similar to how it is presented in ARIA. So the sex scene dialogue are related to the specific situation. Then the animation will be unlocked after that to freely replay.

      However currently the dialogue changes slightly at the cafe based on reaching milestones with sex experience for Maiko, Leyah, Jeni, and Pattie.

      1. I downloaded the file and I go to press the chrome html document. When I press play, the game is white, aside from Maiko’s hair. What do I do to play it?

          1. make sure it is properly extracted from the zip file. this is historically has been a extraction issue almost always.

      1. But I have to say that I don’t quite understand the cafe sex mini game. I’ve read the tutorial, but I don’t seem to get it. When it say “10+ under” is it a number below 10?

        1. it means that the number you guessed 10 or more lower than the unknown number.

          like if the unknown number is 30 and you guessed 5.
          5 is 25 less than 30 so it will say you are 10+ under the target number which in this example is 30, but in the game the number is unknown.

  2. Looks solid, few questions though.

    Is the Maiko exclusive random? Or does it only happen when you level the shop to the third tier?

    Are scenes like the exclusive cafe ones and the David scene going to be repeatable?

    For the money, what exactly are going to be buying with it? Is it going to be books and sentinel parts like in the first game or is it going to be something else?

    1. Thanks,
      Maiko scene triggers when there is only 1 P.Service client and her sex exp is 100+

      yes sex scenes will be repeatable in later updates.

      yes books, sentinel upgrades, things needed to progress the story, and to enter or travel to certain areas.

      1. Sure! Played a lot of it already ๐Ÿ˜€

        The minigames were hard to get the hang of it at the start, but then it became more natural to do it, and you can feel the progress, it’s awesome!

        I liked the clothing system, but after some time it became a bit annoying, and then I enabled the auto-change.

        Loved the new socialize system, but I’m curious to see how you will gain interaction points with each character.

        The sex animations are great, and for the previews I see there will be a lot of it, the more the merrier <3

        I think that's it for feedback, and I should finish with something someone already said about your games: "Started for the hentai, stayed for the game"

  3. The same thing happened for me and the earlier demos, I’m running this on a chromebook and everytime I try to access the game it just shows a pink background and Maiko’s hair on the sides. The only difference for me in this game and the demos is the phone. Do you know how to fix this? It’s probably just because I’m on a chromebook and dumb with computer stuff haha

      1. Thank you and the other guy ^ it now works for me haha but is it possible to take the exams in this version?

        1. Did it take a while for you to load? I had the same problem as you, did what they said and now im staring at a pink screen.

          1. Go back and use like 7zip to unzip all the files to a folder and it’ll work right, I had the same issue and that fixed it for me

  4. every time i try to socialize maiko complains that her hair is a mess I have no idea how to fix this

    1. It will be a lot more fleshed out and include the story elements.
      even if I try list everything specifically, things could change and I’d probably forget to list something anyway.

  5. I looked at the poster in the game folder and my first thought was: ‘Poor Joey. She’s no longer a virgin’.

      1. Well, seems that everybody would choose this path. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Are there any pure girls or are they all open/latent harlots?

  6. Hi sensei love the demo. The shower animation is neat so are the sex animations although I would prefer to see more faces lol that Just me tho XD any way great dialog and I really really do love the art style of this game makes me excited to see the final and complete product. Oh btw in the full ver will there be like cheats n a gallery mode or something? just wandering

    1. Many thanks, the shower sense will actually have 3 other variations animations added to it but they are all in a similar pose. Yes the will be cheats added and some form of replaying animations. not sure if will specifically be a gallery, but it might something that leads to similar or the same result of replaying a animation.

  7. It’s really good.
    Only problem is i can’t figure out how to do the cafe sex minigame properly… I don’t know what 10+ under etc. means or how to not to fail at it. Because i’m always failing and completely helpless. I know i am a dumbass but i’m asking for help pls.

    1. Ok i figured there is an actual tutorial…. I can’t seem to delete my comment so i’m just gonna apologize for being stupid ^^

      1. glad you got it figured out. Do you have any suggestions to make the tutorial explain the game better?

  8. I’ve played it a lot so i’ll leave a feedback.
    The art and the animations are fantastic!
    The clothing change is a good new thing.
    The only thing i have to mention negatively for me is the minigames. They’re too hard for me.
    The Cafe h-minigame is a little hard because you have to guess it by 3 or less turns, and its really hard to guess it in that short time.
    The boxing minigame is a little weird but i got used to it over time, the work at the cafe is good.
    Overral it’s looking great keep up the great work and sorry for my bad english, i know i’m bad.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, the cafe h-minigame gets as you gain exp later in the game. And it won’t be the only repeatable sex in the game. But yeah I am aware that people have trouble with early progression with it, but I’m not yet convinced I want to change it until I add more content in the game.

      1. Once you get accustomed to it, its really not that bad. Actually if you really want to make the game harder you should make the customer’s offer independent of the number. If he offers 190+ it’s almost always 80+, if he offers very little it’s almost always <10. Once your realize this it makes the game a lot easier but takes focus away from what an experienced girl tells you.

  9. I played it – I liked it.

    Two things that I was most glad to see are:
    1) New dialogues that makes the game more lively;
    2) Mika’s sudden breast, LOL. Seriously. When I saw her in the game, I was like: ‘Oh, she’s a teacher and looks quite nice’, – and then she started to do the ‘health check’: ‘That’s pretty good, that’s definitely good’. So… we need more Mika. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I like that there’s a special dialogue when Maiko first visits the cafe, but what about making her more amazed? Jeni and her Mom tells Maiko that they have sex with their clients as a part of their job and offers Maiko to do the same, and then she’s like: ‘I see’. She doesn’t even hesitate at the moment, nor when she meets her first client or finds out that some of her friends are in that too. What do you think?

    Some other questions:
    1) Can we somehow repeat unique H-scenes, such as the ‘health check’ and Maiko x David blowjob, in the same game session?
    2) Will girls have pre-sex dialogues?

    1. I’m sure there will more Mika stuff added in time.
      yeah Maiko not being that surprised does conflict with some of the other dialogue in the game.

      1) There is no way to replay those story scenes at the moment without restarting the game or reloading the scene.

      2) I don’t understated the second question. What girls are you referring to? And dialogue prior to what sex animation?

      1. 2) The cafe girls, for example. When you decide to send one of them to have fun with a client, there’s no any dialogue between them. Instead, they just get straight to the point.

        1. Each of the girls have a unique animation similar to Maiko’s if you pick her as the last character of the day, they just aren’t in the game yet. Seeing as how Maiko has an unique dialogue before her unique scene, it would make sense that the other girls would have unique dialogue before their scenes as well. Currently Vortex is trying to find a way to integrate the unique animations without them becoming repetitive so if you have an idea please share it. My current idea is for a dice roll that give the scene something like a 10% chance of proccing since it’s more or less automatic that you will win on an unique scene.

          1. But during the Maiko’s special event, she still talks to Jeni’s mother only. What about clients and regular sex sessions? Will a client at least say ‘Hello’ before starting the action?

            The ‘dice roll’ seems to be a good idea. Although I think, you should increase the frequency of special events and reduce the amount of experience which girls get for each session. Judging from WIPs, the unique scenes are pretty good and I personally would prefer to see them more often than in 10% of cases.

    1. this is correct, I don’t have a set date. I just kind of work my way towards milestones. currently I am just trying to figure out how to preload everything properly. After that I can resume my progress working on it. If I am close to a release, I will mention it in several posts prior to release.

  10. Loved the original UMCC game, so this remake was easily among my most anticipated h-games of the year. The new art direction, sex scenes and dialogue are looking really great. Do you have plans to incorporate the follower system from UMCC into the full version of UMCH? Making new friends and getting them to follow you into sexy situations was easily my favorite part of the original game.

    Minor things that I think could be improved upon from what I’ve seen in the demo:
    1) Stats and how they’re handled. It seems like a lot of interactions inside mini-games and socialization change Maiko’s stats. I’d like to see a little popup in the corner of the screen saying “[statname] is up by [this amount]”. In the case of stress or money going up or down, maybe having some subtle particle effects over the icon, or having it flash for a second would make what has happened both clearer and more satisfying for the player. For the stats themselves, I’d like to have an in-game tooltip accessible somewhere that explains what each stat does and where it comes from. In the current state I can’t really tell what “smarts” or “cafe level” do. “Fitness” appears to correspond to boxing hp but since it’s called “hp” on one screen and “fitness” on the other, the connection is not something that’s immediately clear. I think some supplementary information would help prevent the game from becoming confusing as more content and mini-games get added.
    2) Socialization events are a fantastic addition, but I think that the “socialize” button trivializes them a little too much. There’s a daily event each time you enter a new location, which is great since it gives the game’s story some nice pacing and gives the player something to look forward to every new day. Providing a button that does the same thing allows players to exhaust all of the game’s content very quickly, making their continued experience with the game not quite as fun.
    3) More mini-games could use a tutorial screen that explains the rules. There’s already one available for boxing, but I think that all the mini-games should have one for when the game begins rather than in a help section on your tablet. For the players who are already familiar with the game and want to skip this extra step, there can be an option to turn off in-game tutorials.
    4) UMCC had 2-directional camera movement. The environment felt very free and exploratory, rather than the static screen we’re all used to seeing in other games of this genre. UMCH on the other hand seems to have the camera movement locked on the vertical axis. I think even just a bit of horizontal pan ability will go a long way to helping the players get more immersed in the game world. This will be especially true when tablet photography gets added to the game.
    5) Hairpin powers could use a little more on-screen indication. It’s this massive buff that makes Maiko super-powered for a short time, so I think it could be dramatized. There could be little spinning rays of light or sparkly particles added on top of the hairpin glow and maybe a highlight over the “hairpin power” number as it ticks down to zero.
    6) Mini-games could use some more flare at their conclusion rather than just going to a “you win” or “you lose” screen. The Cafe mini-game feels satisfying with your friend talking about how the day went, but swimming and boxing should at least say something like “Maiko’s strength went up” when they end.

    Other then the above points, I think that the demo’s looking really great and I can’t wait to play the full game. Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Thanks for the lengthy reply. I don’t plan to have the following system in UMCH. If I add it, it would function the same way as in UMCC. Currently I am playing with the idea with Pattie since Pattie is Maiko’s partner in crime, so to speak. You can see in various parts of the game Pattie is standing in-front of Maiko. Also in other of the game not yet added, Pattie is with Maiko. I might to this for Kyle later also.

      1) I will show stats better after all the other main modules are in the game thanks. These are the current greyed out areas.

      2) yeah socialize button was added before I started making them happen automatically. I left in the there so people that don’t have a lot of time to play games and see as much as they want. But I can remove the button if it is temping to press or something otherwise.

      3) I hate forcing players to look at tutorials. but I might have to and just add a skip button or something.

      4) since I increased the overall width of the game from 800 to 1260, there is no longer any space for horizontal movement since the width of the background is exactly 1260 also. 1260 also has allowed me to fit multiple characters on the screen during dialogue scenes.

      5) Yes I planned to add when Maiko has her hairpin on, the mouse cursor will have little sparkles coming from it. it should be noticeable.

      6) yeah I can add stuff like that


      1. Thank you for the reply. I’m glad that most of the things that I wanted addressed were already in the plans for the game. I am a little sad to see the follower system go; it was fun dragging Luma into sex scenes after becoming friends with her.

      2. About 6) How about having at least some of the ending dialogues depend on how well Maiko does (and who she fights)?

        For exemple,


        First fight, complete loss:

        “… don’t worry, Maiko-chan! I’m sure you’ll do better next time… maybe…”

        First fight, Pattie lost between 30% and 50% health:

        “Not bad Sempai!!! It still needs some work, but your skill is definitely there!”

        First fight, 50% – 99%:

        “WOOW! That was excellent, Senpai!!! You almost got me with that last punch!!! You sure this is your first time???”

        First fight, win (with heavy health loss):

        “NIce one, Sempai!!! But it won’t be so easy next time!”,

        win with mid health loss:

        “Pretty good, Sempai, but i would refrain from challenging anyone else!”

        win with low health loss:

        “Very good, Sempai!!! I can’t believe how strong you are!”

        Flawless Victory:

        “That… that… THAT WAS AMAZING!!! TEACH ME, SEMPAI!!!”

        Well, that’s just for one fight (and the first character), but more or less, the dialogues would afterwards depend on how she did on previous fights, and how well she did in the last one.

