Ask a question page #2


with the previous ask page reaching nearly 500 comments I wanted to make a new page so people don’t have to load 500 comments to ask a new question.

ask off topic relevant questions here.
also off topic questions will be moved here.

if you are reading a question and know the answer feel free to answer.
do not post passwords, but you can post exactly where to find it.

please read through old questions first before asking a new one.

page 1 archive:

Ask a question

also check the FAQ:

4 thoughts on “Ask a question page #2

  1. I tried to become a patreon in fact i was one but couldnt get Access to the patreon content so it always said to become one but i already was one so i cancelled my membership i also have the Mails from it i Hope they dont take my Money for it because i havent got any content for it….,

  2. What program do you use to make your games? I searched for some answers in the previous questions page, but I could not find.

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