April 3, 2024

Umichan: Sentoryu

Direct browser link:
[button color=”red” link=”http://spiralvortexplay.com/public/sentoryu/” target=”_blank”]Browser[/button]
Direct link should work if you don’t have iframes in your browser or are on a mobile device.

[button color=”red” link=”https://mega.nz/#!AIJDWIiD!IpPQITq1W12AyYp2rLz5CJq7gyRIPD6C1ofVWJlBw40″ target=”_blank”]Windows[/button]
[button color=”red” link=”https://mega.nz/#!JFB1CSya!38hx2Bs1pUUo3pks8IR-ufXNrJBwwOxHwC_Hq8Ol5jY” target=”_blank”]Mac[/button]

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Sleep in Carl’s room to pass time for the Maid outfits.

175 thoughts on “Umichan: Sentoryu

  1. This game is still super early in development. However as you make have seen from previous posts, a lot of the game art and animations are already made and the writing is going smoothly. It is just a matter of putting it all together. I Just wanted to get a small demo out and see what people think before I pick up the pace on this.

    1. yep a lot more of this is planned. A lot of it is already animated and character art already made for more stuff. just need to catch up on writing a bit.

  2. I like it. Interesting story and enjoyable gameplay. I think it’ll be amazing.

    The scene when Holly talks to Jeni about makeup. It looks like Jeni has lipstick and her eyelids are green.
    It’s just something I noticed.

    1. Many thanks, yeah Jeni is already doing make up at this point. There will be other similar scenes that explains it better.

    1. That is a random dialogue scene. After the sex scene you are done for now. But a Holly shower scene triggers after that.

      1. It seemed like it happened whenever characters got surprised or angry in the dialog. It happened when talking to Holly about her son, and in the shower scene when you were caught for me.

    1. So far yeah. I lot of time went int other stuff in month. Plus I wanted to make sure there was no problem with just this much. And there was a issue found where characters appear in-front the front of the text. This like the are exactly why I didn’t do too much yet. It helps to fix stuff like that while the game is still small.

    1. So far yeah. A lot of time went into other stuff this month. Plus I wanted to make sure there was no problem with just this much. And there was a issue found where characters appear in-front the front of the text. This like the are exactly why I didn’t do too much yet. It helps to fix stuff like that while the game is still small.

  3. It’s odd, do you have RNG for the shower scenes? The first time I saw Holly Shower I stayed and she continued showering with the dialogue. Randomly I decided to go back to that save today and I was caught and a different scene happened. Curious I decided to then go back to a prior save with Jeni showering, and after 3 times getting caught the 4th time I wasn’t noticed and the scene continued.

    So my question is will future scenes and dialogue options also be like this?

    1. Yeah showers scenes is 50% to get caught in this build for now. Just testing it out. But yeah you will have stats that determine if sneak areas like that will be successful or not.

      For dialogue options some may be like that, and/or where you need to have a stats high enough to have more dialogue options added. I will give hints when you don’t have all of the dialogue options available.
      But also some dialogues will be determined my just knowing the personality of who are talking to, in the form of multiple choice responses. So yeah just a bunch of different things.

  4. Great game I really wanna see more already. Just playing some of this stuff on your site makes me want to patron. I will probably be just a $5 patron, I would do more money if i could because these games are amazing. Keep up the great work.

    1. Many thanks. Development is in progress. Wilson is currently writing the script. And I still need to do a basic overview of what happens in this game. Most of the art and animations are done but not yet prepared to be imported into the game.

    1. It’s a nickname. I’m not sure if I should change it or not. I don’t want people confused. However Holly does explain this at the start of the game when introducing him to Jeni and David.

  5. Im getting stuck when the teacher is supposed to come to the house and Carl says “that’s the door etc etc”, i go to the door and it just frezes, no dialog, no traveling button, not even the menu button works

    anyone else having that problem?

    1. I just tried it and I don’t have that issue. I tried on Firefox 56.0.2 (64-bit), Firefox 57.0.3 (64-bit), Chrome 63.0.3239.108 (64-bit), and Internet Explorer 11.0.X I’d like to see if others have that issues also, but make sure you don’t sleep in Carl’s bed to pass time. I think there is a bug there.

  6. Vortex I just played the new update and even though it only a little more story it is still really interesting. I like how we can see how the cafe got started up. I can’t wait for you to add more scenes. Great job and good luck.

    1. currently that is the best way to download/see stuff immediately. not to mention it can be played right here in the browser also.

  7. Hi just want to ask after seeing that random scene where the uncle said David will need a girlfriend have you ever considered a DavidxStacy thing ?

    p.s. sorry for my english.