        Oh, and for the “health” stuff, i didn’t get to play the fights, since all i get is the tutorial screen, then an automatic “loss” screen when i try to play it. And i don’t remember the game mechanics from UMCC, so i’m not sure how the boxing mini works.

        1. for exemple, if she won several fights in a row (with the same character, but loses badly one fight, Pattie could say something like “You’re not feeling well, Sempai? Don’t worry, i’ll nurse you back to Health!”

          1. The problem with that statement like that is people will actually expect it to happen.

        2. That dialogue gets completed because the boxing has so many different characters. It is easy in the cafe since there are only 3 characters. So maybe in boxing it is just Pattie or Jeni talking to Maiko after a match.

          The pool can be Zytra or Mika talking to Maiko.

  11. Found a bug of sorts in one of the socializes for the classroom.

    It’s a scene with Dizzy and Joey and starts with Joey talking about getting someone sucking her cock.

    That’s why I assumed it was a bug of sorts.

  12. Looks pretty nice so far. Are the cafe sex scenes already integrated, or just in the “minis” folder yet? Because i haven’t found how to activate it in game yet. Speaking of, the number-guessing is fun, if a little hard… but i don’t understand the number of tries. I mean, i thought i found it, a number on the left of the screen, but it didn’t correspond. Right now, i vary between two tries, and five tries before i end up in failure (yep, haven’t won once yet).
    I’m gonna have to get a new mouse for the swim game, but otherwise it sounds pretty good.

    Oh, and the normal “Cafรฉ” game is pretty cool, but does sending your friends flirt with the clients does anything aside from removing your friend from the screen?

    1. The number or tries you get is determined by the client, some will only have 2 while others can have at least 5. When a girl has over 100 exp in the game she will give you hint as to what number is current for the client, that being said it’s still very hard if you have a client with few guesses. When the girl gets over a certain number of exp you only need to get within a certain range for it to work, this makes the game a lot easier but it takes awhile to get there.

      Sending a friend during the cafe game is how you get clients for the other game in the cafe. After 2 clicks on an item (right or wrong) your friend will come back and you can send her out again.

    2. Just maiko’s special cafe scenes in the game currently.

      The idea with the clients is it won’t always be a fair chance for you to win. the only way to overcome it just get more sex exp and gain the bonuses.

      Think if it like the clients are buying time (turns) with the girl. The more experienced guys buy more time. But if a guy buys only a little bit of time, the girl might not be able to make him cum in time. It is kind of the guy’s fault for not making sure to get enough time, but you has the girl have no control over how much time he gets. It seems like most people want to win every game, or even most of them. But is designed so you don’t win many at the start, but start to win a lot after you build up exp by winning a few here and there.

  13. I can not put the hair clip after sleep or after a shower.
    It’s a bug or is there a way to do that I can not understand?

  14. Really good demo! I’m surprised on how well done it is and the dialouges are spot on and well written ๐Ÿ˜€ Can’t wait for next update ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Keep up the amazing work Vortex!

    1. One question though!
      Will there be upgrades where you will recieve more attempts in the cafe sex minigame? I feel that 2-4 attempt is too little to guess a number from 0 to 100.

      1. it is plenty once you get upgraded. The girls will hint at when the number is at the start of it. then at 200+ or more you just need to be close to it, but not exact.

        once more of the game is in place it will be easier to get to a 100+ or maybe a 200+ point. At least that is the plan for now, it is not set in stone.

        The problem is people who want to hurry up and do everything in the game quickly vs people who like spending time on progression.

        Also there is not too much in the game to do aside from boxing and cafe so that is all you are doing. However leveling the sex exp of the girls is designed to be done during the entire duration of the game while in the middle of other quests and stuff. Doesn’t have to be played that way, but that is how it is designed.

    1. Many thanks~ I will see if I can make use of this. I remember searching for sound packs several times. Until I made a few home-made ones myself.

      1. Glad to help~ I enjoyed that there was sound in the hentai extract but sad it wasnt in the original flash. I hope to hear sound in this one ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. Yes currently I plan to add sound at some point. sound is normally the last thing I add due to how much it increases game’s file size.

  15. i sadly can’t support you on patreon, even though i’d like to, for some reason paypal isn’t an accepted method in germany and i dont have a credit card. but even IF i paypal were a method i could use i just moved into my own flat, im short on money and still havent been able to find a job.
    so while i cant give you any money let me just say that this is the most interested ive been in a hentai project for a long time. maybe a few nice words will be worth just as much as 5 dollars.
    …yea, i doubt it, but it’s the best i can do.

  16. Hey, I just had downloaded the demo and I loved it. I can’t wait to play the full release. I think you could easly turn it to a game to buy but if you’re gonna make it free, then you’re awesome Spiralbro. Btw I just made my acount here, completing your stupidass antispam survey just to congratulate you. No offence, sometimes you’re making some stupid stuff like that survey or how you explain your sexminigames BUT you’re making those cool things like your games and animations. You had developed quite well over the years and stuff. That’s all, I wasn’t planing to write a whole wall of text but screw it. Have a nice day and good luck with your work.

    1. Thanks for the comments, lol that stupid ass spam survey has worked extremely well. much better than a automated system auto blocking real people trying to sign up. wordpress is notorious for rampant bot spamming about stuff unrelated to the topic. you mentioned yourself I have been doing this over the years. Understand that what I do is just what as worked vs what hasn’t.

  17. It’s almost completely impossible to win the H-Game. No matter how hard I try, I just run out of turns to hit the exact number. Have yet to succeed at it even once.

    1. Thanks foe the feedback, the game is designed this way intentionally, thoguh you should be winning at least even how and then. The game is a bit too premature for the to be convinced to changing it yet though because Maiko will gain her initial boost of sex exp from other places.

  18. Finally go around to playing this and wow im loving it so far. This series is my favourite and i look forward to its future.

    Swiming is great, cant expect too much immersion from a flash game (i stilll dream of umichan in unity’s future!) but i like it!

    I find the sex minigame a little too chance based, i might have just been unlucky but i find it impossible half of the time, especially when i only have 2 tries to find a number between 0 and 100…
    I think a visual representation rather than numerical would be cool, highlight the “area of possobility”. Ill give it some more practice and give more feedback later.

    Boxing minigame is good. Controlls feel a little delayed and i cant seem to block in time, i think the keyboard input is delayed. I found you can use the mouse left click instead of Z to attack this felt like it had less delay but spammed punches with a single click.
    Again, ill give it more practice and feedback if i feel i need to.

    The cafe minigame is good too, my memory is horrid. But i dont find it too hard. It jumped from 1 order to 4, is that normal? I dont quite uderstand the “send friend to talk” thing, is there a reason for it?

    The overall feel to the game is good, even down to sorting out your messy hair. Playing with your boobs to reduce stress is great! haha. Hy favorite thing is when patty turns to look at you, i just want to *boop* the cutie on the nose she so freaking cute :3

    Oh maybe that could be a thing? click her nose to poke it with your finger when she turns around and she looks at your finger cross eyed HAHA that would be so cute!

    More later ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Everytime the cafe level up the game add more order and “the send friend to talk” it’s for reclute people for the h-mini in the cafe.

    2. Yeah I’m not sure what else to do with 2D POV swimming. I just figured I would keep it simple and have it as a way to build stamina. There are other complex mini-games in this to worry about.

      I can make a area of possibility for the cafe sex mini that happens once the girls exp is over 100.

      for Boxing yes Maiko has animation delay so you need to mindful of it. It is there intentionally.

      what Graav said about the cafe is correct.

      that is good idea for Pattie heh.

        1. In the alpha v2 UMCH demo, there is minigame where a random guy can accidentally or forcefully cum inside Maiko as a failure state,

          I plan to add this minigame back into the game after I swap out the old art for the new art and give the minigame some context.

          If a guy cums in maiko you will need to take the pill before a set amount of time. This will be true for any sex scene where a guy cums inside Maiko. It is not set in stone, but that is the plan at the moment.

          if he is wearing a condom when this happen you wont need to take the pill.

          1. I gave him a look right now.
            So, the minigame it’s some kind of prostitution at home or just a minigame when you take home a guy?
            You’re going to add the chance of creampie in all other h-minigames (where you can fail) or only this one?
            What kind of problem the cum inside of Maiko imply?
            Too much question ahah

          2. it didn’t have any specific context to it at the moment. I was just testing the minigame.
            But it did imply it was at the school’s secret sex club.

            This was the only minigame so far where where than can happen. but it can also happen on sex animations from story scenes also. For example in a scenes with Maiko and Tom. Tom is the male teacher you see when you first go to the Classroom.

            The problem with cum inside Maiko is avoiding pregnancy. Since it destroys the events that need to happen later on in the story, I consider it a game over scenario. I want UMCH to have a have a few ways to lose the game even if it is easy to avoid. Also people wanted pregnancy in UMCC so I will try to add it for UMCH. But I have it as a game over scenario. I plan to a least have a pic for any of the game over scenarios. I’m not sure how many different ways there will be to get a game over.

          3. Okey, I understand.
            Thanks for the answers, i cant wait to see how the game will evolve in the next patch.

  19. YES YES YES. Cant wait for full release. I really miss being able to choose who she has sex with tho or showers with. Will we be able to go in the boys locker room too?

    1. It is best to treat this as a different game and not a UMCC with updated art or something. Don’t play the game assuming you will find the game game mechanics from UMCC, you will be disappointed heh, this game is similar but very different. Boys locker room is not planned at the moment but it possible to be added at a later date. A lot of things from UMCC was later later also.

  20. I can seem to practice boxing, i hit spacebar to start and then I get a pink screen and I have to restart the game

      1. I extracted the files and that didn’t work, is there also supposed to be music, if so i’m not getting any

          1. that fixed it, don’t know what was wrong with the other way of loading the game though

            boxing suggestion for a future update: can we have the ability to dodge as well

    1. the current patreon version has the unique H scenes for all four girls in the cafe and I am working on redoing the buttons and GUI. and atm plan to get the main story in there during this month. I will make a update post today.

  21. In the cafe menu it’s said that neither Pattie, nor Leyah got any sex experience.
    Does it mean that they’re virgins or just that they have never served any clients before?

    1. It represents sex experience pleasuring clients professionally. However Leyah should probably start with maybe 10 to 20 or so now that I think about it.

      1. I see.
        Are you planning to add a scene for Pattie (and maybe for the other girls as well) where she, for example, tells Maiko that it’s her first time serving an unfamiliar client and she feels a bit nervous?

  22. Love the artwork and animation improvements from last UMCC games! This series is really good! hope it will continue to grow and hope the completed version for this game comes out soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Am I the first to post for the alpha 11 update? Unfortunately, I’m gonna be busy, but I can’t wait to play and send potential bugs. ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. There is a bug when I load the game from the code of the”read me”, when I go to the mall the background is only an infinite purple space and I can’t click anything except the tablet when pressing Q.

    1. so when he finally does get sex it has more meaning behind it. Sounds crazy for hentai game but there is some plot here heh. Plus not many character like Kyle because he is always sneaking around doing perverted stuff. But he will have big role in the Savor the Moment quest. Which will be added later.

  25. The current public v11 alpha Mega link appears to be dead, it sais the file is no longer available. Thought you should know if you don’t already.

  26. Scratch that appears to be working now, might have been a glitch on my end. Apologies for the impatience and thanks for the hard work.

  27. (Don’t speak english very well, etc…(but understand it)

    Will, like UMCC, UMCH final version be playable without downloading ? (Newground)
    I’m waiting for this game since I discovered UMCC, a year ago, but my computer is very old and don’t allow me to download stuff.
    I don’t exactly know how to say it, but thanks for your work, it is great ^^

    1. It is extremely doubtful. The game is not designed for online play.

      The current game is around 300 Mb and separated into several different parts. the final version could easily be 500 Mb to 1Gb in size. It already doesn’t fit on Newgrounds and I don’t want to post there anyways since you can’t moderate your own content.

      1. Ah, yes, I didn’t realized the game was so heavy. But thanks ^^ I known the answer will be “no”, but I tried ^^
        I love your work ^^ (And I hope I will be able to play UMCH, even in 1 or 2 years !)

  28. Vortex, can you help me with this: i’ve been using swf opener for flash file like yours, but recently whenever i tried to open the swf file, it keep said error like this : (link to the file) contains an invalid path. can you tell me how to fix this ?

    1. there are flash players included in the DL. try the one for your OS.
      also make sure everything is unzipped.

      1. DL ? what is it ? also, i figured the problem happended only on my portable hard drive where i keep all the flash games, but when i copy the files into the drive on my device it’s running normally. so how can i open it on my portable HD ?

