January 1, 2024

Umichan High Stakes

Direct browser link:
Direct link should work if you don’t have iframes in your browser or are on a mobile device.



Please support the Patreon for the Deluxe version, which includes:
Image gallery
Maiko x Rookie
Rinoga x Students
Maiko x Axel Team
Maiko x Leo
Maiko x 2 BBC
Maiko x Cafe Clients 2

Walkthrough Story:
Just follow the events section on your phone. you can click the areas to quickly travel there.

Walkthrough Hentai:

Alma x Tom – Travel to Alma’s apartment entrance area from a different location in the apartment. Carl is not Maiko’s sponsor. You need to live with Alma.

Alma x Carl + Maiko – Go to Alma’s apartment from the travel screen. Carl is Maiko’s sponsor. You need to live with Alma.

Moiji x Chester – view the Chester and Moiji dialogue in the Grocery store area. Travel to the grocery store area again after viewing the Paul Zytra Leyah story scene there. Story scenes will priority play first so you may need to enter again if you got a story scene.

Holly x Carl x Maiko – Visit Holly Room. You need to live with Holly.

Maiko solo shower – Holly/Alma House: Bathroom

Maiko x David – Holly’s House: David’s Room

Maiko x David (After sleeping) – Holly’s House: Jeni’s Room

Maiko x Client – Cafe

Paul x Zytra – finish Paul/Zytra Quest. Select dialogue options to favor Zytra.

Paul x Maiko – finish Paul/Zytra Quest. Select dialogue options to favor Maiko.

53 thoughts on “Umichan High Stakes

  1. just carious which paul ending is canon? or are they all just there for the scenes? btw nice job on this game!

    1. It’s not everything I had originally planned for however as long as I continue to use tyranobuilder, the games can only really be so big before the engine starts struggling and eventually failing to compile. I will be moving back to UMCH style games after one more VN.

  2. Aw, Paul is so sweet. A family is reunited! And one of the execs finally STAYS LOCKED UP. When do we get to throw Albert away again? He needs punishment too.

    For technical bull, the wait time for the animation to load is also kinda jarring and takes you out of the scene. I remember when you talked about using fewer frames, going with the still images that go one after another instead, and I really think that style would work better in this context. The number of environments seems like too much considering where the content is located, but that may be for the Patreon version that I don’t know about (no money, can’t support outside of my endless enthusiasm for your content!). Okay, that’s enough of that. Yay story content!

    1. Glad you like it~ Albert will have to be in something that takes place after this.

      Yeah I was going to do more with this game, which i had all the different areas, but as you noticed with what’s here, it just starts getting really clunky. Stuff starts taking too long to load, etc. It really can’t handle the animation stuff i need i to be able to handle, partly because does like no preloading.

    1. i very briefly killed the link that might have interrupted some downloads. but it should be fine now. sorry about that.

  3. I don’t really know much about this engines, but have you thoughtof using Ren’Py? I’ve seen lots of Games in Ren’py that handle Gifs really well, and it’s made for VN

    Also, Rookie is suppose to be Riley’s BF (Or sort of), so I find it curious that there’s a scene with Maiko and Rookie but not with Riley, though I guess Riley isn’t that much into the sex stuff

    1. I have, but it needs to handle gifs well in browser to be more specific. And at the time I looked at ren’py, it did not even have a way to export to html5 to begin with, much less a non laggy solution. I’ve seen that it can now, but it seems to still be in it’s infancy still. i think the lag is about the same or or less in a browser as tyranobuilder. On top of that, from what i saw, ren’py has a steep learning curve for doing what i am trying to do. most of the better ren’py games i saw when doing research, seemed to have had various parts of the ren’py engine rewritten.

      Construct2 and 3 was made specifically for browsers,mobile and action games where there is a lot of images and movement going on. And I am already familiar with it.

      Also I wont be using gifs anymore, i’ll be using sprite sheets which work a lot better since it essentially loads up one static image and just plays through different sections of it in order. That will also let me properly sync the sound. And i’ll have an easy means to make non VN games and various minigames inside of games. You can see all that tested in the UMCH Lite engine.