  8. Good job!
    And, Jeni has a radar, just by looking at her uncle she already knows he gets funny ideas when it involves women.
    I’m worried about David, because of his “special case” thing, it has something to do with Saboteur Khalei? I know it’s not explicitly mentioned ’cause it’s a different main character in the game, but, as far we know from UMCH+UMCC+The Rookie, Dizzy is suffering the symptoms of advanced stages, if David attempted to assault her or managed to make his way, he could have suffered a contamination. Anti-Khalei tech might be too painful if used as a Detox process, I guess.
    And, Max… come on! Cockblock time! Also, there’s no way to chat with Stacy, for now.
    I noticed the Netorare(*hentai manga genre) if choosing “I’m her husband!”
    In the future there will be red flags for not heeding Jeni’s advice? Like: Going to her room and taking her panties,flirting with Alma, spying on her or on Holly during shower.

    1. Many thanks, that is jsut Holly saying that about David. he is fine medically just horny all the time.

      yeah Jeni will be the main way to can lose the game. if she punches you too many times you will lose. one example of a punch is spying on her in the shower and she catches you. There is no penalty for hitting on Alma. that is part of a romance path.

  9. Um, in my opinion, Holly seems to be ashamed of her brother finding out what’s going on with her and Max.
    So, I think it would be a good idea a “Nice Guy path”.
    I mean, instead of Carl showing her he knows everything about her being an instructor and what she in fact does. He could talk to her in private(*Max might intrude if they chat there) and ask if she knows girls that won’t mind doing some extra favors to customers.
    And, another thing that might help too, an option to don’t talk too loud in the phone or Jeni will walk in the room to discipline him.
    I understand Jeni when it comes to beauty routines like applying make up, since she is the strongest member of the Boxing Club (if not it’s leader or second in command), she needs to be tough and look tough even if she doesn’t smile at all, so no makeup.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. There will still be ways to romance Holly, the interactions so far between Carl and Holly are canon.Also Holly makes Jeni wear make-up to try to make he more feminine in her opinion.

      Carl is not really savvy enough to anticipate Jeni showing up. I don’t want to have Jeni showing up as something avoidable because the games theme is based around getting out bad situations.

  10. Holly is a bae ~ My favorite Bae now ~ Is there a set date for an update? i would gladly pay for this GAME ~ Full version and stuff

    ~ the story was great ~ makes me want to fk holly even more ~

  11. Found a weird bug? Where if you leave the house after Alma visits, you can go to the mall and then the gym to see a scene that’s supposed to happen later on in the game.

    Everything else is shaping up nicely. 😀

    1. Thanks you need to mention what scene is out of place. afaik everything should be correct. It doen’t follow the script exactly.

      1. It’s the scene of Carl looking for Stacy, where he notices her in the gym and gets cockblocked by Max. Since it’s triggerable before Holly tells you to look for Stacy as a waitress, I figured it was unintentional.

        1. Yeah it is intentional. some stuff will be different from the script for various reasons. it is why i want it to be modular.

          This scene just felt like it should happen whenever the player first enters the fitness area. They would not be looking for Stacy yet but they still see her in there and Max would still block. I wanted players to better understand who they would be looking for before they needed to look for her.

  12. I think there’s a bug in the game preventing progress. I get to the point where Holly says dinner’s ready and have that entire dialogue play out, I can’t seem to get to the dining room. I click on the picture that shows it, and it instead heads to the living room. If this is intentional, I’m not sure how to progress past that point. If I head back to the kitchen after going to two other rooms, the dialogue plays again, though.

    1. Many thanks for pointing this out. This is a random dialogue scene that has a chance to play when you enter the kitchen. There is no scene after it. there will be other random scenes spread throughout the game also but I guess I need to find out how to make them identifiable as just a random bit of character interaction.

  13. So based on the changelogs the point of this game is that you play as a fat cuckold who can’t get laid and that the main character is going to have the least amount of scenes compared to everyone else? I don’t think you understand the point of having a male main character. You don’t play as male protagonist to watch other men in the game have sex with the women you want to try to romance unless it is actually a game about being a cuckold. I can sort of understand “bad” ends I guess, but that shouldn’t be the focus of even close to a majority of the sex in the game.

    The point of a male main character is to have a game focused on the variety of women in it to fuck, instead of a variety of different men.

  14. I wanted to ask…there is no buck scene yet?also i love how your style has evolved over the duration of the Games…
    PS:wanna bang Jeni so hard right now…she and her belly free top…:3

  15. Am I stucked, or have i reached the End of this version?
    The only thing i can do is:
    -peeping on Jeni
    -selling her panties
    -paying stacy 2 bucks to have sex with her

    And thats it, my money has turned from black to pink….
    i cant make any photos of the girls, cause there is no button or i haven´t a camera
    i cant go further in the cafe-event, cause non of the other girls is showing up

    1. yeah working on other girls and clothing store right now.

      in the version you are referring to, you can also peep on Holly.
      There is a scene with Kyle and Holly in the living room if you side with David at the mall.