        1. DL = download
          the download has a flash player included in it for windows, mac or linux systems. I was saying to try the included flash player for your system.

          I was able to play the game ok using the included player for windows on my own portable ssd drive on windows 7.

  29. 300mb UMCH congratz vortex, I think you will reach 500mb+ of pure awesomeness in some time hehe, my feedback you already know,, don’t have much to say, if I find some bug or something I come back to say hehe.

    1. not sure which opponent you are talking about. but in general just make sure you have enough melee and fitness and have Maiko hairpin activated.

  30. Hey Vortex, just a quick question. Does the public version include the Affluently Ineffective side story? I tried to activate it following the steps in the walkthrough, but nothing happened. I haven’t finished the main quest yet and was wondering if maybe that was why. really enjoying the game so far also ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks, affluently ineffective quest is on v12, the public version is v11
      v12 will be public after I finish Savor the Moment quest

  31. I love the pregnancy bad ending, would like it to expand further with Maiko making a comment about having the baby or something similar. Good work! I do miss the sex in shower part from UMCC though, both in Maiko’s house and in the gym.

    1. I definitely agree with your statements. I liked the pregnancy ending and I do miss the shower part from UMCC as well! There also needs to be more Kyle scenes as well, he’s being left out. Lol. But anyways, I just signed up just now to say how great this game is! Been following for quite some while. And, keep up the good work Vortex! Love your work bro!

      1. Wilson wrote some stuff for pregnancy stuff that I still need to take a look at. basically the scene will be different based on who got her pregnant.

        also there is a shower animation with Maiko and Pattie I haven’t added yet. I Maiko won’t be able to shower with any character. But I’m not yet sure who those characters will be.

  32. Great update. The h-scenes are of course the best part. The art and animation quality is excellent and I’m certainly hyped to see more. That obvious bit of feedback aside, I wanted to give a summary of some of my impressions about the new content.

    The boxing mini-game is in a really good spot right now, with tougher opponents and more h-scenes becoming unlocked as you make your way to the top. I’d like to see a similar style of progression in sentinel battles, music club, and swimming. Cafe is already pretty much there, the only thing that really bothers me is the “level 1” version of it. I would prefer if it started you off with two dishes instead of just one, since that would both be more a challenge and a better way for the player to learn the game for when it actually gets difficult.

    I love the sentinel battle mini-game, having Maiko control it with her watch is a really cool touch. I’d like to see the “math” part of it taken in somewhat of a different direction however. Rather than just buying damage and frame for your sentinel and having the fights reduced to “who has the buffest bot”, I’d prefer it if you purchased modules and module slots instead. Additionally having all of the different module types stack (maybe with reduced effect) might make for some interesting strategic possibilities: like having a bot that uses stacked hacking with stabilizers to cause the opponent to kill itself, or an assault module stacking bot that tries to take down the opponent with a single powerful attack. I think that this mini-game has a lot of serious potential to it if more design power is given to the player.

    The new victory and game over screens are a very welcome addition, just that change alone has made a huge difference in how rewarding the mini-games feel to play through. If possible I would like to see Maiko’s stat growths somehow indicated on the victory screen. Getting Maiko’s stats up is what progresses the player through the story and unlocks further scenes and challenges, so it’s important to give an indication that he’s doing the right thing.

    I think the new background dialogue events are absolutely excellent. The new characters certainly seem to have found a spot for themselves in Maiko’s world (Chester being the best new character of course). My only real complaint with them is how often the events repeat, especially in locations that only have a couple written for them so far. Perhaps there can be an in-game timeout of 10 days or so before a dialogue event is allowed to repeat itself?

    Minor nitpicks about mini-games aside I think that the game is looking superb for it’s current development phase, and I’m very eager to see more of it!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. The tricky part usually is trying to not make the game overly complex yet not super simplistic either. I have to take into account different level of intelligence people have have. I also like to consider the length of the save code, which I would like to be as short as possible. Buy separate module would probable extend the save code more than I find acceptable, I would have to think about it. There will definitely be more background dialogue added especially in areas there there are only 2-3 scenes.

  33. Hey there,

    first of all: great game, the new graphics look great! Big respect for your work. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Is it planned to include some handjob-scenes?
    The Cumshot-animations are very static, is it planned to include more “fluid” cumshots or the possibility to choose where to cum? (for example a cumshot splashing over maiko’s tits in the titjob-Scene)

    Best regards and keep going!

    1. yeah there is art for hand job stuff already created. I just haven’t animated it yet.

      cumshots or at least most of them will probably be like that since the game will have so many animations. making cumshot in they way to describe is a huge time investment. even longer than making a new animation.

  34. Hey Vortex, i love the game so far (even if it is a demo) however I have encountered an issue in one of the minigames. The minigame in question is the test minigame which i cannot press the down arrow key (as in it is not regiestering in the game). I’m not too sure if its a bug or an issue on my end. Just though to let you know.

  35. So here is the major bug I have found. When in the scenes when you click for example boxing/swimming/cafe there is a dialog that appears with characters before you have access to the activities, if you click space it will change the characters and the text to another random event. This isn’t a huge problem but I noticed that by clicking space in certain parts of the game for example after I failed swimming or was done swimming (cant remember sorry) when I pressed space it showed me just a picture of maiko and no buttons at all which basicly meant I had to close the game and since i’m a noob and didnt save lose all my progress.

    1. yeah sorry about that, I have space bar for some debug stuff in the game. best to continue dialogue with E or clicking mouse for now. I will probably have to take space-bar debug out on the next release since what I was debugging is fixed now. I just left it in there in case I need to debug it again.

  36. is there a way i can open just a h scene file. i want to fap to the jeni titfuck but it just shows the cafe lady with a peace sign nothing happens when i put in browser. pls help lmao

    1. I’m going ahead and say no due to various technical reasons. I can explain this is detail if you want.
      the DL version can be played in a browser thoguh.

  37. I just played the game up too the school quest but keep having problems. For some reason I can’t seem to beat the guy with the gun no matter how much I raise her hit points and stamina. Is there any set amount you need to have your damage and stamina at in order to win, or is it luck base? Also the same happened to be with Luma’s boyfriend and Jeni, as he would attack 3 times in his first move and nearly take out. How do I raise her overall HP in the boxing fights? Also what’s the absolute max you can raise your damage and stats?

    Otherwise I absolutely love this game. It’s pretty unique and cool, and definitely a project I’ll be donating to when I get the chance. Keep up the great work!

    1. the fight game is timing/skill based. if you punch and the correct times, usually when they are coming out of the block animation, you can get a lot of hits in and they will go back to blocking. just keep repeating that until they are defeated.

      raise Maiko HP by swimming and her damage by boxing.
      also use the hairpin [S] to regenerate endurance and HP

      1. Okay thank you I needed that, now I guess I’ll be doing a lot more swimming then haha. Maybe in the future updates of the game mentioning how one stat or activity effects another would be good, especially since there doesn’t seem to be a tutorial/fill in for swimming in the menu. I just finished the game past the part with the rookie, so if you’re taking suggestions somewhere a link would be awesome. Thank you for replying.

          1. Then from all I saw in the game to this point in v11 I’ll begin. Suggestions and questions will be mixed in so note that before hand.
            1. With Reiko helping Miako with her studies, maybe a ReikoxMiako scene could come the night before or after her test with Nathan in the afternoon.
            2. Speaking of nighttime activity, with Kyle being the pervert he is maybe he could sneak into Miako’s room while she’s asleep, activating a sleep-sex mini game. Of course, since she’s already sleeping he’d either be using a condom, or she could take pills ffor it later on when she wakes up.
            3. Like the conversation between David, Joiey and Jeni at the cafe, maybe one of Jeni’s special scene’s could be her and her brother in the back and instead of Holly telling her it’s David calling for her.
            4. The addition of a photo club where Kyle is the president. There you can get a camera where you can snap pictures of some of the girls, even Miako at times when she isn’t doing anything or trying to relieve stress.
            5. Swimming competitions/races. With her improving her swimming she has to have people to do it with right? Maybe that’s how you get to reply the seen with Mika.
            6. Actual classes as well as tests. That way her touching herself makes a bit more sense, maybe even one of her classmates(one of the girls?) sneaks under after noticing.
            7. Would it be possible for there to be multiple things you could say or do with someone? With all the conversations Miaka can have in the school, Miaka she could either come off as a bitch, shy, or a slut depending. Maybe that even unlocks special sex scenes at the cafe
            8. Different angles of the cafe H-scenes. They all look the same except the special ones, so maybe changing the angle would be cool! Plus, adding in the cumshot scene into the actual mini-game.
            9. All we during the matching game at the Cafe is the girls leave to flirt with the customers, then come back with their blouses down. Maybe if the person is successful seducing/getting an H-scene, an art of that girl could be shown alongside the gold medal.
            10. A masturbation option in her room atright or when she’s really stressed. Maybe someone could even join and assist her in her time of need.

            That’s all the’s I can think of at the moment. If I get or think of anymore I’ll add it to this post. Hope they’re okay/possible in the future.

          2. 1. All these characters are not sex freaks heh. even Maiko is what you make her.

            2. I think ttrop had this idea also lol.

            3. Jeni x David have multiple scenes planned already. art is already made for it but it not animated yet.

            4. there is a quest or something similar already planned where you collect unique photos of girls.the art for it is already made.

            I will comment on the rest later.

          3. Well thanks for replying at all, honestly I wasn’t sure you would. I didn’t point out the more obvious stuff that I feel might get worked on like multiple save files and the way some controls work, just stuff I thought would be the most interesting. Glad to see at least one of the things on my list is in the works, can’t wait to hear your opinion on the others.

            I love the work your team has done so far, and if all you do is go up from here, then donating is the least I can do when I get the chance. Please keep up the amazing work.

          4. 5. swim is hard to due a race because the POV is in first person and it is 2D. I was thing about instead a obstacle course where you have to swim under and over stuff or swim mostly above or under the water. But basically yes there will be more stuff to do at the pool later on.

            6. for UMCC I had created a reading minigame that never got used where you need to follow the teachers instructions flip to the correct page. I’m thinking about adding that in UMCH. Bu are a lot of way to get through the class tests so a class setting would be just for immersion I suppose.

            7. I assume you man Maiko. Maiko has a set personality, It is really import to establish this for later things I plan to do that Maiko in it. However in UMCH players can ultimately decide what she does and how much sex she has etc. even despite her personality.

            8. I want to keep those cafe mingame stuff all a that angle to minimize confusion. The game already seen to confuse people so I don’t people thinking you need to do something different for a different character because the angle is different. Plus I would have also draw all the different guys at different angles also. Imo it is best to move forward, and not spend time going back to change something that is not an error. There will be plenty of other sex sex scenes with multiple angles. And also the cafe will not be the only way to make money by the time the game is done.

            9. I didn’t thing about that. it shouldn’t be too hard to implement. You might need to remind me.

            10. unlike UMCC I didn’t plan for people to come by Maiko’s house very often in UMCH. I was never really expecting that result even in UMCC heh. especially not for sex. At most it would be at best her friends like Riley and Pattie, Zytra etc. But she does have a pink dildo I have yet to implement that can work for that. I do have plan for Pattie to visit Maiko from time to time or on request. I don’t have it totally sorted out yet.

  38. I don’t understand how play Cafรจ H-Scene. I lose any time after tree time. Please can you explain step by step how Play?
    Please made an example ๐Ÿ™

  39. hello vortex. really good site and really good games you have made. UMCH looks and plays wonderful even when being still on its early versions.

    cannot wait to see how much it advances over time. i have a small question its a really silly one but. one of the phrases that maiko uses when putting the boxing suit let me a little aroused. you see, im a fan of lactation and well i was wondering. i mean, there are several characters in UMCH that have these fabulous breasts i thought it would be nice to have at least one that could well. you know….

    i dont mind the current scenes of course. they are pretty rad and the detail is incredible. just wanted to know if that could be put as a possible feature…

    thanks for watching anyway. cant wait to see the progress on your proyects…

    1. Yeah I did of research to have Maiko saying stuff that might be relatable to what big boob girls might complain about. There are a few scenes with breast sucking where I can have some dripping from the guys mouth. Well one is in the game already with Luma. So I might add it to the other one perhaps.

  40. I like the shower locker room from the last game. would love to have it in this game with. could even have one at the cafe that she could use at the end of the day. Could be something that could affect the mood if you do not use at the end of the day.

