February 9, 2024

9 thoughts on “Vandread Love Quest

    1. Thanks. I have in the past attempted to correct some of the problems with the game but the file itself is a complete mess and does not load properly.

      Instead or mucking around with the file I am working on a spiritual successor to VandreadLQ called ARIA. It will show up after UMCC. However some of the gameplay is already playable that you might check out here


  1. Hey Vortex are you gonna extend the Vandread love Quest? My friends and I played it but It needs A Extension or maybe more lines to it.

    Also there is a glitch that if you enter Meia’s room while in 4’th relationship she won’t show only the chatbar will.

    1. I don’t plan to extend it. At most I will fix some lingering bugs possibly later on. I lot of that game i didn’t program. I was just forced to finish it myself after Overdrawn had to deal with life and could not work on the game anymore. I coded maybe 20% of it I would imagine and that was mostly linking areas together, coding the hentai minigames, and adding the ability to save variables. My role at the time was mainly character art.
      a game I am making called ARIA would be the spiritual successor to vandreadLQ.
      It is a space sim game, 4 main girls, space combat mingame. Similar in certain ways.

      My rationale to not expanding VandreadLQ is because I don’t want to be bound under someone else’s copyrights mainly, and secondly not have to stick to the specific lore in the anime. Some people are happy i stick to the anime, some are not.

      The problem is there needs to be no set story to even begin with. It needs to be a story and characters that I create myself. That way there is no certain story I am or am not sticking to.

      I don’t to tap into the existing Vandread fan base that way, but that is ok.

  2. I think I must be missing some content. This seems really buggy/grindy without actually having very much to do. As far as I can see. Am I missing something? The sole goal of this game seems to be increasing relationship with the girls with no other events at all. Other old browser dating sims usually have a little more to do than this and more importantly, don’t waste my time to do them (Such as needing to buy a magazine, then go read it as two separate actions instead of merging them into one action. Thankfully magazines stack.)

    I’m not shitting on your game. Its not a bad game. Just severely average for its time.

    You’ve evolved a lot since then though. umch is looking amazing. wish you all the best.

  3. I must be really dumb or I must not be paying attention. At what relationship level can I give them items? I’m at 51 with one of them and She says just keep it. I don’t know how to pick which item to give to them, it seems completely random. That or this game is just ridiculously difficult. Some help would be appreciated, I really want to finish this game but it’s freakin difficult.

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