      1. Since the team size is pretty small, it’s hard to gauge exact release dates for updates. Patreon always has an update before the end of the month though. .

      2. been working on it. slowly but surely. as wilson mentioned it is hard to tell. any time I say will be wrong.

  16. a question…is the v 0.3 already out or will be available shortly after the anouncement?for me it says end of build 0.2 in the gym?

  17. I noticed on the scene where Carl helps Kyle, he says “You’re not kicking any arse today.Or I’m telling mom all about it.”
    Arse and mom seem to contradict each other. If he says arse, I’d imagine him to say “mum” or “ass” if he says mom. I think so anyway.

    Not really a problem, just something I noticed.

  18. ,-,
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    ,’ ( _ _
    __…–‘ `-….__,'( _,-‘/
    _,—”” ““-._,’ ,’
    ,’ o ` <
    `.____ ))) …' \
    `–…_ . .__….—-'''' `-. \
    “`7–i-`. \ `-`
    `.( `-.`.
    `' `'

      1. Yeah I think the site will remove excessive unnecessary spaces. not sure what to do to change that.

    1. likely on the next update. not totally sure when. could be middle of this month or early next month. depends the amount of issues i run into while coding.

    1. 5 animations in 4 scenes. out of 12 total scenes.
      1/3rd of the stuff in the game has holly in it.

  19. I’m running the game on a PRO samsung SSD and it takes forever to load every seen. Should probably look at that for later release.

    1. there will be downloadable version and mobile also.
      browser performance depends on however much traffic is on the site at the time.

    1. When the game tells you, you have free time, go to Holly’s bedroom then go to the bathroom and she should be in the shower.

  20. hola si la verdad estra muy bueno me gusto mucho, queria preguntar como se sacan las otras escenas por que me faltan 5 ?

  21. hello if the truth is very good I liked it a lot, I wanted to ask how the other scenes are taken out because I’m missing 5?

  22. Suuuuuuuuuuuuper great game! Like that you posted the walkthrough the same date as the game, makes it possible to get all scenes at once if youre lazy.. Like me :3
    Keep up the good work Vortex, just one question. Is there going to be more updates to this game?

    1. Vortex did say their is going to be 3 more animation scenes that he’s working on later in the game but i think it might only be for patron members.

    2. I plan to add 3 more h-scenes. And so far I’ve had requests to add in a Jeni awake scene and something with Deliah, who also appeared in the cafe in UMCH,

    1. After her interview and she accepts the job, visit the bar. Then visit her bedroom in the house.

  23. Carl: “She’s not going to know if I take just one.”

    Also Carl: *Proceeds to hull her entire dresser, filled to the brim with nothing but panties, to the mall in exchange for cash.*

  24. Very good new works, especially the meticulous and music of the characters are great. It’s amazing. I love you. Hey, I’m a little overexcited.

  25. Ok, im a little late playing this one, i liked the game up until Mira, the supposed lesbian, (of which as a lesbian i was happy to see) suck and fuck a guy and then claim that she was still a lesbian, if you consent and enjoy the experiance of screwing a guy as well as girls you are bisexual or pansexual, and i feel a bit frustrated at thinking i was getting a relatable character in my favorite porn game series and instead got this, nothing wrong with liking men but it feels like false advertising… apart from that loved the rest of the game! (for those wondering i imagine that instead of guys screwing these lovely ladies its dickgirls, just saying) thanks for the hard work!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! It seems like there is a misunderstanding of the character which is why, like for other characters, we used this game as an opportunity to see things that Maiko would not see. When Mira was created in the forms section for Umichan the description for her sexual preferences is as follows:

      “About 75% lesbian. (Only actively pursues relationships with girls but back in school most of her friends were guys that didn’t have much luck with girls. So she took a lot of their virginities to help them feel better. She didn’t hate doing it but she still wouldn’t do it if it didn’t help them.) In particular she likes girl’s with bigger butts and thighs.”

      Wilson can explain it better so I’ll ask him to reply also.

      I can also say that the game also was rushed a bit. The two different animations were supposed to be split apart into two different scenes. Similar to How Stacy’s is. And for the BJ part Mira was supposed to be drunk and after Carl had romanced her a bit.

