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Agent Trainer updates

currently working on a test game for the multiplayer component of this game. Trying to grind through it and finish some basic…

Patreon now accepts Paypal for adult content!

got a e-mail earlier today, and in bold was: “We are pleased to announce that starting today, creators with the Adult Content…

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small updates

ARIO aka Alt ARIA I found a way to get ARIO down to a reasonable size by importing the animation as videos….

small updates

working to rookie script today. trying to finish events of day 2. if I have time will try for day 3 also….

Stuff for this week

SVP got some svpg stuff coming later in the week. ARIA: I loaded up tyranobuilder, which is a VN maker, that I…

Maiko related Thoughts and Analysis forum topics.

make a few topics I had been meaning to make a while back that I had been wondering about, if you have…


SVP: got my teeth pulled yesterday morning. It is the night of the next day. So far no major pain, or swelling,…

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working out patreon section issues

working out issues with the patreon section so if you can’t log in to see the content please be patient. thanks. I…

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Updates and plans to update a couple of old games

I am currently testing recent updates to the UMCH alpha, these changes are not yet released anywhere. This week I plan to…

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small updates for today

As I approach the 6k milestone, I made a post on patreon I would like all patrons to be aware of regarding…

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more updates

Trying to make this post from my phone. I plan to be done with ARIA stuff later today. So you might see…

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small updates

going to be taking a much needed break today and just play some games or something. I kind of chilled yesterday also….

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