June 29, 2024


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  1. Hi, i would love to see a mini game that starts with Remi just about to start work when she stumbles upon Luma, Jeni and Maiko in bikinis, Remi try to start a conversation with the girls but they are in a hurry and go somewhere. Whole working day Remi can’t stop thinking about the three girls and have a boner. She calls Rosie to get some relief but for some reason Rosie is not available. Just when she starts to fap uncontrollably Pattie comes by, she needs a treatment for something.

    Remi then talks Pattie into having vaginal sex and pounds her hard and cumming inside.
    After working day is over she is about to go home when Luma arrives. Luma needs some help from Remi and Remi suggests vaginal sex until Remi can’t have sex anymore and in return she help Luma. Luma agrees unwillingly but she has to and Remi fuck Luma 3 times until finished. Afterwards Luma agree that Remi was quite good actually in bed.

    Remi then go to the gym and stumbles upon Jeni, Jeni don’t have her training partner there and Remi suggest she can help Jeni with some execises but in return she will get to fuck Jeni doggystyle hard in the shower later. Jeni don’t agree first but when realising later she needs help in gym she go to Remi and say fine. Remi help Jeni with some squats exercising, pressing her dick against Jeni while doing it and in the shower she has no mercy on Jeni and fuck her two times.

    When going home to sleep she hear someone knocking on the door, it’s Maiko that is in terrible need of getting fucked and everyone seems busy somehow and Remi is the only one with a dick left, she say to Remi she can fuck her and Remi go all in fucking Maiko all night.

    In total
    Remi x Pattie (doggystyle, creampie)
    Remi x Luma (doggystyle, from behind and missionary, creampie 3 times)
    Remi x Jeni (remi fucking Jeni from behind hard, one hand dragging Jeni in the hair other on her hip and doggystyle, creampie two times, Squats training with Remi standing behind Jeni)
    Remi x Maiko (missionary and from behind, creampie two times)

    OK to use existing content for example Remi x Maiko content in futa fantasy etc.

  2. Had a weird kind of request in mind.

    Basically wanted to ask for some version of this minigame concept https://spiralvortexplay.com/svp/2015/03/12/umch-pov-sex-mini-test/

    Can be flexible with how its done/what is included/how much is included.

    Since you’re busy, I figured I could just code it myself in GML, so would only need to commission art stuff. Below are more details on specifics I was thinking.

    Idea premise:

    Main character: Maiko/ or maybe Roise or even another fem character.

    Premise: Want to get $ at the cafe job and avoid getting nutted in.

    There’s a set amount of $ you want to get by the ending

    Getting nutted in is an instant gameover that leads to getting knocked up by the guy

    Different guys function as different “levels” and have different properties and ways to convince them to pull out.

    Some “guy” characters I figured could be – David/Joiry/Jeo (Maybe Carl/Remi, though their different body types would be extra work)

  3. Hello saw the commission request and thought I would try something simple. Haven’t seen Remi and Stacy together before so wanted to get a small animation like then ones you usually do for the months. For the pose we could do a missionary style. If we go with this idea can send a ref when needed. Thanks!

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