      1. I see, i still feel a bit frustrated but i get the reasoning behind the character, sorry for ranting, there never seems to be much of a proper representation of a lesbian without girls making out and then a smug guy walking in stroking their dick and ‘Persuading’ the women that they cant resist the male attraction, its getting rediculous, but again sorry for ranting and i am looking forward to your next game! i like the look of the waterpark!

          1. Yeah sorry for any misunderstanding with her but Vortex’s post is accurate. There was supposed to be more justification into her scene but it was cut for various reasons. I’d like to write more on her when the opportunity comes though, including some girl on girl action.

            Actually, there’s an older game on here made by me that explains her character a bit more. http://spiralvortexplay.com/svp/miras-bizarre-adventure/ It’s the first one I made, so it’s a bit rough but if you want to see more of her, you can check that out.

          2. Hey Wilson, tahts a great game, really enjoyed it, thanks for the explanation aswell, i know its hard to cut things out of stuff and find ways of getting the message across, you do amazing work though, keep it up, both of you 🙂 (also i couldnt reply to your comment but i can to my own? technology escapes me!)

          3. Thank you it’s pretty rough but I’m glad you like it. We’ll keep working on more stuff hope you’ll enjoy it 😀

  26. I gave like 4 times to Mira already but the uniforms haven’t been done yet. Then I realized there is something about “girl sizes”. How can I get the sizes info from the girls?

      1. Getting the girls sizes requires interviewing and hiring the 4 girls. You can’t get the Mira scene until you have all four girls hired, pay for the uniforms and have 8 money on you when you talk to Mira

        1. but I did all that. Of course I need to hire and pay the girls to unlock their own sex scenes. And I had visited and gave Mira money for the uniforms 4 times, which is 16 but every time i came back and check she said it hasn’t been done yet

          1. go back to the house and sleep in Carl’s room. you will need to have the Pass Time icon active to sleep.

  27. Every time I boot up sentoryu all I get is a black screen. I wait a few minutes to see if it’ll load the screen for new game but it still stays at the black screen. Was there ever a fix for that or does this post need to go somewhere else?

    1. Sorry for the trouble. Please mention what export you are playing, windows, mac, or android and what OS version you use so I can see of others are having the same issue and perhaps a solution.

  28. v0.7.6 links added
    Once downloaded, on the Title Screen click Bonus in the bottom left to begin play the added bonus dialogue and h-scenes.

    Leyah x Jay
    visit the game room after Holly asks about Leyah’s whereabouts.

    Roise x Carl
    Visit the Bar

    Maiko x Carl
    Visit the cafe after Leyah is found.

    1. these are all just for the patrons right ?
      by the way there’s a bug I found where after seeing carl x roise you can’t get money anymore

  29. v0.7.9 links added
    Once downloaded, on the Title Screen click Bonus in the bottom left to begin playing the added bonus dialogue and h-scenes.

    Jeni x Carl
    Visit the cafe after viewing Maiko x Carl

    The bug where the gallery displays on the main game scenes is fixed.

    a notepad was added during certain parts of the game to remind players of the game’s objectives.

    1. Select “Bonus”.
      Visit every location and view every scene.
      After that, visit the cafe again and Maiko will be there.


          1. Can you tell me the conditions you need? Is there a bonus that refers to the money on the left?

        1. On the menu screen, you should see “Bonus” on the bottom left of the screen. You need to select that.
          It is not in “New Game” or “Load Game”.

    2. select bonus
      view the dialogue scene
      go to arcade
      view the scene
      go back to cafe
      view the scene
      keep going back to the cafe from the travel menu until you get carl x maiko

  30. found a bug on 0.8.0, when you play Leyah x Carl scene (when you pay her the 6 money at the arcades), the animation doesnt play and shows these errors in succession as you “progress” through the scene, exactly like this (and yes, these many times)

    Tag name:[play_anim_sprite] could not be found
    Tag name:[remove_anim_sprite] could not be found
    Tag name:[play_anim_sprite] could not be found
    Tag name:[remove_anim_sprite] could not be found
    Tag name:[play_anim_sprite] could not be found
    Tag name:[remove_anim_sprite] could not be found
    Tag name:[play_anim_sprite] could not be found

    Until the cumshot, which plays properly ~ the scene doesnt have any problems in the gallery

    Thanks for the new version and hope the bug report is useful

    1. Damn, shouldnt have posted until i finished playing

      Happens to Roise too the exact same way, and i assume might be happening with other scenes, so, there’s that ~

      Sorry for the double posting!

    2. you must have had the game in the background or something and it forgot the tags.
      I can have it recall them again before each sex scene.

    1. That’s a not a lot of info to go by. I don’t even know if you are talking about the browser version of the offline version. If offline version version windows. try running as admin.

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