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Umichan Savor the Moment on Newgrounds

Please go support Umichan Maiko Savor the Moment on Newgrounds and show it some 5 star love! Feel free to leave a…

New Gym guy

I had ttrop make a new random muscle guy for the Jeni game. This character doesn’t play a major role. He is…

Umichan Art updates (Cain)

I had ttrop add the beard later. I didn’t even notice it until I made this comparison pic.

Umichan Art updates (Alma)

I plan to edit the face a little. In fact I already did a test edit on the Alma with lingerie. I…

Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc (UMCH) beta v2

the next and possibly last build of UMCH~ New games are already in development!

UMCH updates B

The game feels pretty solid, pretty complete atm. In addition to the UMCH update stuff added here: http://spiralvortexplay.com/svp/2017/09/09/umch-updates-13/ the next version will…

UMCH updates

The next UMCH version will in addition to other stuff, have the stuff below also. Added the rest of the tutorials needed….

UMCH dialogue thoughts for Casual/Bikini

This post is for Dialogue ideas for characters in locations in UMCH where they have on casual clothes and/or bikinis. This is…

Ace x Mika animation wip

this animation is part of the swimn minigame.

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