    Maiko also when she changes could lose the garments from the cabinet and must try to sneak home. may extend the duration of different things that can happen, depending on who she meets on the road. even change what can happen depending on what time of day it is made of. also add a risk factor that if you do a workout once the risk is small, but if you do the same exercise several times in a row increases the risk of clothes disappear.

    Would not even litter if you could sneak in and use the pool after swimming instructor gone home. even where the expansion of possibilities of things that can happen in the evening as it does in the park when you go past there.

    would also be litter if it is left at the school and do not go home when it is dark. that you can be locked there and have to spend the night somewhere in the school. which can also add an option to lure her to remain for some reason.

    would be litter to add alternative answers to the questions and comments you get from different people.

    Really liked the idea someone else had. about Maiko could be discovered when she was satisfied during the tests.

    MVH Djungelpojken

    1. Come on one more thing. Maiko to have the same clothes on when she goes up when you press the sleep button. and that she gets more villa if she sleeps without clothes but there is a risk of being involved in other things. as sly photos through the window and later blackmail or something in the morning.

    2. Hi djungel, firstly I don’t understand the word you use multiple times here “litter”. I am only guessing you mean “better”

      It is possible I will add shower in locker room at a later date.

      I can’t do walking around nude for two primary reasons. First it is a non-trivial very time consuming alternation to the game. As you know, I have done it in the previous game UMCC. however in UMCH it is separate files and works differently. there will be much more unique dialogue and I would have to literally change all current and future dialogues and code in the game to account for the possibility of Maiko being nude. This easily doubles my work load so I can’t do that. At least not in that way.

      Maiko in public nudity has been mentioned before so I already have plans there. I planned to have it in the content of a scene or scenes where the nudity and reaction are all within the scene as a single event, and not as a game mechanic.

      Secondly, I am trying to establish Maiko and the other character’s actual personality here since it is lost in UMCC due to the mechanics of the game. I’d rather have a shift in character personality based on actual events in the game and not grinding a stat.

      Maiko doesn’t swim in the pool at night because she can’t, but because she is physically sleepy.

      I also don’t understand why her clothes would disappear. Or even why she would continue to work everyday knowing her clothes s would disappear. pattie might take them once or twice as a joke but that’s it. I think is is something also best to have just a scene for upon reaching milestone. similar to the scenes in umcc where Pattie steals Maiko’s clothes.

      Also Makio being discovered during a test would lead to what result?

    1. Thanks, because it is slightly blurry or it is actually just too close? the second reason is intentional. I want the player to think the character is too close to you (Maiko) during these scenes.

      1. Its just too close. But I can understand the personal space even in a game.

        Also, sex in the cafe is kinda hard, but that’s just my opinion.

        1. Thanks for the feedback. please be more specific when you say kinda hard. how often do you win vs how many times you try? and what is the sex exp of the character you are using for the mini?

  41. Hey, i love UMCH and will DEFO be donating to your patreon soon, a little bit of feedback/thoughts tho:

    When David suprises you at night and you choose to fight him but lose, it should be more of him forcing Maiko, letting him control how he does it and in different positions(Anal,BJ, rough etc.) in the pov style since you did try to fight him off in the first place.

    Another one is when you pleasure yourself in class you should be able to get caught which could result in a fail or cut to a sex scene or other dialogue.

    I like how each girl at the cafe has special clients and scenes , would be cool if you could incorporate a threesome and more positions.

    I LOVE when Maiko could show herself off to kyle and the other guy if you failed at the sentinel please for the love of god more of that,like different characters or just kyle at different locations with different positions/outfits…. was way too amazing!

    if you added a story line with the perv Kyle and eighter how he has blackmailed you into taking nude public photos/ a sex scene with him or he would show everyone a picture of you around the school resulting in a game over or that he wants you to take pics of a list of girls nude/getting down in return for something from him.
    Or since theres dialogue about them taking photos and you being a nude model which could result in a little group stuff going on XD

    If you were thinking about adding new areas you could maybe add a park which you could streak around late at night reducing stress but you could be caught which would open a bunch of sex scenes(this could also relate to a quest), or a toilet in the school/ park where you could add a gloryhole in a stall which could provide income (and again relate to a quest).

    If your stress gets too high then maybe a scene happens where you rush away from what your doing to masturbate which could drain the day making players think if they want to risk the stress and miss that day.

    I dont know if you’d be up for it/into adding it but if there was a setting/bonus that Maiko was a futa/ had a D that wouldn’t effect anything apart from obviously the scene with her having a dick and maybe some dialogue (maybe showing her with a bulge for the swimgear/boxinggear) even if you added it for patreon only thatd still be cool , like an incentive to those who donate.

    You should also maybe add instead of just waiting when your at home adding a masturbate scene to reduce stress/ add another scene and instead of it just skipping once like a normal wait it could skip 2x into the day.

    Thats all i could think of just now ,sorry for like flinging 100 ideas at you that you probs wont add XD since it already looks like youve done tons of hard work.Again neer enough everything in this game is amazing and i cant wait till more updates come out ๐Ÿ™‚
    p.s when are you hoping for the game to be done and will it be free or will you have to pay?

    1. (When David suprises you at night and you choose to fight him but lose, it should be more of him forcing Maiko, letting him control how he does it and in different positions(Anal,BJ, rough etc.) in the pov style since you did try to fight him off in the first place. )

      agrees there. could also add a higher risk that he will Maiko after which it is more difficult to control when she should not be on it is honorable.

      1. This scene is designed to be female POV.
        I don’t plan to add BJ pov. and I’m not sure how anal might work here.

        It is important to know that David will have different positions with Maiko through the duration of the quest. So I don’t want to lump everything all into this one scene.

    2. Agree on the Maiko being able to show herself to kyle and Chris being awesome if more scenes in which she publicly exposed herself and was C’d on were added, Kyle could maybe always pop up and tell Maiko this person can help her or give her an upgrade in return for her showing herself, at the pool it could be tits , boxing could be pussy, somewhere else ass so on . As long as there’s more public flashing I’m happy.

      1. There will be more public nudity in the game, I am aware people like it. Just give it time there is a lot to do.

    3. Love your idea about making or adding Maiko as a Futa, and seeing her dick in scenes and having a bulge when in the sports wear. I can just imagine all of the scenes already in with her but with a dick 0o0

      1. Maiko will not be futa, sorry to disappoint. Even if I wanted to, adding a penis to the current stuff is non trivial since I’d have to go back a redo quite a bit of animations. And going backwards on game development is definitely what I’m trying to avoid. But I should mention that there will be a futa character added to the game later on.

    4. I always had the assumption that the position David is in during the sex POV is the the position he chose to have sex in, not Maiko. I’m not really what you mean let him control it. He also decides when to not listen to Maiko and do a different speed.

      Getting caught in class might be something I can add later. However I’m not sure you all are thinking these ideas all the way through. the reason why you currently can’t get caught in class in because there is no way to see the teacher when looking down. People will complain about it. Another reason is because if Maiko has sex with Tom her failing the test doesn’t matter since he will change her grade, This allows you to skip the minigame completely but just taking a test and pressing the time pass button. And finally Tom is the only teacher that wants to have sex with Maiko and there is a scene for it already. Also Maiko is assumed to not be the only person in the classroom during the test.

      threesome and group sex are things that UI plan to be discovered in the game after completing milestones. the ones that exist currently are for completing the main story quest and can be found in the cafe.

      Kyle is not the type to blackmail Maiko, they are friends.
      Maiko would never streak at night, especially with david proving around.
      there is glory hole stuff to be added, art is done for it already
      definitely no futa for Maiko. I plan to have a futa nurse thoguh. Remi from ARIA
      all my games are fee after a while

      And yes, in your own words you are flinging too many ideas at me that imo destroys what I’m trying to do with this game because of seemingly randomness of it. futa, streaking, it’s just way of out character for Maiko.

      Also I should mention I might have it where you can play as different playable characters in a limited scope. And they of course are different form Maiko. Bu that is later down the road. I think you will enjoy what I have planned.

  42. I”m really loving the progress in the game and every new addition
    Just missing the sandbox part of UMCC of haveing people follow you to have sex or just for event’s sake

    1. I don’t plan to have that this time around for various reasons.
      I could be planned later but atm.

  43. I have a little idea, in the bar when girl fail to make cum the clients, youcan imagine the girl resist to her orgasm and she going to cum-squirt, and this making her forced stop to having sex with the guy, and you can make a image of her cum-squirt,
    I think this is a hot idea for fix the lack of images in that point

    1. thanks for the feedback. there will be images for that part of the game eventually. I’m sure about squirting thoguh. Maybe a chance of that images showing would be better than have it show every time.

      1. hmm I thing better show every time, maybe the different images, for example, one time squirt and interrupt the sex, one time girl can’t see the male orgasm and he cum inside her, ecc ecc
        this is the best game I see, seriusly, but in my little I think need more contents and choices in varius parts of “sex” time ๐Ÿ™‚
        for example, when david in the park would sex, if he lost fight you can make handjob, if she lost he rape maiko and you can create a minigame(similar at cafe where sex time) where she try to escape and he try to cum inside her, ecc ecc
        I think this game is very cool my compliment

  44. Hi there, I’m having trouble getting into the Affluently Ineffective quest. I started a new game and follow the walkthrough step by step but nothing come out of it.
    Do I need to wait a day before doing each of the steps in order? or is the quest not implemented yet maybe?
    I’ve been playing your lastest public version (v11) and done pretty much everything, except defeating the guys with guns (beat the first one but the second still gets me) Do I need to complete this quest to have access to the other one? is there some extra prerrequisite?
    Having said that, congratulations for your job thus far. The gameplay is quite fun and addictive and the hentai is godly ^^
    The only things to improve could be adding some reward for beating the sentinel minigame or some extra escene at the pool.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Affluently Ineffective is in v12 on patreon at the moment. maiko needs 15 melee to begin.

      Yeah sentinel and pool will be more fleshed out later on.

      but sure to use maiko hairpin during fights.

      1. what is the end of v12? I don’t know if I have finish or not XD

        anyway, Affluently Ineffective what is? one quest ?

        1. Affluently Ineffective is one quest yes

          end of v12, and the whole game is the scene where Maiko fight agents in the hallway.

          looking at the walkthrough has all the hentai you can unlock in the game so you can use it as a guide to see if you have missed anything by comparing what you have seen to what is mentioned.

          1. end game event starts in the school hallway but you need to view the Female Rivalries scene first.

  45. Dayuuum… So I finally beat the two agents in the last fight, and wow I didn’t think you could tie together every game you made, but somehow you did. I understand the story a lot more now (I never actually understood the deal with Jeo, Natan, Lynn, and Cain, and I guess I still don’t but it makes more sense) and good fucking job with it. This is only in alpha, and I’m exited for more. Now I’m also even more pumped for the next release of The Rookie ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. And I forgot about Dizzy. I’m not sure what to think about her, because in UMCH, she sees Sixxe and Annie do the whole time traveling thing, and I’m leaning towards that being the cause of her situation. But in the Rookie, whoever it is tells you that she has some mental condition. Could you clear that up maybe or just leave it for another release. Hell it either is too much character development, or maybe Dizzy is more important than we all think.

    1. Dizzy is at stage 2 out of 3 Khalei degeneration, which is actual thing they can measure. But the GemCo scientists and agents don’t think anything she claims to see is real. I’ll cover it more in Bri side story.

  47. Im really enjoying this public demo man. I have to admit, I tried to cheat with the sol editor but it doesn’t work on this game for some reason.
    PS. How often do you release new game versions on patreon? Id like to support but money is tight so i can’t really justify spending money for a new alpha every 6 months. Thanks

    1. There are monthly releases. usually having additional story and hentai scenes another other stuff added to the game, When enough of those are added a new public release happens, also with public there is lot more testing, and a few more passes on spell checking, etc. it is why public takes longer.

  48. I have to say I’m extremely excited about this from what is in it all ready it’s very impressive. I was wonder if you played on making it more compatible with tablets or Android devices which don’t have access to a keyboard for features such as the boxing and others stuff that may be added in. But I’m loving the game anyway and if I was able to play it on the go it would be awesome.

  49. Quick question: To unlock Luma in the cafe (and apparently Holly as well), it says i need to finish the “Rivalry” quest… yet, i have beaten Jeni, got my gold medal in swimming, and finished all the tests… and haven’t touched Joiry since unlocking his scene is supposed to prevent the LumaXGroup scene.
    Does it mean it’s not implemented yet?

