January 1, 2024

Umichan Splashing Surprise

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Direct browser link:
[button color=”blue” link=”http://spiralvortexplay.com/public/splash/” target=”_blank”]Browser[/button]
Direct link should work if you don’t have iframes in your browser or are on a mobile device.

[button color=”blue” link=”https://mega.nz/#!NUQC0KxK!QbcyUjF-06LMT5QhPX4Z_Bfh49PoiQj2IZ9PL_MeOus” target=”_blank”]Windows[/button]
[button color=”blue” link=”https://mega.nz/#!8MYWXYxS!7_6PdjM3Zn0mQ_KmJLTfoC_4MQkkthAlwBDkowv0-IU” target=”_blank”]Mac[/button]

[button color=”blue” link=”https://mega.nz/#!sNZiyaZK!f0ygXB-1Hntv1BM3NWK8-Jbxi9SIoc0-HXzgrOD741w” target=”_blank”]Android[/button]

17 thoughts on “Umichan Splashing Surprise

    1. really three games this month. Two being pretty significant overhauls to be able to call them new. What do you think about the use of still images btw ? It was ttrop’s idea to try doing more still image stuff.

  1. I’m having quite a bit of fun from these small games. I like the mini-game aspect of it, it’s not too difficult and the background image motivates me to keep going. I just can’t seem to figure out how to unlock the first gallery option…

  2. Love the new games. Especially this one. We need more Yuri based games, Were they made in the new program you were talking about?

    1. Thanks, and no these were made in tryanobuilder. It’s not terrible but I can’t really sync sound to animation like I want to. I was probably talking about construct 2 where that is possible. However I haven’t been able to move into that fully. At the very least I still need to sort out animation lag and figure out how to do swiping to look up and down on mobile devices.

  3. Well, call me stupid but how the heck does the water balloon bit work? There don’t appear to be any instructions for the game. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be clicking the balloons or the splashes. Any tips for us slow folks?

    1. Yeah there are no instructions atm. you want to pop all of the balloons.

      the game is based on the old popular game lights out. there is actually a easy method for solving every puzzle called row chasing.
      click under each balloon in the top row, to make the top row all water.
      click under each balloon in the 2nd to top row to make the 2nd to top all water.
      finally click the bottom row so all the balloons pop in the third row and you are done for any puzzle.

      this is a 1 minute video demonstration. You can really stop at 30 seconds.

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