January 1, 2024

Umichan: Two Scoops

Flash mini-story version in the spoiler

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Direct browser link:
[button color=”blue” link=”http://spiralvortexplay.com/UTS/” target=”_blank”]Browser[/button]
Direct link should work if you don’t have iframes in your browser or are on a mobile device.

[button color=”blue” link=”https://mega.nz/#!BBRiHIiR!Cbfz4Y2GcjUosGX7jYK-IqLhbh_2LzHgZJzyE68mnbc” target=”_blank”]Windows[/button]
[button color=”blue” link=”https://mega.nz/#!cYYiiKwC!-AlytPeLtE17OWcOU_cl6ginAiS2MZLTzDQn2XSerzw” target=”_blank”]Mac[/button]

[button color=”blue” link=”https://mega.nz/#!ZZY2karR!Jhspbl2tXID2gxLSwgRO3Aj6ODIGlm-M4X6mMeImllY” target=”_blank”]Android[/button]

58 thoughts on “Umichan: Two Scoops

  1. Everything is nicely done. Toby is more interesting than I expected him to be. I barely seen/noticed him on CH.

      1. Man, it could be considered child pornography in many countries, especially in majoritiy states of USA. Vortex can have legal problems about his content.

  2. I like the voices here. Simple and not too “out there.” And the banter is pretty good. Doesn’t sound like someone’s reaching for attention.

  3. I’m glad I read the comments before starting the minigame. I like you Vortex but I don’t want to see any shota. I wish there was a shota-free version of your games… I’m pretty disappointed.

      1. IMO that doesn’t really justify animated CP. People who want it will continue to ask until you’ve set a boundary. You do not seem like the type of person that is super comfortable with this content. There is a line…

        1. It is the the point of the voting on patreon. Also I have boundaries. but his doesn’t really bother me tbh because it is not real. they are fictional cartoon characters, in a fictional universe and planet, that appear to be younger than other characters. UMCC was already very controversial. and I’m sure UMCH will be also.

  4. Is there any plan to add this scene into UMCH? I noticed there is a beach in V.20 but it doesn’t seem to do much besides provide another way to make money. Maybe this isnt the place for this question but wanted to ask anyway, Keep up the awesome work Vortex!c >.<

    1. Many thanks! This wont be in UMCH. This scene has a different art style than in UMCH and I don’t want a game with mixed art styles.

      1. Do you mind me asking here what the plan for the beach in UMCH is? Probably not the place for it, sorry about that \(‘-‘(

        1. Not 100% sure if I will leave the beach in there tbh. as you mentioned it is just kind of there.
          I did plan to have ice cream condiments on boobs, like syrup and sprinkles in various ecchi pics but started migrating to a new art style so there is not art for it. At worst I plan to use it in a separate game.

  5. The art is incredible. It’s definitely a huge difference from UMCH, even if that one is also really good.
    But unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of the voices. Full voiced lines in a VN seem weird to me.

    Other than that, it’s still hot.

  6. Really well done !
    The only issue I have is that there’s no trace left of sexual activity after all that…
    => When we see Maiko standing naked and nothing is dripping out of her netherlips after getting creampied multiple times ?
    Isn’t that kind of strange ? Or maybe you’re planning to add that feature later ?

  7. Because when I download the game on the cell phone it does not install it has already happened with several games

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