      Riley is the rookie’s childhood friend. The original idea was maiko can have sex with the rookie, and riley, or whoever you romanced him with, will find out about it and be pissed at you (maiko). But since i scaled back the scope of the game it didn’t really fit any more so i just put it in the deluxe stuff so it wouldn’t be just sitting around waiting to be used somewhere like my animations tend to do because it takes a while to make a game. and ttrop and I are usually churning out animations faster than i can use them. It’s why, at some point I wanted to have something where i just do animations.

  4. I have to wonder are we going to influence events like Mass Effect since I can’t think of a better example. For relationships for Maiko is there going to be a relationship statues bar so she have a relationship with someone and stay loyal in a sense or she is just going around have sex with people if me make her choose too.

    1. It’s somewhere in the middle. I don’t plan to have relationship statuses visible to the player anywhere but I will keep track of certain key decisions. And that is so the final scene(s) can be different based on those choices. In a similar way that choosing your sponsor in high stakes determines who Maiko brings to Ace’s mansion. And deciding who to stay with affects who Maiko talks to leading up to that.

      And no matter what is chosen it all needs to connect to High Stakes.So certain things have to happen like Leyah getting kidnapped, and the issues with Zytra and Joey, and Albert being arrested. In High Stakes I asked the player how they handled the Zytra/Joey situation. And in a game after High stakes I will ask the player who Maiko stayed with, And who Paul ended up with, etc.

      Actually, since it will be in construct 2 I should be able to code something where it can read the save file from High Stakes and this game. That would be cool.

    1. No remi scenes in this one. However I’m working out a solution on my patreon right now so i can have more flexibility to make stuff with characters that might not currently be in the spotlight.

    1. Sorry for the delay. I don’t think I have detailed instructions but I should make some.

      Deluxe scenes exists in separate deluxe version of the games, that have a unlock button to unlock them.

      I’d say the easiest way to get deluxe version from me is to just grab it on gumroad.

      However the “Fan!” tier and above on patreon allows you to check out all the deluxe games

      after that just navigate to the link below and press the “connect with patreon” button at the bottom.
      You will need to allow the apps to access some of your patreon info.
      After than you will be taken to a special download area for all the deluxe versions of games.

    1. by “last” I assume you mean “bottom”?

      Alma x Carl + Maiko – Go to Alma’s apartment from the travel screen. Carl is Maiko’s sponsor. You need to live with Alma.

  5. This is gonna sound stupid and mopey but… um maybe add a scene where Maiko and Alma cuddle when they sleep together… not like a full blow lesbian scene but just Mother and Daughter getting to cuddle like a family… yes it be nude cuddling cause There is no taboo in Ummichan but something sweet

    1. No worries. Maybe they can do that in different game. currently in this game they each have their own rooms and Maiko is not aware of who Alma really is yet.

  6. i become to patreon and can’t unlock special scene that use patreon any one know how to unlock scene patreon i become but it lock have the walk though

    1. yes and no,
      yes the original intent for this was to expand on the UMCH story a bit. but in terms of how the game itself plays and because of limitations with the engine i used here, this is not really what i would have made if flash was still a viable development option. I am still working on a custom engine in construct 2 that works the same or better than how UMCH did.

  7. So far its fun. Is it perfect no but its a good working progress. What I would find cool is the idea of choosing characters to play as. After replaying Umichan Sorani I find it more interesting to play as Zytra in High stakes While our loveable Maiko is fun and all but the idea to play as some other girl is interesting. If anything good job, Keep up the work

    1. Many thanks, it’s possible to do that in a new engine i made to make specifically 2D umichan games. but i’d have to work out what happens in the zytra parts when she is not with/around maiko.

  8. if my memory is not wrong you did a long time ago talk about having a sort of random encounter system where maiko had to several ways to relsolve it, fine them, fight them or show boods that could lead to a small boob sucking animation, i got reminded of it since the fights (have not done any post the second one) has the show feature. is something like that implemented in this game or another one, or is it only accessible on the deluxe version of this game.

    1. I never did it. I would still like to thoguh. I was trying to do it in this game but tyranobuilder has such little support if something with it goes wrong. I got frustrated with the poor support and started making new stuff in construct 3. I would probably need to do that type of concept in a game made with ren’py

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