September 16, 2023

27 thoughts on “MMD: Exercise of pigtails girl

  1. A OK effect of the sweat, than again to make a sweat animation fallow along the music beat would of took longer to do. At the same time would of been compromising in the animation. Do to MMD limitation tools. The main focus are her pigtails animation congrats it looks good. Maybe testing it wind blowing her pigtails front, back, left and right would be better for testing the pigtails animation. Hentai scene is fast, do to fallowing the beat tempo of the music. The cumming effect is spot on in my opinion.

    1. Many thanks, yeah I’m not sure how a sweat animation following the beat would even work lol.I tried messing with the pigtails physics but it was a disaster so left it the way it is heh. I can try it again later. for the cum effect I tried different things also with physics but it was too unpredictable.

  2. My only advice for you is to work on making the models of the other male characters. Because seeing Kyle in the scene, even if only in my periphery, pisses me off. It’s not that I don’t like Kyle–of course not, he’s hilarious–but I’m a little sick of seeing him in all of your MMD sex scenes. I refuse to believe that Kyle could possibly get laid that often.

    1. Yeah kyle would not have even half as much so I agree. Maybe I should try to make Joiry. I wanted to make Jeo also at some point.

  3. The hair testing it good, but one thing I’m noticing is that Maiko’s model is really blocky. I’m not sure If I’m just noticing it now, or maybe this was an older model used to test out the hair, but she is really blocky and it was distracting to me.

    1. sorry you don’t like it. not sure what you mean by blocky. But I would imagine in mmd the only way to not having something look blocky is have the model be in less extreme poses and positions, be moving much slower, have the camera zoomed out, and physics toned down a lot by comparison to this.

  4. Love the sweat effect pretty sure I saw sweat droplets landing in the cam XD I like how your implementing wet and cum effects into your animation it’s a nice touch ­čÖé keep up the good work vortex sama oh I’ll let you know when I plan on actually animating atm I’m saving up for a tablet to allow me to use the animation tool in my software I use to colour my drawings once I get that we can discuss on about ideas for my future projects ­čÖé it will be fun and cool to work with ya sensei

  5. … Kyle is aggressive and dominating… Has to be his wet dream after his passed out from 30 seconds of Maiko giving him pity sex

    1. Maiko is not prone to pity sex thoguh. The only instance of it in UMCH is with Tom, and that was still in exchange for max score of the tests. Kyle definitely not that good in sex though.

  6. This video makes me realize that Maiko would look cute with freckles. I say this because at one point the sweat droplets kind of look like freckles.

      1. Yeah, I know of her. She’s cute as well. I was just saying Maiko would look cute with freckles…not that she isn’t already.

        I also don’t mind if she has a flat chest. I hear small breasts are more sensitive.

  7. vortex00 you have probably been asked this a lot but whats going on with the nose like is the mesh open i find it very noticable and distracting

      1. I really like your work, but what is the link of another game you are doing now? I didn’t find it.

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