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Miku Miku Dance MMD

MMD Swalla choreography motion trace

I normally don’t bother uploading stuff like this but I figure some might want to see some mmd wip. first part is…

MMD which face do you like more?

which face do you like more? vote at the link below the comparison reference is in the video. for any other…

MMD: Slow Down (Double)

  remake of: MMD: Slow Down

MMD: Sting


MMD: Haunted


MMD: Cant’ feel my face v2

old video with updated model. Working on Zytra model and working on editing the face a little bit to look closer to…

MMD: Follow the leader


MMD: Exercise of pigtails girl


MMD: Fine by me


MMD: Whatta man


MMD: Cold Water

mirror: tried to play with water effects a bit.

MMD: All the way up

mirror: had to get the neko headphones for Leyah heh.

MMD: Bubble Butt

mirror: Nothing much to say here this video came out exactly the way I intended. lyrics at the end tho… “put…

MMD: Base Down Low v2

mirror: remake of this video

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