    1. it is implemented and everything should be working. need to post or send me your save code and I can check it out.

      1. Ah, i didn’t save it… i copy/pasted the code a few times on a “txt” file, but after some point i just copy/pasted it directly from the “save” to the “load”. I guess i’ll have to try it again whenever i’ve got the time, If the problem persists, i’ll send the code to you.

  50. Wow, awesome game!
    Even though its still alpha and no sound yet, one of the best games I’ve played, well done! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Some feedback.
    1. For the cafe sex, any plans to be able to switch angles at some point? No change to the game itself, same position (girls on top), still guessing the number, but maybe have a side/front view button? I guess front might be easier since you’d only need to draw the girls?

    2. Also for the cafe sex. Maybe have a % chance (in addition to the ‘special customer’ ones) for something like “hey, these 2 guys want a 3way”, and/or “this guy wants 2 girls” (you pick the girls) or something? Probably at higher sex XP. Have a few random or selectable positions maybe?

    3. I think i noticed her saying something like ‘maybe i shouldn’t war the bra to bed’ or something? Is that something for later, is it possible to say sleep in the nude?

    4. For shower. How about a bath option? & ‘play with yourself’

    thats all i can think of for now.
    cant wait for this ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks for the feedback,

      1. No current plans for alternate angles for that minigame. What is reason you want alternate angles? to see the face?

      2. I hate to disappoint but I don’t plan to do this either for that minigame heh. There are group sex animations already in the game however if that what you are looking for. And more to be added where there is MFF, MMF, etc. just not for that mingame specifically.

      3. This could be added later but there is no art for it at the moment.

      4. The shower is incomplete, there will be more options there later. A bath is not planned.

      1. Since someone mentioned a bath i think getting it on in a bath is pretty hot!

        If there is no bath at Maiko’s house it could maybe be in another person’s house? Or maybe even in the Sex Club or something? I heard that in medieval Europe many people thought that people would go to Bathhouses to get it on… Sometimes even with many people at once! A big one like this one would be perfect for such things! :

        1. Maybe people can vote for it on the patreon. That is what it is for after all.
          atm no plans for a bath thoguh.

      2. Hi,

        For the angles, yeah being able to see the girls facial expressions would be nice (different depending on speed maybe?), also bouncing boobs ๐Ÿ™‚
        Maybe you could look at adding some of these if you ever work on a V2 of the game at some point in the future?
        Anyway, no disapointment here, just eager to see what else you come up with ๐Ÿ™‚


        1. I’m sure if you mean male PoV or not? I don’t plant to have any in this game. It is in literally every other game so it is bit of a challenge for myself also because the pc is female.

          if I had front view for example all you would see is the guy’s back and the back of his head in most cases.

  51. The first day if funny but i dont get much more further cos I cant get through the fight with dave the first time. cos he like hits me and it s done then he fucks her and game over. But it seems okay.

  52. Hey! I love the game so far; I bet you’ve worked hard to make it, and it’s amazing! I dunno if anyone addressed this, but I’ve found a few things with the game that may or may not be game-breaking or spammable:

    1) the drone minigame can be easily done with any combination of the green, blue, and purple modules, and only the “overclock” red module. If you spam “overclock”, your drone can spam almost anything at least twice per second if taken far enough. Was this done on purpose?

    2) while the boxing minigames are very entertaining, once an opening to throw a charged punch is taken, you can spam charged punch for an infinite combo… which makes the fight with Jani extremely easy once your melee level is high enough. Are you planning on changing the charge-punch mechanics in a later update?

    3) This one may just be a small bug, but after replaying the Maiko x David blowjob scene and returning home, when I tried to remove Maiko’s clothes to shower I ended up in the boxing attire (though that was just the image, so nothing else happened that could’ve made the game crash)

    Also, I have a question:
    Considering you have an option to voluntarily have sex with David instead of fighting him and running the chance of him raping Maiko, is there a chance that there might be a story revolving around him, or will it be just a random encounter from time to time?

    thanks in advance for your answer!

    1. 1) & 2)
      I’ve never encountered either of these myself but if I had to guess then no it’s not intentionally designed that way. This game is still in alpha so things like this are bound to pop up. Probably more of an oversight or an exploit than a bug but it is worth mentioning.

      Yea that sounds like a bug. Did you have auto-change enabled? Maiko usually has to change outfits before she leaves the gym so I’m guessing this scene somehow caused that check be bypassed and she went home in her gym clothes.

      The David nighttime scene is part of a quest that will be implemented later. If you play UMCC you can see how that story plays out, though it may or may not be different in UMCH.

    2. Thanks for the feedback

      1) yes 1 is actually intentional. actually in past Maiko could not level her sentinel damage and HP up at all so you had to find ways to win through module combination and executing a clever strategy.

      Some people found that too hard, so now you can also win by brute force by grinding sent frame HP and base damage. However you can still find ways to win without the grind for those who notice grinding stats it is not needed. One way is through spending the time to max out overclock. it doesn’t always work but it works most of the time. It is actually shown in a video here:

      having said all that I am not done with regards to messing with modules.

      2) same story here. You can win by grinding stats to overpower the opponent or you can notice the technique and exploit it to avoid grind the stats. Starting the see the theme here? There is still a bit of difficulty landing the first charge punch to execute the chain, and trying it causes the Ai to attack you immediately if it is able to so you get punished for it heavily. But if you can you manage to get the hit in you can ride it to victory. However people bring it up from time to time such as yourself so I might change it to have Jeni in particular, and other “bosses” have diminishing returns on the charge punch. you actually couldn’t spam it until after maiko was able to increase her hp.

      3) Thanks, yeah some of the replay scenes causes issues with clothing on exit or the replay. I still need to fix that stuff.

    1. you might make sure the game is unzipped
      also if trying to use a web browser, need to make sure flash is not being blocked from running.
      alternately you can use the included flash player to play the .swf

  53. Looks like art is definitely your game.
    Make sure the story keeps up tho. ^^)

    Personal hopes for the game:
    1. Less of annoying minigames in the game, spend that extra time you waste on them on extra story instead. Imo.
    2. Piercing salon please… can never have enough of pierced and chained nips… aw yiss.
    3. Tatoos maybe? i noticed that in ARIA not a single character had any tatoos… which made them kinda bland.. especially dem male agents. With piercings and tatoos in hand you could create some rough types to be the bad guys for example who would actually look the part if you will also make them bit burlier than they were in ARIA. Also tons of applications can be found for stuff like tatoos and piercings, that could get dirty one way or another. ๐Ÿ˜› Perhaps add some… khalei bonus to them too to boost your powers maybe… khalei tatoos? khalei piercings? i’ll leave it up to you to figure. xD


    “1) yes 1 is actually intentional. actually in past Maiko could not level her sentinel damage and HP up at all so you had to find ways to win through module combination and executing a clever strategy.”

    If i understand right by “in the past” you mean umcc correct?
    If so then you are hilariously mistaken my friend, there is no “clever strategy” or anything like that.
    All you need to win them is “pulse”.
    That’s right, just fit x8 pulse into your sentinel and watch it demolish anyone in a flash, you don’t even need to switch modes lol. Love it.

    1. There is a lot more story in the full version.

      The game won’t have piercing or tattoos. Sorry to disappoint. It wasn’t in UMCC either so it should not come as a surprise. Vux in agent trainer will have a tattoo thoguh. Another character in the lore named Nari has something like a Khalei tattoo also.

      also in UMCH you can still win all sentinel battles without upgrades if you wanted.

  54. Is there a way to play this on a iphone? If so I would like to know because i’ve tried multiple ways without success.

  55. Forgive my asking but is there any way to “zoom out” on some of the H-scenes? It’s pretty cool to be able to look up and down but often times I just want to see the entire thing.


  56. Hi, I’m new here so what is the current version, V.11? I read someting about V.14, is that the current patreon version or will this be the future one?

  57. Stacey reminds me a lot of Ginger from Twinkle Reveu. Don’t know if that’s intentional or not, but if it is it’s a cool nod to a true classic!

    1. Usually pink screen is because the files are still compressed but if you are sure you have unzipped them then I would need more information such as your OS, and potentially what browser you are using, and/or if you have tried using the included flash players for your OS. it’s also small chance your pc might have blocked the game files.

  58. **there is a game breaking glitch**

    while swimming if you hit the space bar maiko pops out of the water and there is no way of leaving that screen and you’ll have to lose all progress (happened to me twice)

  59. Ehm. When i have the Sex Scenes with the Girl with the Blond Hair in the Cafรฉ, is that normal that the pleasure not going up? And that u cant win with her?

    1. no that is not normal heh. It should work same as the other ones. Not sure what the issues is there with such little information. I assume the other ones are working for you? what are you using the play the game?

  60. I personally want more gangbang scenes with makio a glory hole mini game like either at school bathroom or cafรฉ more breast of makio being reveled more maybe option of having sex scene for money, skills or special items with various club members ( like a sex scene or favor with all the teachers so she can pass each test not all of them) more pool sex scenes as well maybe have like a male class mate have sex with her in the pool, maybe having a male character or two come home with makio for like a sexual favor and lastly sorry I know this is too much like if she loses a fight with like a agent on a quest have like a losing hentai rape scene with either one, two or three agents.

    1. oh yeah lol and random blowjob scenes with each male student and the nurse since I think we all know she is a futa just like the David scene with wardrobe malfunction options

    2. Thanks for the comments. These kind sex scenes everywhere is what made dislike continuing UMCC so I really need to be careful it here. There is art for a gloryhole scene but I’m not sure where or how to add it in yet. As for the agent raping her if she loses It there is lot of rape in the game already XD. I was thinking about this earlier. Every major side quest in the game involves rape.

      1. LOL hahaha true what about double penetration scene with makio herself like the ideal of the sex club ran by jenni and like having the free roam none quest related sex scenes so it makes the quest sex scenes more significant I guess but I feel you on not making any more rape scenes or at least holding off until you have more variety of content but I didn’t see a problem with UMCC class cheaters all that bad with like the re used sex scenes because of the different dialogue and slightly different actions of each character and the options to bring a guy home in UMCC is fire lol and sneak into the men’s locker room fire as well I personally feel like it wouldn’t hurt especially with your way better graphics and artwork you have with UMCH but it doesn’t have to be the same sex scene for all characters just like example the cafรฉ its different variations of serving the last client and regular clients as well but I know that is a lot of time and effort that have to go into all your games because your work is awesome bro I just though you were on to something like with the transitions of UMCC to UMCH like a graphic and artwork rework which is awesome bro but changing the gameplay like you have it now is super on point as well lol.

        1. I think the rape is a good thing…. I mean… if u failed something example a mission why not? I mean… Punisment… right? Umm…. I think the hiding the locker for pleasure the boys and the secret sex club good to if the UMCH have as well… Lot of things good in UMCC what is worked as well in UMCH… (sry my english….)

        2. These type request is precisely why I wanted to stop UMCC though. turned into just another random sex game. the focus of the game is lost. character personalities are lost. makes my motivation lost. this what I want to correct in UMCH. Also the cafe scenes seem similar but they take just as long to to as if each one was a totally different animation.

          Also Kentagora things you are saying is good and worked well are the same things i didn’t like. Imo UMCH can good scenes without rape being around every corner. UMCH will have it’s own fun things that is different form UMCC. All three major quests in UMCH have rape already, that is plenty for now. Need some balance.

          1. Sorry bro I understand just more juicy plots and dialogues I got ya im happy either way as long the updates are coming in because the ideas are on point bro so would you say its more of an like you have to earn the sex scenes through the unique instead of scrolling through sex poses which can make it boring i can understand and follow your lead bro trying to make it a game with good quality content i just mistaken the fact that UMCC and UMCH are two different games and i apologize for the misunderstanding and will keep them that way so for future reference where should i go to post new game idea since i am a patron subscriber myself

          2. I understandwhat u say and I think u are right ๐Ÿ˜€ I just tell my opinion… The characters personalities is a very very good idea
            my favourite is Zytra ๐Ÿ˜€ then Pettie :’D I already satisfied if the game have updates ๐Ÿ˜€ Stay this way and this will be even better and better game ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Hi! This game is really fkin good…. I have a questions…. (my english is really bad so sorry) The game doesn’t have sound or I changed something?
    And the cafe scenes really hard for me because my english is really really bad and I cant understand how I can do coorectly :S I read the tutorial over and over again but I dont understand ๐Ÿ™
    If somebody talking to you like on the schoolhallway or in the cafe hall,,, maybe it will be good if u can answer them normally…. exampleIf if the stopped u in the school for the nude model think u can answer “surewy not” or something
    sorry if nobody understand but… I’m triing ๐Ÿ˜

    1. Oh… and maybe some new hair style willbe good too ๐Ÿ˜€ what can u choose what kind of hair style do you want at home

    2. Sorry late replay I thought I replied to this already actually. But I might forget to press post comment. Not sure how to explain it if understanding English is the issue. The point of the game is to guess the correct number buy adding 1, 3, or 5. Press seduce to try the number. The girl will tell you if you you are too low or if you are too high. New hiar in unlikely since i would have to have it in the sex animations also. I can’t swap parts like in UMCC. these animations are created outside of flash.

