January 2, 2024

33 thoughts on “Umichan Sentoryu H-scene walkthrough

    1. one thing id like to point out is that the volume levels are inconsistent, entering certain places and doing certain actions will make the volume levels go to max even if they’re at the minimum

    2. tyranobuilder has issues dealing with sound. I’d probably need to spend another week on it to fully comb through all those spots and fix them manually.

    1. there was one planned with her and Max but with patreon terms of use changes I wanted to finish this game asap and move to something less risky.

    1. it is included in the post:

      Dizzy x David
      choose to help David at the mall bully scene with kyle
      view kyle/holly scene back at the house
      talk to David in his room
      go outside the house to find Dizzy
      talk to David about angels in his room
      go outside the house again

    1. Speak to Pattie. She is in the stairway part of the mall.
      She will mention taking photos for Kyle and you can pay her to send you some each day.

  1. When I go back to the house after helping David nothing happens and I can’t the scene with kyle x holly

    1. go back to the house and sleep in Carl’s room. you will need to have the Pass Time icon active to sleep.

  2. I can’t seem to get Kyle x Holly scene, what do I have to do exactly once I side with David at the mall? I got back home but I can’t find kyle and holly together in none of the rooms

    1. You need to side with David when you see Kyle in the mall, then go back to the house. I think you also need to go to the fitness area first.

  3. Game Play is amazing!
    story line is Awesome..
    Any Tips/Tricks on getting Stacy for an interview?
    Thanks again for the Content, I really enjoy it!

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