January 1, 2024

Umichan Maiko Agent Academy (prototype 3)

This iframe may cause lag if you lag try the direct browser link or the downloads.

[iframe src=”http://spiralvortexplay.com/umaa3/index.html” width=990 height=563][/iframe]

green – avoid mines, and attack when invulnerable shield is not active
blue – side step the beam
purple – do not attack when hex aura is active


make sure to unzip the contents first.
the game file is called “nw”

direct browser link (good for playing on mobile or experiencing lag)

at the moment for the shooter you will get 1 of 4 random gun types: pistol, uzi, assault rifle, and watergun.
also you can ignore the pool background. It was used just to help see the effects.

-bottom right corner is phone menu with Fight and Graphic Settings.
-press the circle at the bottom of the phone to close it.
-click at bottom of boobs to change outfits.
-click Jeni to see dialogue. some outfits cause dialogue to change.
-the pattie hentai scene for this intentionally vibrates because I removed a lot of those frames to make the game a smaller size. that animation will be replaced later.
-I plan to remove all vibrate/shake screen effects.

  • Graphic Settings icons (left):
  • shiny/twinkle – toggles projectile collision effects. turn off to help with performance.
  • Star fade and rotate – toggles if projectiles have animation. turn off to help with performance.
  • Agent icon – select what boss to fight in offense mode.
  • Star – select difficulty (1 – 3)
  • Shield/Sword – toggle defense/offense fight mechanics.
  • Gun – select what gun to use.

build3 (current):
-Added Green, Purple, and Blue agent fights.
-Add agent training outfit.
-Added a player Max Health setting on the phone menu.
-Certain outfits provide bonuses to man health.
-Updated most topdown and pov art assets.
-backend updating for the dialogue system.
-testing sprite strips for normal animations.

21 thoughts on “Umichan Maiko Agent Academy (prototype 3)

  1. Ok thoughts on Demo.

    The Home Screen is a little weird to use. I’m used to the camera moving where the mouse goes, but the auto scroll messes with my instincts on how to move in a Umichan game. It’s hard to know if the buttons reading my input, but I’m guessing they’re just a place holder for now. Also, I miss intractable boobs. I mean yeah you can squeeze them, but It was kind of fun and funny just playing with Maiko’s boobs in UMCH

    Now for the main Combat
    I like the model, and Maiko moves exactly how I want her to. The enemies are good, and I like how you can shoot down projectiles, but the environment is a little claustrophobic. I understand why it’s the way it is (To see Maiko animations better) but I feel that making Maiko and the enemies a tad bit smaller (somewhere between 10-20%) would give us more room to work with. The guns all feel good, though the shaking screen when using the assault riffle (or uzi) could be brought down a bit. I’m not sure if I’m just confusing them, but I feel like the Assault riffle is more powerful then the Uzi, either that or the gun place holder seems to be too big. The Uzi barely feels like a machine gun compared to the Assault riffle. However, I had a lot of fun with the Assault riffle, but I did notice that it’s a little OP. I feel like there should be a reload animation for guns like that just so your not endlessly pressing down the mouse button and watching things get destroyed.

    One thing that isn’t necessary but I would like to see is the water gun being implemented more. It would be fun to see things actually get wet when using it. So for example, you shoot a bot, the contrast of the image get’s higher (to give the illusion of getting wet). This wouldn’t work as well on humans, but i’m pretty sure you could come up with some sort of cleaver way of implementing that.

    Overall, though a fun demo….especially with the assault riffle. LOOK AT THOSE BULLETS FLY! 😀

    1. Many thanks for the feedback. yeah i can try a more responsive scroll. I tried a few things before this but it was a bit dizzying. I will continue to work out this issue before moving on too much.

      how often did you play with the boobs? I’m guessing a lot at the start when yo first discovered it, and then you kinda got over it?
      There are two issues with dragging currently. 1 is the ttrop didn’t draw any parts of the boobs past where it goes currently. so everything would need to be redrawn/added into. 2. I did this is flash my using at lot of different math equations. it’s not totally how it can do that in construct. and if you can, how it would effect performance. If you want more interaction with boobs id rather just have more clickable spots that do different things. there is also art not in here yet that has the nipples revealed in the agent outfit. That would probably be activated by clicking a certain spot(s) etc.

      Yeah i had tried maiko at 0.9 size of her size in game and it felt a lot better than it is now. the only problem was I was having issues reducing the boob size also while keeping all the logic i had for the boob jiggle in there since it sets the size of it manually. I’ll need to spend time adjusting stuff.

      The AR sticking out to far was unexpected, however I kind of liked it because it gives it a limitation/downside to using it. Yes is powerful, but projectiles might still slip past you that you are not able to shoot if you are not careful. obvious the issues with other weapons would be slower shoot speed and damage.

      yeah I can have a shine/wet effects on the bots. currently it is just placeholder art though. But yeah I’ll keep that in mind.

      based on the lore the gun use a khalei crystal to shoot. yeah I can introduce some kind of reload into the game.

  2. I think the POV camera pan is a bit too slow, either that or I’m too used to UMCH’s camera. Also I think if u were able to walk around while firing, it would be more fun and intuitive

    1. Yeah on the offensive minigame you will be able to circle around a boss. But for defense you will be stationary. i wanted it to be more about preparation and strategy rather than moving around with skill. though you can still still use skill to shoot the bullets if you want.

      also keep in mind that you can have up to two ally characters that will be positioned to the left and right of Maiko. there will not be room to move anyway.

      I think the concern for the defense minigame is dealing with bullets?

      I plan to have it where you can also get a shield either from green khalei or a character that uses it. some are active when you press a button, some automatically activate, etc.

      also some ally characters can “taunt” which will attract the bullets to them.

      also Maiko’s hairpin is not implemented yet either. overall i will have a way for players to deal with bullets.

  3. An AR would most likely be bigger than an Uzi, as an Uzi is a submachine gun or machine pistol depending on it’s variant. If anything the Uzi should be firing as fast or faster than the AR as most SMGs have a high fire rate, especially when compared to an AR. For balancing purpose it should do less damage which also makes sense since they usually have smaller calibur.

    1. I’m not sure if correct but I calling the AR the long dark blue gun. In lore I have it currently named “L5AR” Yeah I can swap the the firing rate of the blue gun with the uzi. the uzi already does less damage compared to the AR but i might need to adjust it.

    1. Yeah that gun is pretty strong in the prototype but it will be upgradable to that point. different khalei colors will give it different passives properties also.

  4. Here is a small thing, but it’s kind of funny when you realize it. If you circle your mouse around Maiko during the defense mini game, you can see that her leg layer is delayed much more than her upper body layer, which creates the illusion that she she twisting her back 180 degrees from where her legs are.

  5. For some reason i cant go anywhere, access the phone or put on different clothing. Im stuck at the main screen with Candy and i olny have access to the attack mini game where I dont have armor and the beginning yellow effect gun. I can view candys sex scene and one of maikos animations ad that is it.

    1. I’m not sure how you are able to click certain buttons and not others. To be clear, the buttons that are clickable are the 3 pink button in view and the phone icon in the bottom right. To change clothes click at the bottom of the boobs at bottom of the screen. What browser are you using?

  6. Hi, I wanted to know why he won’t let me play, I can see the candy scene but then I want to play with other weapons and he won’t let me

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