  62. Thanks for the replay ๐Ÿ˜€ I figured it out… ๐Ÿ™‚ Just read back to comments or search with ctrl+f and I find the answer for my questionabout the minigame ๐Ÿ˜€ sry for bothering you with this ๐Ÿ˜€
    I hope U can understand what I write cuz sometimes I’m not…. maybe the time is the reason xD

  63. So, I love this game, it’s awesome. I would love to help you on Patreon but work ain’t nice on me so I can barely keep up my own payments. But if I could tho, I would totally be a Patron for UMCH.
    I do have some question tho, nothing big, just doubts:
    1) Will you put Luma, Joey, Annie and the other girls as cafรฉ girls?
    2) How long do you plan to go on the amount of quests in the game? Do you plan to keep it on 3 or will you put more?
    3) Will school tests affect something in the future?
    4) Will you have more scenes added to the cafรฉ? Like, other services?

    That should be all, keep on with it! Your game’s awesome! ^-^

    1. Thanks, and thanks for the feedback and questions.

      1.) No. The reson is because If you look at the characters not in the cafe, and analyze their personality, it doesn’t make any sense to put them as a cafe girls.

      -Joey likes to take nature photos and publish her news stories. Can’t do that if she is in cafe. She also is feminist and slut shames Zytra.
      -Zytra is really busy already. She is swim team captain, practices music in music club, and is a model. That on top for going to classes, etc.
      -Lynn is not allowed to work at a job, she only allowed to create things that generate income. She likely would not want to work at a cafe either.
      -Lynn, Riley, Luma are also training part time at the GemCo agent academy so have no time to work shifts at the cafe even if they wanted to.
      -Luma and Lynn on swim team, and Riley assists Alma.
      -Annie is is another period of time. She only came back to the past to give the hairpin to Maiko.
      -Savori does not want to work in the cafe due to her life situation with her dad.
      -Amber is too embarrassed to work there due to her small boobs. But she also spends time learning nursing and is part of the student council.
      -Roise could possibly be there but currently I assigned her to nursing and left and Zytra open to a potential cheerleader club.

      overall, it doesn’t doesn’t make any sense for the entire female student body of a school to all work at the same place.

      2.) The 3 quests planned will complete what I call the “core” of the game. everything that I feel is needed to fill the necessary story elements. After that point I will polish it and add music, etc. There could be more quests added after. There will definitely be more hentai, but exactly how long I will add stuff is unknown even to me. This time, I designed the game from the start with the intention to add stuff to it over a long period of time. I wont be working on this game forever though. I like to move forward and try to make something better. plus I am trying to complete a overall story arc.
      UMCH is just small part of a larger story.

      3.) I’m not sure what you mean by effect something. They are currently required to outperform Luma test scores. if you mean sex scenes there are few sexual related in the classroom where it makes sense to have it.

      4.) Other services are possible yes. the most recent patreon update has extra scenes added to the cafe. But I’d rather make different locations for different scenes though instead trying to jam everything into same place. It is why I made the health club in the Nurse office.

  64. Nice to see you not wanting to overload the Cafe much as I love that, and the mini game with the titillation I’d rather see other content. The plans you have look to be awesome, can’t wait to see them come to fruition.

    Loving the game and your work, keep it up!!

  65. Hey, I’m really enjoying this release. The game is really progressing well, but I hope perhaps you can assist me. You see, I’ve gotten Maiko to 15 melee skill and let David beat me. However, upon pressing the ‘X’ button, I get no scene with him and Jeni. It just goes back to the ring. The other option to accept his request works fine and I get the scene, but not the declining option.


    1. you are probably trying to view something in 16. I will post it early next month. But if you like the game please support the patreon if you are able to.

        1. There are students in the publishing club that are looking for certain photos. And will give Maiko money for them.

          1. I feel like an utter stupid, but…how do I take those photos? Or is it what appears on Maiko’s tablet?

          2. So the Photo Club allows selling photos in v15? I thought that was a UMCC thing with the book store.

            Never saw that in UMCH except as a step in the STM quest. Is that really an option with the tablet that I somehow missed?

          3. @zatheus
            yeah it is the current BG image

            yes, the bg photo will change based on certain actions maiko does. you can sell them in the club.

          4. Vortex, how do you sell them? Is it automatic or do I need to use key commands? Sorry for being a bit thick on this…

          5. If I may answer: Depending on the request the student has you sell the picture i.e. Chester request a “wet picture” so…take a shower and think about it.

          6. you just click the camera button next to the character.

            if you don’t have the correct pic they will tell maiko what they want. if you have the correct pic they will give her money for it.

            after getting the described pic, the student maybe be different when you go back in though, so you have to keep enter until you get the same person. It’s not the most elegant method but I’ll sort it out later.

  66. Hey Vortex,
    Great work so far! I can see a lot of work went into it. What are your overall plans for UMCH future (ie. quests, minigames, etc.)? Percentage wise, how much of UMCH is complete, or is there no set endpoint for it?
    I had a minigame in mind but dunno if others would like it such as a yoga minigame where you have to keep yourself balanced or something via mouse movement. As you progress through it guys will start to come in the sessions and grind her or w/e making the minigame more difficult. Just a random idea.

    Love your work

    1. many thanks. there is one more major quest I wanted to add to be done with what I call the core of the game. The core game is everything I wanted to add myself to complete the necessary story arc. The game would be complete shorty after core as I add background music etc.

      there is no set endpoint for extra stuff after that, but is not forever. This game is only a small part of a larger story. extra stuff here would just be extra things like extra clubs, minigames and/or characters not relevant to the core of the game.

  67. Are you going to make a another game like UMCH as far as the First person POV game with female characters but just with a different setting or is going to be more VN stories like the rookie and DOE

  68. That was pretty cool. There’s Stacey, the photography club, the phone screen savers added which is already pretty good. And i liked the talk between Chester and his friend where his friend said he had sex with Amber.

  69. EN Vortex,

    At V15 Public Editionwhen i do Savor the Moment mission step 10. go back to photo club and click the dialogue button in the club
    (here you chan make a choice we will chose replace savori then Report albert to see all the
    scenes, you can decide later but you need to decide within 2 days)

    ENโ€ฆโ€ฆabout this time , I choose 3. wait some time to talk. twice to past it. Then I go mall is triggered Affluently Ineffective section.

    When i get back photo club and click the dialogue button.It does not execute the Moment mission step 10

    I Try to sleep some day its also not execute next steps

      1. 0H9H75H50H1H0H0H0H5800H8H4H118H210H0H2H93H54H45H263H0H32H4H82H1H400H10H2H1H1H1H1H0H1H0H0H1H1H1H1H0H1H0H20H0H0H4H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H412H1H9

  70. Why 15 version not coming out this??
    Jeni X David- Lose to David in boxing and click the X button
    Nurse Pleasure Service scenes
    There is a chance with entering the cafe the socialize scene will induce a heart button. This leads to hentai animation related to the dialogue mentioned in the socialize scene.

    Nurse Futa scene
    Enter the Nurse office from the main school hallway and click the condom button.
    Or I something not so do…

  71. Hey Vortex,
    I’m a big fan, I love your work and support you on Patreon. I’ve just spent a good amount of time exhausting most of the content on UMCH and I thought I’d leave you my feedback. I’m going to mainly focus on where I think the game could be better, because like I said I already enjoy your work so I wanna help you create the best game you can by suggesting what can be improved.
    I’m sure you get more than enough comparisons with UMCC and I respect and appreciate that you wanna make it a different type of game, but naturally I’m gonna have to relate what’s come before. I also appreciate that this is all in alpha and you’ll be adding plenty more content and might already be addressing some of these issues, but here goes:
    1 – I think the biggest miss in the game is the ‘Relation’ level system. It was very satisfying in UMCC to have to put in work to build your relations with each character and then see the rewards come out of it. Currently, interactions with most of the characters in UMCH seems very dry. The quests are really great and detailed and that is one area where you feel like you’re getting to know the NPCs but, outside of them, there’s very little you can do with anyone, save for Pattie maybe. If you want to move out of the ‘Talk’ wheel system of UMCC (which would be good), then I would at least like to see dialogue options when character encounters are triggered in the hallway or wherever. Tbh, I’d like to see more choice in the game in general – it felt really good to be able to make the decision about Albert in this game and the more stuff like that as you can put in like that, the better I’d say. I appreciate that that would take a lot of extra time, though, so I wouldn’t blame you for not doing it, I just think it’s one of those things that really helps each player’s game experience become unique. I feel the ‘Relation’ metre also did that because you can dictate who your Maiko likes and who she doesn’t, which is why I really would request you to at least put something in that serves the same purpose.

    2 – Leading on from that, I read on one of the comments above that you’re ditching the following system. Again, I really liked that in the previous game and would have hoped for a more in-depth version of that. One of the main things that made playing UMCC enjoyable for me was being able to interact with specific characters in different areas – being able to take them home and fuck them/interact with them in various locations added to the personal experience where you the player get to decide who Maiko is dating/fucking/avoiding etc., like I was saying above. If you want to move away from the following system, then I’d like to suggest that there be some way of conversing with characters and agreeing to meet them elsewhere – THEIR home for example. It’d be cool to see what the bedrooms of other characters look like. Or maybe just meet them in an empty classroom, at the park etc. It’d be even better if these interactions are altered depending on the character – maybe Kyle wants to take you on a date in town, Riley wants to ‘study’ with you at hers, Joiry wants to fuck you but secretly, so he asks to meet you after school etc. It’s nice that you can earn certain scenes with characters through things like boxing, I really like that, but it’d be great to be able to build and follow on from these interactions and see the characters in settings outside of just the school and mall. And also to have arcs that you can progress with each character – some conflicting with others so that they create moments where you have to go with one or the other.
    3 – I really like the mini-games. I think the cafe minigame and the H-minigame are both great and boxing is cool. That being said, compared to the sex scenes that you have in the cafe, the ones outside it lack any sort of interaction. It’s just about clicking through the dialogues until they cum. It’d be nice to have to do something to get your partner off. It’d be even better if how well you do triggers at least a dialogue option like “Holy fuck you blew my mind!” or “Eh, I’ve had better” etc. Also it’d be great to have different sexual styles and positions depending on who you’re fucking. For example, when fucking Pattie, she’s intent on worshiping you so she really wants to eat you out; when fucking Kyle/Greel the sex is slow and passionate; when fucking David/Joiry the sex is rough and wild and they wanna choke/spank you etc. Again, the idea I’m pushing here is that, through her choices of who she fucks, each player’s Maiko is also indicating her sexual preferences. I’d like to see Maiko enjoying everything she does in the game, as well. I feel like atm she’s quite reluctant during a lot of the scenes but I understand some people prefer that… again maybe an option of dialogue there would be great. I’d like my Maiko to be sexually free and want lots of it, but others might want a more reserved, monogamous Maiko and it’d be nice to have some provision for that.

    Overall I think the game has great potential to far surpass UMCC and any other hentai games out there. I’m really excited to see what other content you add because I know the game is still in it’s early stages. The TLDR of my post is that I want more choice, interaction and personality. I think the game is on another level to UMCH in all technical aspects – the scenes are so much better, the characters all look amazing, the minigames are more in depth, so big kudos on stepping it up. But, the core of what UMCC did was give each player the ability to create a unique experience and I feel like that’s still lacking slightly in UMCH, but I’m sure by the time the game is actually finished I’ll have no such complaints. I know it must be hard putting in so many hours on a game and having people criticise you on this and that but I’m genuinely a big fan of your work and just wanna help make the game the best it can be. Hopefully the ideas I’ve suggested are practical and you agree with them. No worries if you don’t though, keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. thanks for the feedback. I even read it twice. Please consider that I realized the sandbox focus UMCC became is not something I aspired to create.

      I think what you are looking for is something I planned to likely spread out over different characters.

