January 1, 2024

25 thoughts on “Umichan Sorani

  1. Sweet game, was short and to the point but still had charm.
    My only feedback is that it would’ve been nice to let her model nude if she had no lingerie, and model with Ace’s lingerie.
    As a full on mini game (the flashing demo you had), I didn’t like the showing the tits thing, but while in a game I actually liked it, but just like the Yui game I wish there was more options to the situation. My little peeve is the need to save during every encounter of the mini game because if you get caught its game over and you have to start from the beginning if you didn’t save.
    Lastly, it would be nice if photos were included in the gallery.

    1. Many thanks for the feedback. Yeah I wanted to add a GemCo kiosk where you can have a way get any money back that you lost.

  2. Now that I see the new scene of Greel I am curious to know if this will be the beginning of which in future games we will see more scenes with him and there will be more scenes with him and Maiko?

    Happy New Year Vortex!

      1. Also in the future there will be more scenes with Greel and other students? In the same way I would like to see more scenes with Lynn and Luma

        1. UMAA blueprint is not finished so I can’t say who will be in what with a large degree of certainty. It’s safe to assume if I have greel there will be scenes with Maiko and with Peach.

          Luma and Lynn I have animations coming down the pipeline that I haven’t animated it yet. But i’m sure if I will use in a game or not. A number of animations I will just post as standalone gif loops.

  3. Oh, so Peach was the one who recommended Zytra get money from Ace. One more reason to hate her! Why does Greel put up with her? Yeah, I know there’s sex, but Maiko treats him so much better AND gives him sex. Peach is just kinda there. I’d love a big break-up scene between them in a future game.

    Also, fuck those random encounters. I know you needed a place to put a breast animation, but those encounters are fucking brutal. When an event has a 40% of either a game over or bankruptcy, you avoid it like the plague. I’m surprised the cafe is able to stay in business with all those GemCo agents arresting girls for pulling their boobs out TWICE.

    1. You will get that chance in UMAA. possibly the little Maiko VN games also. I am adding in a little GemCo area in the mall so you can get your money back. and bribe agents to not ever arrest you lol.

    2. I think just like your Peach is one of the most sacred characters of the game from his way of being with Greel (Which suggests that he is with this for sex and why he is known in school) and seeing that it was the the idea for Zytra much more, I also hope that Greel gets tired of it and end with Maiko because in the end Maiko treats him much better besides that she has feelings for him.

      1. These will be things the player will be able to do. For now I am trying to establish antagonist or rival type characters.

  4. Fun game! It gives a lot of insight about Zytra and other characters too, never thought Maiko received a check.
    After a few things, the encounters became kinda frenzied, lucky me I saved my game (used four slots).
    And… Damn you Harold! That’s abuse of power and “authority”!
    And damn you too Joiry! Three times!? Two steals and the last… Almost got my arse busted! Pure luck… *Phew*.
    Ace, you’re too intrusive! Mind your stuff! See what you’ve done Peach?
    As for Peach and Greek, hmmm… She’s the one chasing him, I could say it was infatuation, buuuut… Since she’s sexed up, mmhmm.
    Hot guy? Check. Musician? Check. This sounds so familiar… *Cough cough* meandmyman *cough*

    As for the scenes, I managed to get PeachxGreel, ZytraxDavid and ZytraxAce.

    PeachxGreel= After you enter Mira’s boutique for the first time, head to the bar.
    ZytraxDavid= Go to the gym, come back later and Agree with Holly.
    ZytraxAce= Go to the bar, Peach will mention Ace constantly looking at them (mostly to Zytra), just go with him, try out clothes and head to his office.

  5. Is there any problem with the mobile page? I tried it many times but it Just stays in the loading screen when you press “start game”. I even waited for several minutes and there was no response.

    1. Vortex00
      January 11, 2019 at 5:51 am
      I should work okay but I will have downloads soon.

      I didnt saw your recent post sorry

    2. Yeah sorry about the delay. I am working on other stuff also. And I don’t just want to throw up a download spontaneously before I have certain things set in place.

    1. Not yet. I have a lot of stuff I still need to do and walktroughs are included on that list. However if you scroll up and read the comment from Starchild it may help you.

  6. how to unlock the last scene….ive unlocked :zytra with holly’s son
    zytra with the rich guy
    and peach with greel…there is one left…a little tip would be appreciated…thanks

    1. you need to visit the bookstore owner while working for Mira, and get him to go to the clothing store. Zytra can’t have had sex with him previously.

  7. Having trouble opening the Mac download. When I open the zip file, the icon for the game is a blue compass with no file type associated with it. How can I fix this?

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