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SVPG: Alice Shower

This is a teaser trailer for a SVPG shower video featuring Alice. It’s gets pretty lewd and was hard to make a…

SVPG: Ge as Arielle

I’ve been collaborating with Ecchi Paradise to further update the SVP Girl content here. This is a teaser video for Arielle cosplayed…

SVPG: Alice as Pattie Incoming irl! If you only like the 2D, or 3D stuff here that’s cool, and that will continue. But for a…

Disharmonica SVP Girl cosplay

Helly von Valentine aka Disharmonica in a photo gallery featuring SpiralVortexPlay clothing. Disharmonica is a cosplayer, erocosplayer and photo model from Russia….

New game preview

New game preview Hey guys, its jccq89 here and I have some exciting news to start this month! Vortex00 left me in…

SVPG Water Dance

MMD: New Thang


MMD: Santa Yuri

kind of a bigger video than usual so you might need to use the mirror. mirror:

MMD: Santa Baby 2015

already been a year since last Santa Baby. I’ll do a Luma and sisters version if people want. mirror:

MMD: Straight Up and Body Ache


MMD WIP stuff

Straight Up is a motion assembly from Girl Gone Wild and You Rock My World

MMD: Donut Hole

been thinking about making Zytra, Leyah, and Dizzy descendants of the mages from super early on in the story. But they don’t…

MMD: Fitness Room

Not perfect but it is what it is, I need to get back to doing other stuff and rendering takes forever. yes…

MMD: Shoujo Misui (Halloween)

Been pretty busy with various stuff but I decided to do a last minute Halloween video. To those who celebrate it~ Happy…

MMD break a sweat WIP

made a motion assembly and rendered the most recent tests. I’m not trying to make a masterpiece, just rendering tests. So yes…

MMD: Firework

Was messing with hgsao a type of shader effect in mmd. I’m not fond of how it adds those really dark shadows…

MMD Zytra stuff

was just trying out some new motions I got. decided to render it. back to work!

MMD Zytra LeanOn TwerkOut motion WIP

I’ve been working a mmd motion because I didn’t see any dance motions of this song, then I remembered a twerk video…

MMD dabbling

working on updating Zytra model with the better UV map body Maiko has. I need to fix the middle part of her…