      My goal in UMCH, while playing as Maiko specifically, is to tell a story in similar style as a VN. And not to have a game that is about what happens when you have sex here or there, with this or that character. It shifts the focus of Maiko into exploring a sandbox, which is what I wanted to get away from.

      As for #1 I can certainly find opportunities to add more choices as they present themselves. But yeah I’d rather stay away from relationship point as stuff. I want you know a character is friends with another character, or not thought story/dialogue/events.

      As for the follow system mentioned in #2, where Maiko can take people to different place to have sex, or even meet them is a never ending snowball effect you might not be aware of. it is even present in your writing as I read it. you mention a few characters, then all characters, then different scenes for each character, then they need to conflict with one another, etc. and that jsut you idea. combine others ideas. the workload multiplies infinitely to do something highly demotivating for me to do in the place. Maiko’s goal is not to have sex with other students. this stigma is what I’m trying get away from here. Ironically it is quite the opposite. she is trying to prove she has move qualities to her than giant tits. So making her so focused on who can shave sex with and where is self defeating imo. Yes there is sex but most of all of her sex scenes not originating from having a desire to have self gratification. Having said that though. Maiko likely wont be only playable character. I might start testing other playable characters as early as the next update.

      for #3 It was my understanding that a lot of people wanted to just see sex animations and not have to actually do stuff when watching it. I have the majority of it like that. plus only so many mini games you can do here and still have them be very different. if I find more I will add them as sex mini games certainty.
      Each sex animation the game currently is based on the chemistry between the characters, in speed and positions.

      “the idea Iโ€™m pushing here is that, through her choices of who she fucks, each playerโ€™s Maiko is also indicating her sexual preferences.” this is what I want to avoid. Because I’m trying to explain Maiko and other characters specifically here. UMCC miserably fails to do this which is why I decided to just start over. If there is a playable character that had a concerned about who to have sex with it will likely not be Maiko. Maiko is focuses on making her self mentally and physically component to prove this to Luma. even at times through sex, the point is in most cases not for gratification.

      So thin what you seem to be looking for is more possible with other playable characters that each focus on different things.

    1. Thanks please stay on my ass about this. To be honest I tried to post it yesterday morning but have dealing with online dram all the way until this morning. I will try get it up this evening. maybe i like 4 hours or less from the time of this post.

      1. That is good to hear and nah man you doing good man( way better than most pateron creators with updating their content actively) just curious that is all keep up the good work

        1. also you you know all the posts did not appear on patreon so I still have to dig the though mails to find the posts like yours that did not get posted.

          1. I sent you a private message via through this site? do you want me to send it again because i tried posting it on pateron no luck still

          2. oh yeah forgot about that lol. yeah i will use inbox thank.

            not sure what the deal is on patreon you can try maybe only 2 links max in your post. never have had this issues before.

            you might try 2 link max and on different browser and see if it works.

            I see your message in email that you tried again asking if anyone can see them. but i don’t even see that message itself on patreon.

  72. This is why I like UMCH because its not about trying to get scenes, or avoid them, but to choose around/with them so Maiko becomes a more rounded person. That impetus given by Luma at the beginning is a good way to drive the story. I think you handle this very well, UMCC was good as it was, but you definitely have something different with UMCH and kudos to doing that. Along the way we do get some fun games, and scenes,that makes the game even more fun to play.

    It’s why I joined as a Patreon, so I can see more of that. hehehe

    Looking forward to the next update!

    1. I was trying to respond to this: “she is trying to prove she has more qualities to her than giant tits”

      Sadly the quote got snipped…

    2. Glad to see it’s noticed yeah there a definitely differences between the two games. But I think most will find UMCH game fulfilling as I get further into it.

    1. there are different things that can be done in the cafe. what specifically about the cafe are you having trouble with ?

        1. you need to click at the top of the screen to fix her hair.
          there is also a option on the tablet to have her hair always fix automatically.

  73. Loved the game so far, i have a few opinion to u sir take a look

    – how about in the savori’s quest, maiko can still fuck with her father, after failed quest, but with a order from savoris father, maiko have to use the same lingerie and call him daddy

    – in the cafe game, each time u press the speed, instead of repeating the action, how about each time u press, the speed goes up on a continous move?
    – also, movements to the guys dick and body
    – also, the guys can use both hand on ther belly while getting the action, just some idea on actions

    1. Thanks for the feedback, and glad you like the game

      -Maiko doesn’t want to have sex with him for pleasure. I tried to show this through dialogue and her facial expression during sex.
      -Yeah I can look into this later, going back to older animations is not a high priority item currently

  74. Hi, I love your work and the game.

    There were two typos in the game during the sex-cafe-game:
    Maiko: “Don’t stare AND my breasts so much…”
    Maiko: “He seems so relaxed so I should ride him a medium AMOUT.”

    Furthermore, it seems that in the Stacy sex animation her pussy position is a bit off to the side.

    Moving over to the more important stuff, I love the game. I think the sex-cafe game is especially sexy, with the mind bubbles telling what the girls think. Maybe add some more stages to that game? If the girls have 200 exp they might take on two customers at the same time? With two sex-bars they have to fulfill? One for oral work and one for how they move their pussy? Or two handjobs at the same time? Maybe at 300 exp they can take three customers: double handjob + blowjob and at 400 exp four customers: double handjob + blowjob + fucking?

    A way of combining H with some mini-game is always nice in my book!

    Whatever you do, I love your work.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.
      I think I fixed those at least one of those typos already.

      Thanks I want to have more areas with sex minigames than just the cafe. I will explore those other possibilities in those other locations.

          1. DL means download or download link. I don’t have link to puffin, link to the game is in the post or in the patron area.

    1. Maiko automatically and passives takes photos depending on the most recent action. changing clothes, showering, swimming, etc.

      the current photos is her tablet background.

  75. Excellent game so far, I really enjoy how you modified the savori event line from umcc, it feels a lot more involved.
    now while i understand that umch is not supposed to be like umcc in terms of the way sex scenes are triggered, I feel that the one thing im wishing for would be more scenes based in maikos house, i really enjoyed the idea of inviting a character back to maikos house from umcc, for instance how when maiko is upset in umch pattie joins her back in her bedroom, i think it would be just as fitting if kyle could be made to do something similar. But as i said i really enjoy the game thus far and look forward to seeing more.
    One final note would be that i dont particularly enjoy the lack of game music, every time i play i also turn on umcc for the background music lol it just never gets old hearing that.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, UMCC misrepresents a lot of things I am trying to correct in UMCH. Among those things are the amount of times Kyle get laid by Maiko, and what students have time and are willing to follow maiko around.

      I originally planed for Kyle and others to join Maiko at least in certain places, but not everywhere. This will be more apparent as I add more areas.

      UMCC had way too much stuff crammed into Maiko’s house so I want to be careful about that here.

  76. hi vortex, i love this game so far
    but i have problem when tsugo choose joey or zytra, the next day in mall get blank purple
    it’s a bug or is there a way to do that I can not understand?

  77. After futa scenes, what about more anal scenes ? There is just one with Jeni on the extra service of cafe. Just a suggestion.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion~ I handle all the hentai requests on the pateon tier for it though monthly nominations and voting, this applies to the futa stuff mentioned earlier also.

    1. Joey has a scene at the end of the affluently Ineffective quest line.
      Steps to complete it are in the walkthrough

  78. First of all, i love the way that the game is going, but one thing that many H games have are the tipical “you have to lose to unlock the H escene” that i’m glad that in this game is not the only way to unlock the H scenes, but this game still have that part in some cases,(EX: the David rape scene that if you win you have a victory message and if you lose you have the rape scene) soo the only thing that i wuld like is that you could make that if you win you have an alternative H scene ( like for example the ones in the boxing where if you win you have a victory scene and another if you lose ) (( and i don’t know if is on your list but some exposure events or that you could do it freely would’t be bad too, i know that in UMCC you can walk nude but i don’t know if is on yours plan to re-make that in UMCH too

    PS: My lack of knowledge can be applied to all the above mentioned

    TL;DR, LOL, XD:
    Would be nice if you culd make:
    1. Alternative path or scenes where Maiko is a little bit more sexualy depredator
    2. Make eposure events / scens / etc

    Very grateful and pleased with your hard work so far ~ me (jar jar jar) my kappa laugh*

    1. Thanks for the feedback,
      I think because that type of unlocking hentai is common, it does not mean it should be completely avoided.

      In the David scene you referenced, if you follow the dialogue, Maiko’s goal is to not engage in sex with him. not to dominate him in sex in return for trying to rape her. it doesn’t make sense for her to remain there and have sex with him if she wins.

      I don’t plan to have walking around naked in this game. But there are few scenes already sprinkled in the game where character is naked or topless. such as at the pool, the locker room, and at the cafe.

  79. Greetings,

    I would like to say that I’ve started playing UMCH not so long ago, and I found it amazing. I love everything, from story, characters and plot twists to the mini games.I have to mention that art is exceptionally amazing!!!
    TL;DR Game is freaking amazing and I love it.

    About v16:
    Adding Remi in game and making a sex scene with her is absolutely bullseye in my opinion. Remi became my favorite character and I really hope you’ll add more scenes with her (For example: Remi x David /since there’s a dialog between them about giving David a head\ or maybe Maiko x Kyle x Remi /When Kyle take a photo of Remi’s underskirt and gets caught and asks Maiko for help and then Remi wants to “punish” them both!\).
    TL;DR I love Remi, please make more scenes with her <3

    1. Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you like the character. Originally I was not going to add remi at all to this game, so I don’t want to suddenly drop what I have planned to flood in tons of Remi hentai scenes. Especially without careful consideration just so she can have more scenes. I did this in ARIA and didn’t like it. Imo taking time tom make sure Remi is a well fleshed out character add to the appeal. Also in UMCH the idea is that hardly anyone realizes Remi is futa so there are several conflicts. I can take time to go over these specific issues related to the game if you want. But yeah I might change the Kyle text if it implies there needs to be sex scene. don’t plan on having remi penetrating any dudes heh.

      1. Oh, I see. Well I’m kind of sad about that, but I can live with it ๐Ÿ˜€
        You don’t need to change anything, I just thought there will be upcoming scenes after such dialogues.
        And no please, I don’t want to see Remi penetrating guys haha I was implying scenes like the ones in ARIA, Remi x Jeo and Jeo x Remi x Phia.
        Sorry for misunderstanding.


    1. wake up, shower,changing clothes, cafe matching minigame, cafe pleasure minigame, successful friend flirt, swim minigame, boxing minigame, classroom minigame, Ai quest complete, Kyle photo collection

    1. still in alpha but the game has come a long way. But yes I’m still building the game up so it is still alpha. There are missing pieces that might make doing something now harder than it will be later when all the parts are added. once everything is added that I plan to add as part of the the core of the game, then it can be beta and test for if anything it still an issue etc.

  80. Not sure if the Hex Agent is supposed to be unbeatable, or I’m just really bad at fighting him. Am I missing something?

    1. defiantly beatable. use hairpin, also block looking down, build up more stats if you need from swimming/boxing, take the offensive try to not let him too shoot too much.

  81. Loving the game so far. but I’m having trouble figuring out the picture mechanic. I know pictures are taken automatically during certain actions, but are pictures saved in the tablet to be sold later. Or is it an overwrite. Example, One characters wants a wet photo, but when I get the picture to sell, A different character wants a cafe photo and the wet one isn’t sold. Am I just missing something?

    1. Nevermind, I figured it out. Though I read about pregnancy stuff, and in the beginning with the teacher, he says to take the pills from the cafe. Does anything take place if you don’t take those pills before sleeping, or is that for a future update?

      1. Glad you got it figured out. yeah the photos stuff was a bit of a rush job. For the pills, if you don’t take the pills and have the pill icon when you sleep the game will end. right now it is generic game over scene. but later they will be unique based on who got her pregnant.

        1. I see, it’s a bit getting used to but personally I enjoy the photo stuff now that I understand it. Also, I’ve gotten to the night time menace scene in the park/forest. And given the nature of that scene, I wanted to play it out that he finishes inside her for the fictional fantasy, and I read in one of your posts that that happens when you fail the mini-game. Any tips on how I could purposefully fail it?

          I see a timer of some sort at 6 which gradually decreases but once it hits 0, nothing happens unless I manually click the cum button which makes him pull out, which I’d rather not have since it’d break the story I have for myself.

          1. gad you got it working. I didn’t explain that part of the game at all. I’m not sure it will remain exactly as it is.

  82. Like the game but out of nowhere it stopped loading for me. Began to go to a pink screen and stop there. Tried deleting and re downloading. Nothing. Any suggestions

    1. It seems like it was playing fine, but for some reason now it is not? I need more of a description for me to be able to effectively help. I am just guessing. try using the included flashplayers to play the game if you are using a browser. could be some third party software you have downloaded blocking the game from running properly after a automated scan.

      1. IDK how to explain it. Basically it worked for awhile then one day it didn’t. Checked to see if there is any new software over the last three months. Havent found anything. Watched the videos and taken all the suggestions and nothing. it comes up as a pink screen no matter what I do. Extract, go through Winwar. Don’t matter, tried the V18 update nothing bro

        1. well let’s stick with v17 for now. first if you can see maiko hair and the interface when pressing start or load, you need to make sure the folder is properly unzipped. this is the most common solution when people report a pink screen issue. it is possibly to run the swf without it being unzipped but it wont load any of the files in the folders because they are compressed. next if playing in a browser you may also need to update your flash plugin. also did you try using the standalone flash player for your OS?

          1. ive already burnt through all of these options and i wanna say i was originally using like v16 or even lower originally so v17 hasnt worked for me. Idk bro ive looked at all these possibilities and still nothing even ran a virus and malware scan

          2. sorry I’m still I’m trying to understand, you originally mentioned the game stopped working out of nowhere. the same version that was working previously, now stopped working right? no version works now? or v16 still works and v17 does not?

  83. Hi, Vortex. When is the new public version going to be released? Your recent posts got me thinking that it would be included in the “big” update on the 16th, but I seem to have been wrong. No rush, the content you just released more than enough made up for the delay(swimsuits and flat chests, yay!), but an ETA would be much appreciated.

    1. the short answer is yes. I will certainly at least begin soon. But I want to be careful with the sound and not just toss something in just so it can have sound. know what I mean? It needs to really fit the game, and match the various locations, and match what happening on the screen, etc. the is a careful process that may take time to find and/or make different stuff and see what works. I’m most of my bigger there are a few sings I actually made myself.

      1. You could put something like nature sounds, not exactly music and just like slight paused piano notes, something that just fits “casual and normal everyday”. And something a lot more calm at night like wind with some violin notes along.

        Just an idea :p

  84. Is there is a way to have sex with futa-nurse? And yo man! This game is actualy great!

  85. And do not think all what we want are more sex-scenes. Good plot is an important too! But tbh none came here to see this game for a good story-line. Everyone here only coz of sex game WITH A GOOD PLOT! New places, new story-lines,new rare characters – thats all are important for us. If you wanted to create a life-sim but with sex, then you actualy lost, this game is fuuuuuull of sex, its about sex as well. But i dont see this as bad, now its a sex-sim with a plot ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Sorry, i wasnt mean to. But thats basicaly are true, everyone came here just to fap on another one of the billion hentai-games.

        1. I am also sorry, but you won’t always get more sex scenes here. there is more to a game than sex scenes. If that is a problem for you then feel to leave and play the other billion games you are talking about instead.

        2. Speak for yourself.

          Like i already told vortex, i find it refreshing that you’d get a hentai game where you can’t bang everyone. Even if it’s a sex game, the fact there are in it characters who won’t do anything sexual, or will just do one thing, is actually fun. Even if i do admit that i would like to see some characters who don’t have sex scenes, or only have one, to have a few more.

          Still, Vortex is creating a huge world between all his games, so instead of complaining about there not having enough sex, try to play the different games and unlock everything. I know i will.

          1. yeah imo it’s good to have characters you want to see more of. but the character design is diluted if all the character always have lots of sex (ie. behave the same way)

    1. thanks, other games tell other parts of the story. It kind of splits there though. there is one that follows Jinru and on the follows Maiko that I haven’t made yet.

  86. So pressing the spacebar while swimming still kills the game
    It makes it so you can’t click anything and have to close it (it’s happened.. a lot lmao)
    Also sidenote: absolutely love the game but I’m stuck at the end with the guy with the gun.. I can never beat him :S

    been playing since classroom cheaters and legit this is my most hyped game since forever
    Love it man keep up the amazing work
    I always love finding your hidden little tricks and secrets xD (cough boob relax cough)

    1. it is after the david/dizzy scene. you need to exit from the cafe to trigger it.
      to get the david/dizzy scene.

      1. get maiko, strong enough to beat David in boxing.

      2. maiko sure pattie is not with maiko, you can tell if she is by seeing if she is in Maiko’s house or not. if she is in Maiko’s house, you need to go to the cafe to the matching minigame. on purpose match the wrong things until maiko get like 40 stress or so. the go to the cafe shop (the cart icon) and click the plate icon. and press X on Pattie.

      3. wait till dark. you can pass time at maiko’s house using the clock.

      4. go outside at night and it will be a 50% you meet David and fight him. you need to beat him.

      5. leave that area an return. maiko will hear something. it will begin the scene.

  87. I kind of wish you would pull out the cafe portion of the game and just focus on developing that on its own. It’s so fucking awesome. Are there front-facing animations in this version? Didn’t see it in the readme but I’m not sure if I’m missing something based on some comments.

  88. nice game but one problem:

    i try to help zytra. i lost against the guard. after that i saw a umichan screen. i didnt saw the two options. only tab could help me. after trying the buttons i startet with zero boxing skill and i cant sleep in order to train again, because i have to help zytra. the bigger problem is, that i didnt save the whole game and now i have to start again.

      1. I dunno what I’m doing wrong, I’m using the stuff from that download. Is it possibly the SWF file? If not, I have no idea whats wrong.

  89. Cant download it, is someone with the same problem?

    Btw, will there be more shota content? I would love to see the scene of Jeni and the boy who asks to have sex with her on the mall, and she says that she will be inside the cafe in a few minutes

    1. There is no need to make a scene for it. shota part of the clients that can appear in the sex minigame. You would just need to use Jeni for it.

          1. I mean for shota’s, like a hidden area in a playground or something. maybe corrupt some, why would they become a client otherwise? just an idea.

          2. I don’t want park or corruption in this game sorry. Based on the dialogue and scenes in the game you can see that any who has the money can be in the cafe even though they are not supposed to be.

  90. Will Vortex00,Rhythmic gymnastics minigame Obstacle Background color is too light.Feel better to deepen a little better.

  91. Wow dude I’ve been out for a while, last time I played it was v11 so you imagine the surprise I got to all the new contento so I’ll start with the feedback ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1.-I love the new character Stacy! She’s like, the slutty character that alot of people were asking for. Is she Luma’s sister? They look really similar except for the boobs obviously :b
    2.-I like the idea of being able to turn into normal students for the cafe minigame, I noticed they can go out of there and I’m curious to see if they can do more besides the cafe. It’s an interesting yet good idea, maybe we can get some more students with exotic hair colors?
    3.-The nursery dude wow, Remi it’s awesome I love her and her assistants. I hope we can get to see more of the nursery in the future, maybe a minigame for Maiko to work there doing “medical procedures” to be more helpful than Luma. Or something else maybe, that รกrea just gives so much potencial imo.
    Also, I noticed there’s something like a vaccine that costs 7,000. What’s that for?
    4.-The photo system is a great addition to the game, but the overwritting gets a little annoying when trying to get a specific background and when you do something you just overwrite it, maybe you could put a button like “Set current BG as permanent” or a “Gallery” on Maiko’s tablet so you can collect the pictured you get along the way.
    5.-The scene Gallery seems a little imposible to fully achieve don’t you think? Maybe we could get a “New Game+” opciรณn to start over from Zero but only keeping our achievements area to be able to collect all the scenes.
    6.-I like the Pattie option for her to “reduce our stress”, maybe you could put in something else that does exactly the same but is easier to figure out or easier to get to. Like going out with a friend (Be it Riley, Pattie, Chris, Kyle or Leyah), or simply Maiko masturbating when sleeping alone. It’s not completely necessary but it would be nice to have variety of ways to do one thing.
    7.-I have but one last request to ask from you… more MIKA <3

    I think I wrote a lot but hey it's all about the feedback am I right? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Keep going like this, UMCH has come a long way and I'm sure it's only at the 40% of what it's yet to become on the final product.
    You're awesome dude ^-^

    1. glad you like it~
      yes stacy is luma’s sister. for you hair color question, not all character are in the game yet.
      atm the gallery is internally the way it is.
      Mika is pretty non-sexual tbh. But she will appear in more dialogues at the very least.
      40% idk, I’d consider myself further than that

  92. Where is the another part of the mission where I fight the 2 hex guys and after that I’ve speaked with the rookie in the cafe and… it doesn’t have nothing to do. It’s a glitch or you haven’t added it yet? And why the David rape scene stay appearing after so many times? It’s a bug too?

    PS: Sorry for my bad english. XD

    1. After the two agents that is end of the game. I don’t have a ending screen yet.
      David will keep coming back to attack Maiko if the setting is correct for him to. You need to do something about him or he will keep doing it. It is probably not a bug.

      1. The end? Aaaaaah, I thought it would be more story. Are you really serious? What about Alma? What about the “monsters”? this is the end of v18 or the end of the game?

        PS: Sorry for my bad english again
        PSยฒ: I loved that game so much, can you tell when the v19 will be released?

        1. All of the story does not take place in this game. it is just a small part of it. It is continued in other games. Also the end of the game has been in there since June 2016. v19 I plan to have ready this week.

  93. Hi Vortex, great work! honestly only game I have been following. Blows all other porn games out the water. I was wondering about the scene with David and his mum and sister, I saw a WIP of them awhile back, has that been added? Looking forward to v19 and keep up the great work!

        1. Best way to get scenes with Alma or Mika is joining the patreon, suggesting and getting them voted by the end of the month. I am doing my part ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. Well…if you say so, i’ll give it a try, but im afraid its just wishful thinking. If we have to depend on the votes entirely we may never get what we wish for

  94. So as I read above, this game (UMCH) is parte of a whole story that’s depicted in various other Games of yours? If so, can you tell me in which order do I play them to get the most logic out of the story?

    1. it is posted as a reply already bu here it is again:

      it is after the david/dizzy scene. you need to exit from the cafe to trigger it.
      to get the david/dizzy scene.

      1. get maiko, strong enough to beat David in boxing.

      2. maiko sure pattie is not with maiko, you can tell if she is by seeing if she is in Maikoโ€™s house or not. if she is in Maikoโ€™s house, you need to go to the cafe to the matching minigame. on purpose match the wrong things until maiko get like 40 stress or so. the go to the cafe shop (the cart icon) and click the plate icon. and press X on Pattie.

      3. wait till dark. you can pass time at maikoโ€™s house using the clock.

      4. go outside at night and it will be a 50% you meet David and fight him. you need to beat him.

      5. leave that area an return. maiko will hear something. it will begin the scene.

  95. I noticed that in terms of the Hentai side of Maikos life her character seems to have changed from UMCC,where she was a standardly “slutty” girl into a girl who is easily talked into having sex, or is convinced its for her benefit. based on the dialogue, i found only one scene where Maiko has sex simply because she wants to(Greel scene) the rest are just someone either talking her into it, or giving her something in return for the service so to speak. Is this change deliberate, and is it a more accurate representation of Maikos actual character?

    1. yes UMCH is a more accurate representation of Maiko’s actual character and how I originally intended for it to be. How it was interpreted in UMCC was part of the reason why I stopped working on that game and started UMCH instead. in UMCC it is too many possible ways to look at the character. You could play the game without having any sex at all. or you can play with a lot. Since there was really no consequence or motive for it, you just come up with you own interpretation of why she is having sex or not. And yeah most people defaulted that reason to slutty. In UMCH I more clearly describe Maiko and other character’s actual canon personality as I originally intended. So despite whether or not you like it, I am glad you recognized it.

      1. I suppose i have mixed feelings about it, but what i do like is that Maiko has a more noticeable personality, like you said she was a little too ambiguous in umcc and it’s good to see her character being more thoroughly represented. Still greatly impressed with the game and can’t wait to see more

    1. I usually add audio last because it make the game take much longer to compile and increases the game size by a lot. This is a issue for example, when i am trying to do a quick recompile to test if a bug is fixed or not, or make a small spelling correction.

  96. the hex agent are too hard to fight and he drain ur hp over time… please reduce difficulty a bit… also include all scene into scene player would be nice.. to keep track which socialize event or event you have already seen or not… and i notice you post a lot scene on some site.. is those gonna be next update?